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January 2007

The Survey of London on Brompton now live

Dr Peter Webster, 29 January 2007

Volume 41 of the Survey of London is now live. It describes the southernmost part of the old parish of Brompton, covering both sides of Brompton Road and then continuing westward between Old Brompton Road and Fulham Road as far as Brompton Cemetery. It includes some notable set-piece buildings, such as the Oratory, Brompton Hospital and Harrod’s department store. Read more at:

New map browsing now live

Dr Jane Winters, 22 January 2007

Our newly modified browsing facility for Ordnance Survey maps is now live. For maps at scale 1:10,560, the whole-county display is now made up of a lattice of thumbnail map images, giving a unique view of the topography and development of each county. View them by following the 'Maps' link at the top of the page.

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Staffordshire lay subsidy rolls now live

Elizabeth Williamson, 17 January 2007

The Staffordshire lay subsidy rolls of 1327 and 1332 are now live. Follow the link below to the 'Collections for a History of Staffordshire', volumes 7 and 10. These volumes complement our other holdings of lay subsidy records for other counties. View them all by clicking on the link below.

Staffordshire Fines

Elizabeth Williamson, 16 January 2007

Final concords for the periods 1216-72 and 1327-1547 are now live. These complement our existing holdings of fines for Yorkshire and Lancashire. Follow the link below to the Collections for a History of Staffordshire (volumes 4 and 11).

Cistercians of Vale Royal Abbey

Dr Jane Winters, 16 January 2007

The Ledger Book of this Cistercian house is now live. It contains pleas and evidences relating to this Cheshire foundation, as well as a history of and privileges relating to the Cistercian order more widely. It complements both the account of the religious houses of Cheshire contained in the VCH, and our growing collection of cartularies and other records for English monastic history. View them all at:

Staffordshire religious houses

Elizabeth Williamson, 15 January 2007

Cartularies are now live for three Staffordshire houses. The three, for the houses at Stone priory, Burton abbey and Trentham priory, are part of the Collections for a History of Staffordshire.

Feet of fines for Lancashire

Dr Peter Webster, 05 January 2007

Final concords for Lancashire are now live for the period 1189 to 1548. These four volumes, edited by William Farrer, were originally published by the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. Read them, and feet of fines for other counties, at:

New expanded searching

Dr Peter Webster, 04 January 2007

Our newly expanded search facility is now live. We've expanded the functionality of our search engine to give you greater control in searching our growing library of over 50,000 documents. Now powered by Google, the search enables you to filter results by region, subject, period and source (both inclusively and exclusively), and result snippets are in the familiar Google form. You can search for pages that contain all of your search terms, or an exact phrase, or at least one of your words, or none of them. We hope that these options will make your searches more precise and give you more useful results. Try it now by clicking on the 'full text search' link at the top of the page and selecting 'advanced search'.

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