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Additional material for the history of the Grey Friars, London

C.L. Kingsford (editor) (1922)
A companion volume to 'The Grey Friars of London', comprising addenda, corrigenda and additional documents. It also includes extracts of wills relating to the Grey Friars (1374-1543.) Originally published as part of 'Collectanea Franciscana' 10 (1922).

Annales CestriensesChronicle of the Abbey of S. Werburg, at Chester

Richard Copley Christie (editor) (1887)
The chronicle of the abbey up to 1297, in Latin with an English translation. Originally published as volume 14 of the publications of the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

The Grey Friars of London

Kingsford, C.L. (1915)
Contains the Register of the convent, which includes a substantial list of monuments in the church and cloister, and documents relating to the history of the London convent and of the Order more widely. The volume has a substantial historical introduction by the editor and an appendix of supporting documents. Originally published as volume 6 of the publications of the British Society of Franciscan Studies.

London and Middlesex Chantry Certificate 1548London Record Society 16

C. J. Kitching (editor) (1980)
The certificate of the royal commissioners appointed to survey chantries, colleges and kindred endowments in 1548. The certificate relates to the city of London, along with its corporations and companies, and the county of Middlesex. Reproduced by kind permission of the London Record Society.

Register & Records of Holm Cultram

Francis Grainger & W.G. Collingwood (editors) (1929)
The cartulary and other records of the important Cistercian house of Holm Cultram. From the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Record Series, 7.

Registrum Statutorum et Consuetudinum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londiniensis

W. Sparrow Simpson (editor) (1873)
The collected statutes, charters, privileges, customs and other documents relating to St Paul's cathedral in London, from the earliest years of the church until the nineteenth century. Much of the text is in Latin, some of which is given an English translation.

Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 4

Major-General Hon. George Wrottesley (editor) (1883)
Contains: Staffordshire Plea Rolls and Final Concords for the reign of Henry III (1216-72); the cartulary of the Augustinian priory at Ronton; the history of the parish of Church Eaton and its constituent manors.

Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 5 part 1

Major-General Hon. G. Wrottesley (editor) (1884)
Contains: hundred rolls for 1255 and 1275; the cartulary of the Benedictine abbey at Burton; forest pleas for Staffordshire, from the reigns of Henry II and Edward I

Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 6 part 1

Major-General Hon. G. Wrottesley (editor) (1885)
Contains plea rolls for the periods 1272-94 and 1218-38, and the cartulary of the Augustinian priory at Stone.

Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 11

Major-General Hon. G. Wrottesley & Rev. F. Parker (editors) (1890)
Contains: extracts from the Plea Rolls for Staffordshire for 1-15 Edward III (1327-41); final concords for 1327-1547; the cartulary of the Augustinian priory of Trentham.

The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, AldgateLondon Record Society 7

G. A. J. Hodgett (editor) (1971)
Charters and other documents from the Augustinian priory of Holy Trinity (also known as Christ Church). It includes documents for the period 1042-1426.

The Ledger Book of Vale Royal Abbey

John Brownbill (editor) (1914)
The Ledger-Book or "Green Book" of the Cistercian abbey of Vale Royal, in Delamere Forest, near Winsford in Cheshire. It comprises a contemporary history of the abbey, pleas and evidences, and a collection of Bulls granting privileges to the Cistercian order. It forms volume 68 of the publications of the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Westminster Abbey Charters, 1066 - c.1214London Record Society 25

Emma Mason (editor) (1988)
Transcripts of charters of the abbey, and a calendar of other royal, papal and episcopal documents for the same period. Prepared originally with the assistance of Jennifer Bray. Published here by kind permission of the London Record Society.