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Sep 04 2010, 21:10:11 Birth record in Milnthorpe, Westmoreland

I am looking for the parents of my great-great-grandfather: Rev. Joseph Smedley, b. 5 Dec 1792, d. 27 August 1877, Hartford, Arkansas.

Family records have conflicting accounts of his place of birth as: Westmoreland, Sheffield, Derbyshire, and Nottingham.

We have documented his graduation from Gosport Academy in 1818, Minister of the Cong Church, Milnthorpe in 1822, marriage in 28 December 1820 to Mary Ann Ratcliff in Manchester. His residence is listed Milnthorpe.

He emigrated to the US in 1829. He was hired in 1835 as a teacher/missionary to the Indian Territory until 1863.

His life and career in the US is well-documented. I would greatly appreciate any information about his parents anyone can provide.

Thank you sincerely for your help.


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