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Jul 11 2010, 09:31:07 LARKHILL CAMP 1946

I have a group photograph of my Aunt, MARGARET COLE (later to become MARGARET GRANT) originally from Brixham, Devon. On the back of the photograph it says 'LARKHILL CAMP 1946'. Can anyone tell me more about this camp? I would like to upload the photograph (is this an option?) to this site in the hope that others may spot a friend or family member.



Jul 28, 2010 02:00:39

It may be that, if there are no uniformed personnel in the photo, your Aunt worked for the NAAFI at Larkhill Camp. Another thought is that she may have been employed in one of the Messes as a domestic. Say Larkhill to anyone in the Services & they immediately say Royal Artillery - it was huge and the word Camp is a coverall for all sorts of establishments at Larkhill.

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