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Aug 06 2011, 16:17:56 Coram Rege

I am currently researching a 1387 murder of an Andrew Wauton, by his wife, Elizabeth (Nee Daubeney). I have found a reference to it, in A History of the County of Hampshire, Vol. 3, on this website, with the following footnote:

Coram Rege R East II Ric II

I am trying to trace more about this murder, and the source used. The footnote may provide a clue, but I don't understand the reference.

Also, if anyone has some idea where I could find out more about this, advice would be appreciated!

Many Thanks in advance



Aug 22, 2011 16:23:53

This is the 'coram rege roll' for Easter term, 2nd year of the reign of Richard II. Coram rege rolls are the records of the court of King's Bench, and are at The National Archives. Start by looking at the research guide on this topic on the TNA website:

Chris Lewis
Sep 4, 2011 18:29:50


The reference
Coram Rege R. East. 11 Ric II
has two parts, plus a missing limb.

(i) 'Coram Rege R.' stands for "Coram Rege Rolls". They are held by the National Archives as part of the King's Bench series; and are catalogued under the heading KB 27.

(ii) 'East. 11 Ric. II' indicates the roll for the Easter law-term of the eleventh year of Richard II's reign, i.e. 1388. This roll, KB 27/508, is catalogued at

You will find .jpg images for KB 27/508 at

(iii) The missing limb is a membrane reference or page-image reference.

Robin Adams
04 September 2011


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