Sources > Primary sources

The full text of original documents, in the form that they were first written or made.

Acts of the Privy Council

 46 volumes.

Assize records

Assize records for London, 14th-16th centuries. 4 volumes.

Burton, Thomas; Diary of

The parliamentary diary of Thomas Burton, MP for Westmorland (1653-59). 4 volumes.

Commons, Debates of (Grey)

Debates (1667-94), collected by the Hon. Anchitell Grey, MP (10 vols). 10 volumes.

Commons, History and Proceedings (Chandler)

Extensive verbatim accounts of Commons debates, 1660-1739, in 10 volumes. 10 volumes.

Commons Journal

The official record of the House. Includes volumes 1-12 (1547-1699) & 85 (1830). 13 volumes.

Ecclesiastical court records

Records of consistory and other church courts 1 volume.

Eyres, records of

Records of courts of itinerant justices (13th century). 2 volumes.

Feet of Fines

Final concords for Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Sussex and Yorkshire. 16 volumes.

Glasgow Charters

Transcripts of charters and documents, 1175-1649. 2 volumes.

Glasgow, Records of the Burgh

Extracts from the Burgh records, 1573-1690. 3 volumes.

Lay subsidy records

Records of this occasional wealth tax (13th to 16th centuries). 8 volumes.

Foedera With Syllabus

The text of Rymer's Foedera (1704-1735), combined with an English summary. 5 volumes.

London chronicles, surveys and diaries

Includes Stow's 'Survey' and the diary of Henry Machyn. 7 volumes.

Lords Journal

The official record of proceedings in the House (1509-1793, 1830-2). 42 volumes.

Monastic and cathedral records

Cartularies and administrative records of monastic and cathedral churches. 13 volumes.

Parliament, Journals of (d'Ewes)

Accounts of debates of the Parliaments of Elizabeth I. 1 volume.

Parochial records

Churchwardens', parish clerks' and other parish records. 5 volumes.

Political organisations, records of

Records of extra-Parliamentary individuals and groups (18th and 19th centuries). 2 volumes.

Port, trade, bridge and customs records

Records for London and Bristol (15th to 18th centuries.) 8 volumes.

Quarter Sessions records

Records of the periodic courts of quarter sessions. 9 volumes.

Religious organisations, records of

Records of groups outside the Established church (18th and 19th centuries). 4 volumes.

Residence, records of

 2 volumes.

Statutes of the Realm

The full text of Statutes passed into law by the two Houses of Parliament. 3 volumes.

Taxation records (clerical)

Records of taxation of the church and clergy (14th century). 1 volume.

Taxation records (Hearth Tax)

Seventeenth-century hearth tax sources for London. 3 volumes.

Thurloe, State Papers

Collections of Thurloe, Secretary of State 1652-8, ed. Thomas Birch (7 volumes). 7 volumes.

Townshend, Historical Collections

Heywood Townshend's records of debates, 1589-1601. 1 volume.

Whitley, Roger; Diary

The parliamentary diary of Roger Whitley, 1684-97. 1 volume.

Wills and inventories

 6 volumes.

York, Register of Freemen

The Surtees Society edition of admissions to the freedom of the city, 1272-1759. 2 volumes.