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Apr 10 2013, 16:06:29 Torriano (Avenue or Cottages)

Torriano Avenue in London's Kentish Town was so-named in 1848. Where does the name originate?



Apr 15, 2013 15:32:34

Hi, I grew up near here many many years ago. I had a very elderly aunt who told me the history:-

Torriano comes from Hilary Torriano (a man) who I am told was a Sea Captain born around c.1700, he lived in the area in a very large house, which my aunt thought was on the site or very near to the Brecknock pub (is the pub still there?). He was very well known in the area and very wealthy. It was believed that his father was Italian which is where the name Torriano comes from.

May 4, 2013 13:28:37

This site gives a very comprehensive description of Torriano Avenue's inception. The reference is: Survey of London volume 19: The parish of St. Pancras part 2: Old St Pancras and Kentish Town - Authors Percy Lovell and William Marcham


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