The historic counties of Cheshire, Cumberland, Durham, Lancs, Northumberland, Westmorland and Yorks

Feet of Fines

Final concords for Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Sussex and Yorkshire. 8 volumes.

Victoria County History: Yorkshire

The local history of the historic county, organised by parish. 8 volumes.

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments

The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments of England 6 volumes.

Victoria County History: Lancashire

The local history of the historic county, organised by parish. 7 volumes.

Records of Westmorland

Medieval and early modern records of the Baronies of Kendale and Appleby. 4 volumes.

Monastic and cathedral records

Cartularies and administrative records of monastic and cathedral churches. 3 volumes.

Victoria County History: Cheshire

The local history of the historic county, organised by parish. 3 volumes.

Maps (Ordnance Survey)

The complete 1:10,560 series, and 1:2,500 maps for selected areas (Epoch 1). 2 volumes.

Higher Clergy of the Church of England [Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1541-1857]

Records of bishops and higher clergy for the dioceses of England. 2 volumes.

Higher Clergy of the Church of England [Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1300-1541]

Records of bishops and higher clergy for the dioceses of England and Wales. 3 volumes.

Register of the Freemen of York

The Surtees Society edition of admissions to the freedom of the city, 1272-1759. 2 volumes.

History and Antiquities of Durham (Surtees)

Four volumes (1820). 2 volumes.

Victoria County History: Durham

The local history of the historic county, organised by parish. 2 volumes.

Lay subsidy records

Records of this occasional wealth tax (13th to 16th centuries). 2 volumes.

Higher Clergy of the Church of England [Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1066-1300]

Records of bishops and higher clergy for the dioceses of England and Wales. 2 volumes.

Markets and Fairs, to 1516

Gazetteer of markets and fairs and database of borough market privileges. 2 volumes.

Lancashire Assize Rolls: 4 John - 13 Edward I

A calendar of assize rolls for Lancashire for the thirteenth century, preserved in The National Archives. Originally published in two volumes by the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire (volumes 47 & 49, 1903-5).

Magna Britannia: volume 4Cumberland

A general and parochial history of the county.

A Topographical Dictionary of England

Seventh edition. Contains detailed topographical accounts of places, parishes and counties in England. Originally published in four volumes, here given together.

Historical Account of Newcastle-upon-TyneIncluding the Borough of Gateshead

The 'Descriptive and Historical Account of the Town and County of Newcastle-upon-Tyne' by the Newcastle author and publisher Eneas Mackenzie. It contains historical and contemporary accounts of the religious, civic, educational and cultural buildings and institutions of the city in the early nineteenth century.

A History of the County of Cumberland: Volume 2

A part-volume, covering the history of the religious houses in the county, including the early history of Carlisle cathedral.

The Manuscripts of Lincoln, Bury St. Edmunds etc.Fourteenth report, Appendix; part VIII

Describes the manuscript collections of the Corporations of Lincoln, Bury St. Edmunds, Great Grimsby and Hertford, and of the Deans and Chapters of Lichfield and Worcester cathedrals. Information on modern document locations is derived from the 'Guide to the Location of Collections' (HMSO, 1982).

Court of common pleas: The National Archives, CP401399-1500

The records of this central common law court for the fifteenth century; records held by The National Archives with the class of CP40. Hitherto unpublished, the database was first produced as part of the AHRC-funded 'Londoners and the Law' project (AHRC AR119247). It was further augmented by the 'London women and the economy before and after the Black Death' project (ESRC RES-00-22-3343) and with funding from the Marc Fitch Fund.

Catalogue of Ancient Deeds

A catalogue of the ancient deeds held by The National Archives. 6 volumes.

State Papers of John Thurloe

Collections of Thurloe, Secretary of State 1652-8, ed. Thomas Birch (7 volumes). 7 volumes.

House of Lords, Journal

The official record of proceedings in the House (1509-1793, 1830-2). 42 volumes.

Calendar of Cecil Papers

 24 volumes.

House of Commons, Journal

The official record of the House. Includes volumes 1-12 (1547-1699) & 85 (1830). 13 volumes.

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic (William and Mary)

Eleven volumes, for the reigns of William and Mary and William singly from 1696. 11 volumes.

House of Commons, Debates (Grey)

Debates (1667-94), collected by the Hon. Anchitell Grey, MP (10 vols). 10 volumes.

House of Commons, History and Proceedings of (Chandler)

Extensive verbatim accounts of Commons debates, 1660-1739, in 10 volumes. 10 volumes.

The Barrington Papers, volume 1Publications of the Navy Records Society, vol. 77

Selections from the papers of Admiral the Hon. Samuel Barrington. They include: his early Order Books; a private letter book; his Journal, and several other papers. Together they relate to the period from 1747 to 1799.

Parliament Rolls of Medieval England

Transcriptions from the manuscript rolls of all parliaments which survive for the period 1275 to 1504. The transcriptions - in Latin, Anglo-Norman or Middle English - are presented in parallel with a modern English translation. There is also a description of each parliament of the period, including for those of which no roll survives.

Dictionary of Traded Goods and Commodities, 1550-1820

A dictionary of nearly 4,000 terms found used in documents relating to trade and retail in early modern Britain. It represents part of a larger dataset produced by the Dictionary Project at the University of Wolverhampton, by whose kind permission it is reproduced here.

Office Holders in Modern Britain

Listings of holders of offices in central government (17th-19th centuries). 10 volumes.

Rymer's Foedera With Syllabus

The text of Rymer's Foedera (1704-1735), combined with an English summary. 5 volumes.

Thomas Burton's Diary

The parliamentary diary of Thomas Burton, MP for Westmorland (1653-59). 4 volumes.

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic (James I)

Calendars of documents held by The National Archives. 3 volumes.

Papal Documents

 17 volumes.

Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714

This volume lists members of the University of Oxford from 1500 to 1714, along with brief biographical details such as ecclesiastical positions held and family relationships among the alumni.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697Bodleian Library, MS Eng Hist c 711

Diary of a Cheshire gentleman, Whig Member of Parliament for Chester in 1689-97 and landholder in Wales, covering a period in which he steered a difficult political course. Michael Stevens' transcription is published by permission of the Bodleian Library.

Calendar of Documents Preserved in France918-1206

Covers the whole period 918 to 1206.