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Aug 31 2010, 16:58:44 Births or babtisms at the foundling hospital

I understand from tracing my family tree that my ancestor Ezekial Hulse (1757-1844) was christened at the hospital. I am desperate to know whether there are any mention of him in the records and if what was left with him at this time as tokens. Was he a foundling and if so is there any record of his mothers name or fathers name?



Sep 1, 2010 10:33:37

Although the Foundling Hospital Museum doesn't have an open-access archive as such, I worked with their records a year or so ago. I do remember boxes of tokens which I think could be matched to a name, and there were a number of registers there too, though I'm not sure of the exact contents and dates covered. You can contact the Museum on 020 7841 3600, or using an online form on the website:


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