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Aug 11 2012, 12:04:38 Blackwall Tunnel

Can you tell me where I can find out information on the following:
- What sort of compensation were injured workers given during the construction of the tunnel?
- Is there a list of who those workers were?

I am looking for one in particular, James Turner, who may have been injured about 1897. He was listed in the 1901 census as "miner, retired due to accident". He would have been agd about 36-38 years. His father, also named James was an "excavation miner"


Aug 31, 2012 11:59:32

The Blackwall Tunnel was built in 1892-7 by the London County Council, whose records are now held by London Metropolitan Archives. Anything concerning the tunnel's design and construction, and also other matters such as compensation for injured workmen, should be recorded in the minutes and papers of the council's Bridges Committee for that period - try looking at LCC/MIN/01274, LCC/MIN/01275 and LCC/MIN/01276 at the LMA.

Colin Thom,
Survey of London


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