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Feb 16 2010, 16:06:11 Hill 60, Bobbys Lane, Clayton, Stoke on Trent

I visit my sister in Trent Vale, and we went for a walk from her house to Hill 60, Stoke on Trent. I am really interested in knowing why this is hill is called this. I have looked up Hill 60, and it comes up with the Hill 60, the battle of the somme and Paschendale during ww1 - i have also found out that a lot of soldiers from the north, and the south staffordshire regiments fought alongside each other in this battle. Does the name of Hill 60 in Clayton, Stoke on Trent have any links to the first world war - i really would be most grateful if you could inform me of the history attached to the name of this hill - it has got me intrigued. Many thanks

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