Periods > Charles II (1660-85)

Son of Charles I, he reigned from the Restoration until his death in February 1685.

1660  Act of Indemnity and Oblivion

An Act limiting the reprisals against members of the establishment during the Interregnum. It confirmed provisions of the earlier Declaration of Breda.

Suggested resources

  1. Charles II, 1660 - An Act of Free and Generall Pardon Indempnity and Oblivion.
  2. House of Commons Journal Volume 8 - 9 May 1660
  3. House of Commons Journal Volume 8 - 28 August 1660
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1665  Great Plague

An outbreak of bubonic plague, beginning in London, and lasting until the following year.

Suggested resources

  1. Book 1, Ch. 14 - From the Restoration to the Fire
  2. Middlesex Sessions Rolls - 1666
  3. Rectors and their times - Seventeenth century
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1665  Five Mile Act

One of the Acts of the 'Clarendon Code' designed to enforce conformity to the established church. It restricted the residence of clergy in parishes from which they had been banned.

Suggested resources

  1. Charles II, 1665 - An Act for restraining Non-Conformists from inhabiting in Corporations.
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1666  Fire of London

A major conflagration that destroyed the medieval City. Beginning in Pudding Lane, it lasted three days from September 2nd.

Suggested resources

  1. A Survey of Documentary Sources for Property Holding in London before the Great Fire - London Record Society, 22
  2. Book 1, Ch. 14 - From the Restoration to the Fire
  3. Proprietary Chapels - Pump Court
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1672  Test Act

A series of acts placing civil disabilities on Nonconformists and Catholics. Acts were passed in 1672 and 1678. They were repealed in 1829 by the Catholic Relief Act.

Suggested resources

  1. Charles II, 1678 - (Stat. 2.) An Act for the more effectuall preserving the Kings Person and Government by disableing Papists from sitting in either House of Parlyament.
  2. Charles II, 1672 - An Act for preventing Dangers which may happen from Popish Recusants.
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1678  Popish Plot

An alleged but fictitious Catholic conspiracy against the King, propagated by Titus Oates and Israel Tonge.

Suggested resources

  1. House of Lords Journal Volume 13 - Titus Oates' narrative
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1679  Exclusion Bill

A bill to exclude the Catholic James, Duke of York, from succession to the throne. Introduced in May, it was passed by the Commons but not by the Lords.

Suggested resources

  1. The fourth Parliament of Charles II - First session (2 of 5)- begins 4/11/1680
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