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Dr Peter Webster

Editorial Controller, British History Online

Peter's research interests are in the relationship between Christianity and the arts in Britain, with a particular interest in music.

London sheriffs' court roll

Dr Peter Webster, 13 February 2012

An edition of the court roll for 1320 is now live. Edited by Dr Matthew F. Stevens, it gives a complete edition and index of London's only surviving such roll for the medieval period, for July-Sept 1320. It was produced as part of the Centre for Metropolitan History ESRC-funded 'London women and the economy before and after the black death' project (2009-10). View it at:

Survey of London monographs

Dr Peter Webster, 18 May 2011

This series of 17 volumes is now complete. Detailing individual buildings of particular note, including the church of St Bride Fleet Street and the County Hall, it complements the parish volumes of the Survey, also available on BHO. View them all at:

New datasets for London history now live

Dr Peter Webster, 21 March 2011

Two major new sources for London history are now live. The hearth tax returns for the cities of London and Westminster and the county of Middlesex are now available for the 1662-66, containing over 60,000 names. Also recently released is an edition of the records of the Court of Common Pleas (CP40) for the fifteenth century. Read them both at:

London Record Society

Dr Peter Webster, 05 August 2010

Volumes 31 and 32 are now live. Produced with the kind support of the Society, these two volumes continue to extend BHO's holdings of these key London sources. View them at:

Thoroton's history of Nottinghamshire now complete

Dr Peter Webster, 14 April 2010

Thoroton's history, as amplified by Throsby, is now live. First appearing in 1677, and re-published by Throsby in three volumes a century later, it has been described as the first and greatest county history of Nottinghamshire.

Blomefield's History of Norfolk

Dr Peter Webster, 15 January 2010

With the launch of volume 11, Blomefield's history is now complete. View all eleven volumes at:

Send feedback > Are there other sources for the local history of Norfolk that you would like to see on BHO ? Do let us know.

New volumes for VCH Wiltshire

Dr Peter Webster, 06 August 2009

Six new volumes for Wiltshire are now live. The addition of volumes 5, 7, 11 and 13-15 completes the published coverage of the parishes of the county. Read all fifteen available volumes at:

Lincolnshire wills

Dr Peter Webster, 15 July 2009

Transcribed wills for the historic county are now live. These three volumes, covering the period from 1271 to 1532, were originally published by the Lincoln Record Society between 1914 and 1930. Read them, and wills from other counties, at:

Suckling's History and Antiquities of Suffolk

Dr Peter Webster, 07 July 2009

Volume 1 of Suckling's 'History and Antiquities' is now live. This is the first of the two volumes of the Reverend Suckling's projected History of the county that were completed in the 1840s. They describe three and a half hundreds in the north-east of the county. Volume 2 will be added in the next few weeks. Read them at:

New sources for the history of Norwich

Dr Peter Webster, 25 March 2009

Volumes 3 and 4 of Blomefield's 'History of Norfolk' are now live. These two volumes give chronological and thematic accounts of the local history of the city. Read them both, and the rest of Blomefield's work at:

Calendar of Close Rolls complete

Dr Peter Webster, 28 February 2009

The 62 volumes of this key series are now live. Covering three centuries from Henry III to Henry VII, they are a fundamental source for the history of medieval government. They are available as part of our premium content service. To subscribe, use the link below:

Survey of London now complete

Dr Peter Webster, 29 January 2009

Volumes 1 to 45 of the Survey are now all live. With the publication of volumes 6, 8, 9 and 12, we reach the culmination of our three-year partnership with English Heritage to digitise this essential source for London history. Read them all at:

Calendar of Close Rolls

Dr Peter Webster, 12 December 2008

The calendar for the reign of Edward II is now live. Offered as part of our premium content service, this is the latest stage in our publication of the complete Calendar for the period 1227 to 1509.
Our premium content service also includes the complete Calendar of State Papers, Domestic series. Subscribe using the link below:

Blomefield's history of Norfolk

Dr Peter Webster, 12 September 2008

Volume 1 of Blomefield's history is now live. The 'Essay Towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk' was begun in 1739, and is here given in the ten-volume edition of 1805-10. It remains the most comprehensive local history of the county. Read it at:

Historical Manuscripts Commission

Dr Peter Webster, 21 August 2008

Five new volumes from the HMC are now live. They detail the manuscript holdings of several urban centres including Exeter, Shrewsbury and Southampton, and of cathedral libraries including the extensive holdings of Wells cathedral. Read them all at:

Survey of London

Dr Peter Webster, 04 June 2008

Three new volumes are now live. Volumes 2 and 4 cover parts of the parish of Chelsea, and volume 15 that of All Hallows-by-the-Tower. The remaining eight volumes are in production, and should appear by the end of 2008. Read them all at:

Proceedings of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Dr Peter Webster, 28 March 2008

The records of the General Assembly are now live. They include both acts and proceedings from 1560 to 1618, and the acts from 1638 to 1842. Taken together they form a central source for the history of the Kirk from its earliest days. Read them all at:

Historical Manuscripts Commission

Dr Peter Webster, 13 March 2008

Two volumes from the Reports and Calendars are now live. These two (the first of seven projected volumes) describe the muniments of several key towns and cities, including Lincoln and Southampton. Read them at:

The parish of St Margaret Westminster

Dr Peter Webster, 06 March 2008

Three new volumes from the Survey of London are now live. Volumes 10, 13 and 14 are a survey of this Westminster parish, which includes Whitehall and Downing Street

Further records of Edinburgh

Dr Peter Webster, 24 January 2008

Further records of the burgh of Edinburgh are now live. This volume, of extracts from the records of the burgh for the period 1573-1589, brings our total holdings of this Burgh Record Society series to four volumes. Read them all at:

Local history of Gloucestershire

Dr Peter Webster, 20 November 2007

Three more Victoria County History volumes are now live. Volumes VI, VIII and IX, which include an account of the town of Tewkesbury, bring our total holdings of VCH volumes for the county to 8. Read them all at:

Monastic history

Dr Peter Webster, 25 October 2007

New records for a Cheshire house are now live. The 'Annales Cestrienses', for the abbey of St. Werburgh in Chester, is another in our series of cartularies and other records of monastic houses. See them all at:

Sussex feet of fine

Dr Peter Webster, 09 October 2007

Feet of fine for Sussex for 1190-1509 are now live. These three volumes add to our growing series of fines, sitting alongside similar records for Lancashire and Yorkshire. Read them all at:

Hasted's History of Kent - further volumes now live

Dr Peter Webster, 17 September 2007

Four more volumes of Hasted's work on Kent are now live. The site now holds volumes 1-6, with the remaining six volumes due in the next few months. Hasted's work is still the most comprehensive local parish history of Kent, and covers parts of what is now south-east London. Read them all at:

Early financial records for London now live

Dr Peter Webster, 03 September 2007

Chamberlain's accounts for the sixteenth century are now live. Another in our series of volumes from the London Record Society, these accounts are some of the earliest surviving financial records of the City. Read more at:

London property sources

Dr Peter Webster, 28 August 2007

A guide to sources for London property before 1666 is now live. First published by the London Record Society, and edited by Derek Keene and Vanessa Harding, this volume provides a guide to manuscript sources in repositories all around the world. It is the latest in our series of volumes from the London Record Society, of which eight more will appear over the next few months. Read it, and related sources, at:

London chantry certificate now live

Dr Peter Webster, 21 August 2007

The chantry certificate of 1548 is now live. It is the certificate of the royal commissioners, charged to survey chantries, colleges and other such endowments in London and Middlesex, as a precursor to their dissolution under Edward VI. Originally published by the London Record Society, it gives a highly detailed picture of the religious life of England in the midst of the Reformation. Read it, and sources relating to London religious houses, at:

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Quaterly review for April - June 2007

Dr Peter Webster, 08 August 2007

The second quarter of 2007 was an eventful one. Highlights included:

  • the receipt of a major award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), to complete the digitisation of The National Archives' Calendars of State Papers, a key resource for historians of England in the early modern period.
  • the launch of more key sources for local history, including volumes of the Victoria County History for Hampshire, Sussex and Warwickshire, and records of the sixteenth-century burgh of Edinburgh.
  • the launch of the State Papers of John Thurloe, a major addition to our resources for parliamentary history.
  • the successful completion of our publication of the Dictionary of Traded Goods and Commodities, 1550-1820, a very substantial dataset, receiving its first online publication. It was achieved with the generous collaboration and support of the authors, Drs Nancy Cox and Karin Dannehl of the University of Wolverhampton.

The church in Scotland

Dr Peter Webster, 20 July 2007

The records of the General Assembly will be launched soon. These four volumes are the central record for the governing body of the kirk from the Reformation until the nineteenth century, and should be launched in the next few months. In the early years after 1560, they complement our existing holdings of records for the burgh of Edinburgh, and the forthcoming Calendars of State Papers (Scotland), which will form part of our premium subscription service. Read all these, and our other material for Scottish history at:

Reformation Edinburgh - Further records of the Burgh now live

Dr Peter Webster, 09 July 2007

Records of the Burgh for 1557-71 are now live. This volume, the third in our series, covers the early years of the Scottish Reformation and its impact on the city. Read it, and other volumes in the series at:

Further records of sixteenth-century Edinburgh now live

Dr Peter Webster, 25 June 2007

Records of the Burgh for 1528-57 are now live. The second in our series of Edinburgh volumes from the Burgh Record Society brings the story of the city into the years preceding the Reformation. Read more at:

Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh

Dr Peter Webster, 11 June 2007

Extracts from the burgh records for 1403-1528 are now live. As well as extracts from the burgh records, the volume also includes extensive lists of city officers, extracts of charters and other appendices. The edition was originally prepared by J.D. Marwick for the Burgh Records Society, and our publication of it matches similar records for the burgh of Glasgow. Two more volumes (for the period up to 1571) will appear in the next few weeks. Read them all at:

John Thurloe's Collection of State Papers

Dr Peter Webster, 04 June 2007

Our publication of Thurloe's collection nears completion, with the launch of volumes 5 and 6. They cover the period from May 1656 to March 1658, a period of intense diplomatic activity. The final two volumes will go live in the next few weeks. Read them all at:

Dictionary of Traded Goods and Commodities

Dr Peter Webster, 14 May 2007

This major new dataset is now live. It contains entries for nearly 4,000 terms relating to traded goods and commodities in early modern Britain, from well-known items such as beer, coffee or chocolate, to the more unusual, such as bezoar water or zoobditty match. It is published here with the kind permission and support of the University of Wolverhampton, and of the editors, Drs Nancy Cox and Karin Dannehl. Read more at:

Quarterly review for January-March 2007

Dr Peter Webster, 02 April 2007

The first quarter of 2007 has been a bumper period. Usage of BHO reached record levels this quarter, with just short of 1.2 million page views in January. The monthly average was over 1.1 million. The quarter saw the launch of more key resources for British history, building on key strengths of the site. Highlights included:

  • the launch of volume 5 of the Statutes of the Realm (1625-80), and the Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum. The site now has unparallelled strength in the parliamentary and legal history of a pivotal period. These core resources sit alongside the Journals of the Houses of Commons and Lords for the same period, as well as significant private parliamentary diaries, including that of Thomas Burton.

  • the laying of foundations for a projected programme of crucial sources for local history from county record societies, including feet of fine for Lancashire, Lincolnshire and Staffordshire, and cartularies from religious houses in Cheshire and Staffordshire.

  • with the launch of volumes 5-8, the completion of the Victoria County History of Lancashire's coverage of parishes. Several other county sets will be brought to completion during this second phase of the project.

  • in January, the launch of expanded functionality on our search engine, allowing more precise searching and more useful results. Now powered by Google Mini, the search enables filtering of results by region, subject, period and source (both inclusively and exclusively), and result snippets are in the familiar Google format.

The next six months will see the launch of 122 volumes of the Calendars of State Papers (Domestic, Ireland and Scotland) as a premium subscription service. These fundamental sources will further complement our existing holdings, and support the continued development of our free content. We will also be adding 18 further volumes of the Survey of London, to be launched by the autumn of 2007. Read more at:

The Survey of London on Brompton now live

Dr Peter Webster, 29 January 2007

Volume 41 of the Survey of London is now live. It describes the southernmost part of the old parish of Brompton, covering both sides of Brompton Road and then continuing westward between Old Brompton Road and Fulham Road as far as Brompton Cemetery. It includes some notable set-piece buildings, such as the Oratory, Brompton Hospital and Harrod’s department store. Read more at:

Feet of fines for Lancashire

Dr Peter Webster, 05 January 2007

Final concords for Lancashire are now live for the period 1189 to 1548. These four volumes, edited by William Farrer, were originally published by the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. Read them, and feet of fines for other counties, at:

New expanded searching

Dr Peter Webster, 04 January 2007

Our newly expanded search facility is now live. We've expanded the functionality of our search engine to give you greater control in searching our growing library of over 50,000 documents. Now powered by Google, the search enables you to filter results by region, subject, period and source (both inclusively and exclusively), and result snippets are in the familiar Google form. You can search for pages that contain all of your search terms, or an exact phrase, or at least one of your words, or none of them. We hope that these options will make your searches more precise and give you more useful results. Try it now by clicking on the 'full text search' link at the top of the page and selecting 'advanced search'.

Send feedback > do you have any suggestions for improving the search facility to support your research better ?

Records of St Bartholomew's, West Smithfield, now live

Dr Peter Webster, 11 December 2006

The records of the priory and parish church of St Bartholomew are now live. Edited by E.A.Webb, volume 1 details the history of the priory until the second suppression under Elizabeth I. The second volume carries the story of the parish church up until the early twentieth century, and also contains an account of the fabric of the building. Read them at:

Chronicle of the Grey Friars now live

Dr Peter Webster, 25 November 2006

This key source for sixteenth-century London is now live. It details political and religious events in the capital during the key period of the sixteenth century to 1556, and complements the Diary of Henry Machyn, already on BHO. Read them both at:

The history of Lambeth from the Survey of London

Dr Peter Webster, 22 November 2006

Volumes 23 and 26 of the Survey of London are now live. They together cover the whole of the parish of St Mary, Lambeth, including Lambeth Palace, the site of the Festival of Britain, and the southern suburbs of Kennington, Stockwell and Brixton. It complements the accounts of the area given by the Victoria County History for Surrey (volume 4). Read them all at:

New facility for browsing by period now live

Dr Peter Webster, 02 November 2006

Our new facility for browsing through sources by century is now live. Access it using the 'Periods' link at the top of every page.

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Volumes 3-5 of Cardiff Records now live

Dr Peter Webster, 17 October 2006

Volumes 3-5 of Matthews's 'Cardiff Records' are now live. These contain: extensive extracts from records of the Council from 1708 to 1897; ecclesiastical records of Llandaff cathedral, Margam Abbey and St John's Church, Cardiff; select Cardiff wills; and listings of local officials, MPs and clergy. Read all five volumes at:

The Survey of London on Knightsbridge and the Docklands now live

Dr Peter Webster, 20 September 2006

Three more volumes from the Survey of London are now live. Volumes 43 and 44 cover the dockland parish of All Saints’, Poplar, which encompasses the ancient hamlet of Poplar itself, the old shipbuilding centre of Blackwall, and the former industrial districts of Millwall and Cubitt Town. Volume 45 covers Knightsbridge, including the old thoroughfare of Knightsbridge, and the triangular swathe of land to its west, north of Brompton Road, bounded on the north by Hyde Park and on the west by Exhibition Road. Read all three at:

First two volumes of Cardiff Records now live

Dr Peter Webster, 20 September 2006

The first two volumes of Matthews' Cardiff Records are now available. These two volumes contain transcripts of the charters of the city, as well as extracts from records from the National Archives relating to Cardiff, and customs, judicial and Corporation records. Volumes 3 to 5 will appear in the next few weeks. Also coming soon are Ordnance Survey maps of Cardiff and its environs at scale 1:2,500 (1875-81). Read more at:

Yorkshire Lay Subsidy of 1301 now live

Dr Peter Webster, 18 September 2006

The records of this tax, levied in 1301, are now live. Originally published by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, the volume gives details of those assessed for taxation in the North Riding, parts of the East Riding, and the liberties of St Mary and St Peter in York. Read it, along with other lay subsidy records, at:

Feet of Fines for Tudor Yorkshire now available

Dr Peter Webster, 13 September 2006

The Yorkshire Archaeological Society edition of fines for Tudor Yorkshire are now live. These records give an invaluable account of the transfer of land and property, with details of both the places and parties involved. Further editions of feet of fines for other counties of England will appear on the site over the next year.

Records relating to the Barony of Kendale now live

Dr Peter Webster, 06 September 2006

Three volumes of records relating to Kendale in Westmorland are now live. Organised by place, they give a digest of the key sources for the local history of the county from the twelfth to the nineteenth centuries. They are the companion volumes of the 'Later Records of North Westmorland', already on the site. Read them all at:

Charters of Glasgow now live

Dr Peter Webster, 31 August 2006

These key documents for the history of Glasgow (1175-1649) are now live. Part 1 contains a detailed narrative account of the constitutional evolution of the city. Part 2 provides transcripts and abstracts of the 123 key charters and additional related material. These complement the Records of the Burgh for 1573 to 1690, already on the site. Read more at:

Subscribe to our new RSS feeds

Dr Peter Webster, 09 August 2006

Avoid information overload by subscribing to one of our RSS web feeds. See news from BHO at a time of your choice and all in one place with our news feed of this journal. Also, keep your catalogues, directories and other lists of resources up-to-date with our publication feed containing a full list of all our publications in launch date order. Find out more and subscribe at:

The Survey of London vol. 36 (Covent Garden) now live

Dr Peter Webster, 02 August 2006

Volume 36 of the Survey of London is now live. The volume recounts the story of the Covent Garden Piazza's evolution (and eventual redevelopment), including the building of St Paul's Church, the area’s principal monument. In addition to the Piazza and surrounding streets, it also describes the buildings of the Covent Garden Market. Read it, and other volumes of the Survey, at:

Register of the Freemen of York now live

Dr Peter Webster, 26 July 2006

The Surtees Society edition of these records, from 1272 to 1759, is now live. These records record the admissions to freedom of the city, organised by regnal year. They produce a fascinating record of the population and trades of York. Read more at:

Records of the Burgh of Glasgow now live (1573-1690)

Dr Peter Webster, 11 July 2006

Three volumes of these key records for the history of Glasgow are now live. They contain extracts from the Council Records of the Burgh and from the accounts of the city Treasurers. They give a detailed account of a period of political turmoil at a national level and of growing independence for the Burgh. Two volumes of the Charters of the city will be added to the site in the next few weeks. Over the next two years we shall be adding similar records for the same period for the city of Edinburgh. Read more at:

'Old and New London' now complete

Dr Peter Webster, 04 July 2006

Published in 1878 in six volumes, this survey of London is now complete. Written by Walter Thornbury and Edward Walford, it mixes historical information and description of contemporary London with a rich seam of myth, anecdote and London legend. Written in the form of a perambulation, it covers the city of London and Westminster, as well as the suburbs from Hampstead and Highgate to the north, Stratford to the east, Streatham to the south, and Putney and Hammersmith to the west. Read more at:

New maps for England, Scotland and Wales coming soon

Dr Peter Webster, 02 July 2006

A second batch of maps for 16 British towns and cities will be launched soon. These maps at scale 1:2500 are of major urban centres such as Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester and Newcastle, and cathedral cities including Chichester, Durham and Salisbury. The selection complements the maps already available for London and other centres, and concentrations of text resources on BHO. See the existing set at:

New resources for Surrey and south London now live

Dr Peter Webster, 28 June 2006

The south London sections of Daniel Lysons' 'Environs of London' and Walter Thornbury and Edward Walford's 'Old and New London' are now live. It is now possible to trace the evolution of these parts of London through successive survey histories of the area: Lysons and Noorthouck's 'New History' in the late 18th century; Thornbury and Walford in the late 19th; and the Victoria County History for Surrey in the 20th. The remaining volumes of Lysons and Thornbury/Walford will follow in the next few weeks. View them all at:

Noorthouck's 'A New History of London' now live

Dr Peter Webster, 27 June 2006

This history of London, published in 1773 by the citizen and stationer John Noorthouck, is now live. As well as giving a chronological survey of the capital's history, it contains an invaluable contemporary account of the state of the City in the late eighteenth century, along with the City of Westminster and neighbouring parts of Surrey and Middlesex. Among its substantial appendices are the texts of the charters of the city, as well as lists of mayors, MPs, bishops and other officers. This is the first of a series of key older histories of London forthcoming on British History Online. Others include works by Daniel Lysons and Walter Thornbury, and, over the next year, John Stow. Read more at:

Two major chronicles of London now live

Dr Peter Webster, 13 June 2006

The Diary of Henry Machyn and the Chronicle of London by William Gregory are now live. These two sources, for the sixteenth and fifteenth centuries respectively, give vivid eye-witness accounts of key political, social and religious events in the capital. Machyn records much detail of the religious turbulence of the Edwardian Reformation, the restoration of Catholicism by Mary, and the Elizabethan Settlement. Both are editions originally published as part of the Camden Society's publications. Read them both at:

Forthcoming resources for Welsh local history

Dr Peter Webster, 05 June 2006

Soon to be added to the site are a major topographical dictionary for Wales, and resources for the history of Cardiff. Samuel Lewis's "Topographical Dictionary" covers the whole of the country, and complements his equivalent work for Scotland, already on the site. Also coming soon are five volumes of the municipal records of Cardiff, a major resource for Welsh urban history. These volumes should appear this summer, and may be found by following the link below:

Forthcoming resources for Scottish history

Dr Peter Webster, 02 June 2006

Major new resources for the history of Scotland, and for Edinburgh and Glasgow in particular, will be added to the site soon. Several of the volumes of the Burgh Records Society for sixteenth and seventeenth-century Glasgow will be added in the next three months. Over the next 18 months we plan to add similar resources for early modern Edinburgh, and for the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Database of Court Officers (1660-1837) now live

Dr Peter Webster, 18 May 2006

This record of every remunerated officer and servant of the English court is now live. Compiled by R.O. Bucholz, it covers the private and public rooms, the staff of the artistic and medical establishments and the chapels, and the household below stairs and the stables. This is the latest addition to the IHR's own 'Office Holders' series. To read more of the whole set, follow the link below:

Revised subject browsing page now live

Dr Peter Webster, 15 May 2006

In line with our continued growth, and in preparation for more new resources to come, a newly refreshed subject browsing page is now live. The page has revised and simplified categories, more information and a new and fuller display of results. Select 'Subjects' at the very top of this page to read more.

VCH volume 4 for Worcestershire now live

Dr Peter Webster, 10 May 2006

This volume of the VCH covers the cathedral city of Worcester and areas in the south and west of the county. Major towns covered include Pershore and Great Malvern. This volume is another in our coverage of the English cathedral cities - to read more, follow the link below to 'Ecclesiastical and religious history'.

New resources for the Parliaments of Elizabeth I

Dr Peter Webster, 02 May 2006

Two major sources for this period - Sir Simonds d'Ewes' 'Journal of all the Parliaments' and Heywood Townshend's 'Historical Collections' - are now live. Giving accounts of debates in both Houses, these works complement the 'official' Journals of Parliament, and in the period 1581 to 1604 fill in where the official record is incomplete. You can navigate between these sources by using the 'Dated documents' link. Read them, and our other sources for Parliamentary history at:

Topographical Dictionary of Scotland now live

Dr Peter Webster, 20 April 2006

Samuel Lewis's dictionary of Scottish places (1846) is now live on the site. It gives a full account of the location, character and institutions of Scottish places, from Edinburgh and Glasgow down to the smallest villages, as they were in the mid-nineteenth century. See also these places on our Ordnance Survey mapping. Read more at:

Mackenzie's Historical Account of Newcastle and Gateshead now live.

Dr Peter Webster, 19 April 2006

Eneas Mackenzie's 1827 account of the city of Newcastle is now live. It gives an invaluable contemporary account of the city before the urbanisation and industrialisation of the nineteenth century, as well as historical accounts of churches and religious houses, public and charitable buildings and institutions, and of the governance of the city and its inhabitants. Also included is an account of the borough of Gateshead. Read more at:

Records of North Westmorland now live

Dr Peter Webster, 18 April 2006

This volume of the later records of the barony of Appleby, published by the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, is now live. Reproduced by kind permission of the Society and of Cumbria County Council, the volume contains abstracts and transcriptions of records relating to the history, churches, schools, manors and bridges of the northern part of the county. Principal towns covered include Appleby, Brough, Kirkby Stephen and Shap. It also contains substantial extracts from the Hearth Tax of 1669-72. Read more at:

New resources for Surrey and south London

Dr Peter Webster, 10 April 2006

We have now launched volumes 3 and 4 of the Victoria County History for Surrey. These volumes cover much of what is now south London, including Lambeth, Southwark and Kingston-upon-Thames. These sources also cover much of the historic county outside greater London, from Godalming in the south to Caterham in the east. Read more at:

VCH resources for Hertfordshire and north London

Dr Peter Webster, 05 April 2006

Major new resources for Hertfordshire are now live. Volume 2 of the VCH for the county covers the south of the county, including St Albans and areas which are now within greater London, such as Barnet and Elstree. Volume 3 covers the north and east, including Hitchin, Letchworth and the county town of Hertford. Read more at:

New resources for the history of Buckinghamshire

Dr Peter Webster, 01 March 2006

The volume of the VCH covering the south and east of the county is now live. Principal towns covered include Amersham, Buckingham and High Wycombe. Read more at:

Resources for West Sussex and East Hampshire

Dr Peter Webster, 15 February 2006

Victoria County History resources are now live for the whole of the south coast from Chichester to Southampton. Volume 4 for Sussex and volume 3 for Hampshire cover the area along the county border, and include accounts of Portsmouth and Havant. The city of Chichester itself is covered in the third volume for Sussex. To read more, follow the links below:

Further resources from the Survey of London

Dr Peter Webster, 13 February 2006

Six more volumes of the Survey of London’s ‘parish’ series are now live, covering the parishes of St Anne, Soho and St James, Westminster, and the Grosvenor estate in Mayfair. Explore some of central London’s most famous streets and buildings, including Grosvenor Square, Park Lane, Piccadilly, St James’s Church and Burlington House. Read more at:

New resources for Liverpool and Manchester

Dr Peter Webster, 31 January 2006

Two volumes of the VCH describing these two cities are now live. Volume 3 covers most of Merseyside east of the Mersey, from Sefton in the north to Speke in the south, and including Warrington, Widnes and Ormskirk. Volume 4 covers the cities of Liverpool and Manchester, along with Wigan and Ashton-under-Lyne. Read more at:

Further resources for Warwickshire from the VCH

Dr Peter Webster, 29 January 2006

The VCH volume covering Nuneaton, Sutton Coldfield and Solihull is now live. It covers the area to the north and east of Birmingham, and describes many places now within the eastern part of the Birmingham area. It represents part of our ongoing investment in resources relating to the West Midlands. Similar volumes for Worcestershire will be launched by the summer of 2006. Explore it and other related resources at:

The history of Chichester from the VCH

Dr Peter Webster, 27 January 2006

The VCH's account of this Sussex cathedral city is now live. It documents the history of the city and its port, and gives a detailed historical and architectural survey of the cathedral church.

Local school histories in the Victoria County History

Dr Peter Webster, 17 January 2006

The Victoria County History gives detailed histories of local schools. These accounts are contained in the sections on each parish or borough. Search these resources using our 'Full text search' page (selecting the VCH for your county using the 'Search within source' option), or browse using the link below:

Religious houses in Somerset

Dr Peter Webster, 13 December 2005

With the launch of this volume for Somerset, the Victoria County History accounts of religious houses are now complete. Use the links below to access them, and our other medieval religious history resources, such as the Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae.

New Ordnance Survey maps for urban history

Dr Peter Webster, 12 December 2005

The Ordnance Survey maps (Epoch 1, scale 1:2,500) for selected urban centres are now live. These maps, published between 1870 and 1890, complement our existing holdings of OS maps at scale 1:10,560 as well as particular concentrations of textual resources. View maps for central London, Colchester, Coventry, Chester and Oxford at:

Survey of London vols 29 & 30 now live

Dr Peter Webster, 02 December 2005

These two volumes, the first part of the Survey's coverage of the parish of St James, Westminster, are now live. These volumes cover the part of the parish south of Piccadilly, between Haymarket and Green Park, and complement our other resources for the City of Westminster.

Page images for Journal of the House of Lords

Dr Peter Webster, 01 November 2005

We are adding page images of selected publications, to further support the use of our full text resources. These are now complete for the Journals of the House of Lords.

Addition of page images

Dr Peter Webster, 01 October 2005

We are adding page images of selected resources, to further support the use of our full text resources. These are now complete for the Journals of the House of Commons.

New data plotting facility

Dr Peter Webster, 29 September 2005

Our new tool for representing historical data in spatial form is now live. Within the Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516, you can plot markets and fairs according to their dates and the taxation value of the town in which the market or fair was held.

Postcode and place search for maps

Dr Peter Webster, 15 September 2005

Our County Series of Ordnance Survey maps are now searchable by placename and postcode. Try them out at:

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New date navigation tool now live

Dr Peter Webster, 08 September 2005

For certain resources, it is now possible to follow links to others for the same month - follow the 'Dated documents' link. This applies mostly to parliamentary history at present, but we will be expanding the range of material over time.

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Ordnance Survey maps (Epoch 1) now live

Dr Peter Webster, 21 July 2005

Our complete OS County Series of Great Britain at scale 1:10,560 is now live. These invaluable maps, begun in 1840 and continued over the rest of the nineteenth century, were the first comprehensive mapping of Great Britain.

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Commons Journal volume 12 now live

Dr Peter Webster, 27 June 2005

Our latest volume, covering the period 1697-99, is now live. Volume 12 covers part of the reign of William III, and the first Partition Treaty with France (1698). This completes the run of volumes 1 – 12, from 1547 to 1699.

New integration with the Royal Historical Society Bibliography

Dr Peter Webster, 25 June 2005

This highly respected bibliography of British and Irish history now includes record-level links to British History Online. We are the first non-subscription full-text resource to be incorporated in this way. The search page may be found at:

House of Lords Journal volume 20

Dr Peter Webster, 01 May 2005

This latest volume of the Journal is now live, covering the early years of George I, the Jacobite rebellion and the Septennial Act. View the whole series from 1509 to 1718 at: