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The full text of Statutes passed into law by the two Houses of Parliament.

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Statutes of the Realm: volume 51628-80

John Raithby (editor) (1819)
The statutes that passed into law under Charles I and Charles II, including the legislation of the Long and Short Parliaments before the Interregnum, and of the Restoration after.

Statutes of the Realm: volume 61685-94

John Raithby (editor) (1819)
The statutes of the last years of James II, the Glorious Revolution, and the first years of William and Mary. Includes the 'Bill of Rights' of 1688-9 and the Triennial Act of 1694.

Statutes of the Realm: volume 71695-1701

John Raithby (editor) (1820)
Statutes passed into law under William III, including the Civil List Act of 1697 and the Act of Settlement of 1701.