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The full text of original documents, in the form that they were first written or made.

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Acts of the Privy Council

 46 volumes.

Burton, Thomas; Diary of

The parliamentary diary of Thomas Burton, MP for Westmorland (1653-59). 4 volumes.

Commons, Debates of (Grey)

Debates (1667-94), collected by the Hon. Anchitell Grey, MP (10 vols). 10 volumes.

Commons, History and Proceedings (Chandler)

Extensive verbatim accounts of Commons debates, 1660-1739, in 10 volumes. 10 volumes.

Commons Journal

The official record of the House. Includes volumes 1-12 (1547-1699) & 85 (1830). 13 volumes.

Lords Journal

The official record of proceedings in the House (1509-1793, 1830-2). 42 volumes.

Parliament, Journals of (d'Ewes)

Accounts of debates of the Parliaments of Elizabeth I. 1 volume.

Political organisations, records of

Records of extra-Parliamentary individuals and groups (18th and 19th centuries). 2 volumes.

Thurloe, State Papers

Collections of Thurloe, Secretary of State 1652-8, ed. Thomas Birch (7 volumes). 7 volumes.

Townshend, Historical Collections

Heywood Townshend's records of debates, 1589-1601. 1 volume.

Whitley, Roger; Diary

The parliamentary diary of Roger Whitley, 1684-97. 1 volume.