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Oct 10 2011, 14:05:37 Historical population data

Where can I get hold of historical population information of a village called Horam/Horeham in Sussex?



Oct 15, 2011 12:52:57

If you are looking at mid-19th to 20th centuries, the national census will help, records of which are at The National Archives at Kew.

For earlier periods, estate records would assist if Horeham were part of a manor (ask your local county records office). The Hearth Tax records for the late 17th century detail how many hearths per household there were in the village. You could estimate the population, perhaps, from this information. See for some online databases and extra information.

For even earlier, perhaps taxation records called subsidies or parish records of baptisms, marriages and burials will suffice. Your local county records office should be able to help with this.

Hope that helps. Unfortunately, the earlier the period the less likely you are to find reliable or helpful information.

Good luck.



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