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Assize records for London, 14th-16th centuries.

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Lancashire Assize Rolls: 4 John - 13 Edward I

Col. John Parker (editor) (1903)
A calendar of assize rolls for Lancashire for the thirteenth century, preserved in The National Archives. Originally published in two volumes by the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire (volumes 47 & 49, 1903-5).

London assize of nuisance 1301-1431A calendar

Helena M. Chew & William Kellaway (editors) (1973)
By kind permission of the London Record Society. The records of the assize dealing with neighbourly disputes over buildings, boundaries and obstruction of ways. Consists of three rolls held by the Corporation of London Record Office.

London Possessory Assizes: a calendar

Helena M. Chew (editor) (1965)
The rolls calendared contain the record of the assizes of novel disseisin and mort d'ancestor for the period 1340-1451, plus miscellaneous pleas of the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. This is the first volume of the publications of the London Record Society, reproduced by kind permission of the Society.

London viewers and their certificates, 1508-1558Certificates of the sworn viewers of the City of London

Janet Senderowitz Loengard (editor) (1989)
Records of London viewers, regarding instances of nuisance and other dispute over buildings, boundaries and ways. From records in the Corporation of London Records Office. Reproduced by kind permission of the London Record Society.