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'Abbreviations list', A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 5: Bullingdon hundred (1957), pp. XXIV-XXVI. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Among the abbreviations and short titles used the following may require elucidation:

Manuscript Sources
C.C.C. Mun.Muniments of Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Compton CensusWilliam Salt Library, Stafford, MS. 33, 'The census taken in 1676 in the province of Canterbury giving an account of inhabitants, papists and other dissenters in the various dioceses'
Dunkin MS.Collections of John Dunkin (London Guildhall MSS. temporarily deposited in Bodleian Library)
Macclesfield DeedsMuniments of Lord Macclesfield, Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire
MS. Top. Oxon.Bodleian Library, MS. Top. Oxon.
Oldfield, Clerus Oxon.Bodleian Library, MS. index to clergy by W. J. Oldfield, 'Clerus Diocesis Oxoniensis, 1542–1908'
O.R.O.Oxfordshire County Record Office, Oxford
Oxon. Archd. Pp.Bodleian Library, Oxfordshire Archdeaconry Papers
Oxon. Dioc. Pp.Bodleian Library, Oxfordshire Diocesan Papers
Par. Rec.Parish Records
Quakers' MeetingsMinute Book of Oxfordshire Quarterly Meeting of Friends, 1671– 1746, penes the Clerk, Reading Monthly Meeting, Society of Friends
Printed Sources
Alexander, P.N. Oxon.H. Alexander, The Place-Names of Oxfordshire (Oxford, 1912)
Archdeacon's Ct.The Archdeacon's Court, Liber Actorum 1584, ed. E. R. Brinkworth (O.R.S. xxiii, xxiv, 1941, 1942)
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Chant. Cert.The Chantry Certificates and the Edwardian Inventories of Church Goods, ed. Rose Graham (O.R.S. i, 1919)
Char. Don.Abstract of the Returns of Charitable Donations made by the Ministers and Churchwardens of the Parishes and Townships in England and Wales, 1786–8, H.C. 511 (1816)
Christ Church Arch.Cartulary of the Medieval Archives of Christ Church, ed. N. DenholmYoung (O.H.S. xcii, 1931)
Chron. Mon. de Abingdon (Rolls Ser.)Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon, ed. J. Stevenson (2 vols. Rolls Series, 1858)
Church Bells Oxon.F. Sharpe, The Church Bells of Oxfordshire (O.R.S. xxviii, xxx, xxxii, xxxiv, 1949–53)
Churchward. Pres.The Churchwardens' Presentments in the Oxfordshire Peculiars of Dorchester, Thame and Banbury, ed. S. A. Peyton (O.R.S. x, 1928)
Davenport, Oxon. Lords Lieut. and High SheriffsJ. M. Davenport, Lords Lieutenant and High Sheriffs of Oxfordshire, 1086–1868 (Oxford, 1868)
Davis, Oxon. Map.Richard Davis, Map of the County of Oxford (1797)
Dom. of Inclosures, ed. LeadamThe Domesday of Inclosures, 1517–1518, ed. I. S. Leadam (2 vols. London, 1897)
Dunkin, Oxon.John Dunkin, History and Antiquities of the Hundreds of Bullingdon and Ploughley (2 vols. London, 1823)
E.E.T.S.Early English Text Society
Evans, Ch. PlateJ. T. Evans, The Church Plate of Oxfordshire (Oxford, 1928)
Eynsham Cart.The Eynsham Cartulary, ed. H. E. Salter (O.H.S. xlix, li, 1906–8)
Fines Oxon.The Feet of Fines for Oxfordshire, 1195–1291, ed. H. E. Salter (O.R.S. xii, 1930)
Gardner, Dir. Oxon.R. Gardner, History, Gazetteer and Directory of Oxfordshire (Peterborough, 1852)
Godstow Reg.The English Register of Godstow Nunnery, ed. A. Clark (E.E.T.S. orig. ser. 129, 130, 142, 1905–11)
Goring Chart.A Collection of Charters relating to Goring, Streatley and the Neighbourhood, 1181–1546, ed. T. R. Gambier-Parry (O.R.S. xiii, xiv, 1931–2)
Gretton, Oxon. J.P.sMary Sturge Gretton, Oxfordshire Justices of the Peace in the 17th Century (O.R.S. xvi, 1934)
Hearne, Remarks and Collect.Remarks and Collections of Thomas Hearne, ed. C. E. Doble and others (11 vols. O.H.S. ii, &c. 1884–1918)
Hearth Tax Oxon.Hearth Tax Returns for Oxfordshire 1665, ed. Maureen Weinstock (O.R.S. xxi, 1940)
Kennett, Paroch. Antiq.White Kennett, Parochial Antiquities attempted in the History of Ambrosden, Burcester and other adjacent parts in the Counties of Oxford and Bucks. (2 vols. 2nd edn. Oxford, 1818)
Lamborn, Armorial GlassE. A. Greening Lamborn, Armorial Glass of the Oxford Diocese, 1250–1850 (London, 1949)
Lincoln Rec. temp. Th. CooperLincoln Episcopal Records in the time of Thomas Cooper, 1571–84, ed. C. W. Foster (Cant. and York Soc. xi, 1913, and L.R.S. ii, 1912.)
L.R.S.Lincoln Record Society
Luke, Jnl.Journal of Sir Samuel Luke, ed. I. G. Philip (O.R.S. xxix, xxxi, xxxiii, 1947–53)
Macray, Magdalen Reg.Register of Magdalen College, Oxford, n.s. ed. W. D. Macray (8 vols. London, 1894–1915)
N.O.A.S. Rep. and Trans.North Oxfordshire Archaeological Society, Reports and Transactions, 1853–86
O.A.H.S.Oxford Architectural and Historical Society
O.A.S. Rep. and Trans.Oxfordshire Archaeological Society, Reports and Transactions, 1887–
O.Archit.S. Proc.Proceedings of the Oxford Architectural Society, 1839–
O.H.S.Oxford Historical Society
Oriel Coll. Rec.Oriel College Records, ed. C. L. Shadwell and H. E. Salter (O.H.S. lxxxv, 1926)
O.R.S.Oxfordshire Record Society
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Oseney Reg.The English Register of Oseney Abbey, ed. A. Clark (E.E.T.S. orig. ser. 133, 144, 1907, 1913)
Oxf. Jnl.Jackson's Oxford Journal
Oxon. Chart.Facsimiles of Early Charters in Oxford Muniment Rooms, ed. H. E. Salter (Oxford, 1929)
Oxon. Ped.Some Pedigrees from the Visitations of Oxfordshire, 1634 (London, 1913)
Oxon. Poll of Freeholders, 1754Poll of the Freeholders of Oxfordshire taken at Oxford on 17th . . . April, 1754 (Bodl. Libr. G.A. Oxon. 4° 346)
Oxon. Visit.The Visitations of the County of Oxfordshire taken in the Years 1566, 1574, and 1634, ed. W. H. Turner (Harleian Soc. v, 1871)
Parker, GuideJ. H. Parker, A Guide to the Architectural Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Oxford (Oxford, 1846)
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Plot, Nat. Hist. Oxon.R. Plot, The Natural History of Oxfordshire (Oxford, 1677)
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Poor AbstractAbstract of the Answers and Returns relative to the Expense and Maintenance of the Poor, H.C. 175 (1804), i
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Rot. Ricardi GravesendRotuli Ricardi Gravesend, 1258–79, ed. F. N. Davis (Cant. and York Soc. xxxi, 1925, and L.R.S. xx, 1925)
Rot. Roberti GrossetesteRotuli Roberti Grosseteste, 1235–53, ed. F. N. Davis (Cant. and York Soc. x, 1913, and L.R.S. xi, 1914)
St. Frideswide's Cart.The Cartulary of the Monastery of St. Frideswide at Oxford, ed. S. R. Wigram (O.H.S. xxviii, xxxi, 1895–6)
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Sandford Cart.The Sandford Cartulary, ed. Agnes M. Leys (O.R.S. xix, xxii, 1937– 41)
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Thame Cart.The Thame Cartulary, ed. H. E. Salter (O.R.S. xxv, xxvi, 1947–8)
Visitations Dioc. Linc. (1420–49)Visitations of the Religious Houses in the Diocese of Lincoln, ed. A. Hamilton Thompson (L.R.S. vii, xiv, xxi, 1914–29)
Visitations Dioc. Linc. 1517–31Visitations in the Diocese of Lincoln 1517–31, ed. A. Hamilton Thompson (L.R.S. xxxiii, xxxv, xxxvii, 1940–7)
Wilberforce Visit.Bishop Wilberforce's Visitation Returns for the Archdeaconry of Oxford, 1854, ed. E. P. Baker (O.R.S. xxxv, 1954)
Wood, Ath. Oxon. ed. BlissAthenae Oxonienses, to which are added the Fasti, ed. P. Bliss (5 vols. London, 1813–20)
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Woodward's ProgressThe Progress Notes of Warden Woodward Round the Oxfordshire Estates of New College, Oxford, 1659–75, ed. R. L. Rickard (O.R.S. xxvii, 1945)
Young, Oxon. Agric.Arthur Young, General View of the Agriculture of Oxfordshire (London, 1809 and 1813)