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Victoria County History



Elizabeth Crittall (editor), A. P. Baggs, D. A. Crowley, Ralph B. Pugh, Janet H. Stevenson, Margaret Tomlinson

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'Note on abbreviations', A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 10 (1975), pp. XVII-XVIII. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Among the abbreviations and short titles used the following may require elucidation:

Aubrey, Nat. Hist. Wilts. ed. BrittonJohn Aubrey, Natural History of Wilts. ed. J. Britton (London, 1847)
Benefice Bk.Benefice Book. Rural Deanery of Avebury (Cannings Portion) (priv. print. 1910)
C.C.C. Oxf.Corpus Christi College, Oxford
C.J.Commons Journal
C.U.L.Cambridge University Library
Cal. Feet of F. Wilts. 1195–1272, ed. FryCalendar of Feet of Fines Wilts. 1195–1272, ed. E. A. Fry (Devizes, 1930)
Ch. Commrs.Church Commissioners
Chantry ReportsBorough of Devizes. Reports made to the [Borough] Council in relation to Letters Patent of King James I, 1609–10, granting property [i.e. chantry lands] to the Corporation. An Outline History by R. D. Gillman and E. Kite (priv. print. Devizes, 1909. Copy in W.A.S. Libr., Devizes)
Char. Com.Charity Commission
Christ Ch. MSS.Christ Church, Oxford, Manuscripts
Colvin, Eng. ArchitectsH. M. Colvin, Biographical Dictionary of English Architects, 1660–1840 (1954)
ConstitutionsThe Booke of the Constitutions of the Borough of Devizes (in W.A.S. Libr., Devizes). Transcribed by B. H. Cunnington. Reprinted from Wilts. Gazette, 7 Feb.-15 May 1924 (copy in W.A.S. Libr., Devizes)
Cunnington, AnnalsB. H. Cunnington, Some Annals of the Borough of Devizes (2 vols. Devizes, 1925, 1926)
Dore, Map, 1759Edward Dore, An Accurate Plan of the Ancient Borough of Devizes (1759)
Dors. R.O.Dorset Record Office
Endowed Char. Wilts.Endowed Charities of Wilts. H.C. 273 (1908), lxxx (northern division); H.C. 273-i (1908), lxxxi (southern division)
Finberg, Early Wessex Chart.H. P. R. Finberg, Early Charters of Wessex (Leicester, 1964)
G.L.C.R.O. (Lond. recs.)Greater London Council Record Office, London Records in County Hall
G.R.O.General Register Office
Gillman, AnnalsR. D. Gillman and J. Waylen, Annals of the Royal and Ancient Borough of Devizes, 1102–1900 (Devizes, 1908)
Gillman, Dir.Charles Gillman and others, Gillman's Devizes Public Register and Family Almanack (published under many different titles 1858–1957, see W.A.M. xl. 52)
Hants R.O.Hampshire Record Office
Hist. MSS. Com.Historical Manuscripts Commission
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King's Coll. MSS.King's College, Cambridge, Manuscripts
Kite's NotesE. Kite, MS. notes in W.A.S. Libr., Devizes (5 vols.)
Lacock MSS.Lacock Abbey Manuscripts
Mate's GuideStephen Reynolds, Devizes and Roundabout (Mate's Illustrated Guides, 1907)
New Coll. Mun.New College, Oxford, Muniments
Nightingale, Wilts. PlateJ. E. Nightingale, Church Plate of Wilts. (Salisbury, 1891)
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S.R.O.Somerset Record Office
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Sar. Dioc. R.O.Salisbury Diocesan Record Office
Sar. Dioc. Regy.Salisbury Diocesan Registry
Soc. Antiq.Society of Antiquaries of London
W.A.M.Wilts. Archaeological and Natural History Magazine
W.A.S.Wilts. Archaeological and Natural History Society
W.A.S. Centenary Hist.W.A.S. Centenary History, 1853–1953, ed. C. W. Pugh (Devizes, 1953)
W.A.S. Libr., DevizesLibrary of W.A.S. in the Museum, Long St., Devizes
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W.R.O.Wilts. County Record Office
W.R.S.Publications of the Wilts. Record Society (formerly Records Branch of W.A.S.). For list of publications see p. xix
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Wilkinson's colls.Material for Wilts. parish histories collected by the Revd. John Wilkinson from 1855 (in W.A.S. Libr., Devizes)
Wilts. CuttingsVolumes of newspaper cuttings in W.A.S. Libr., Devizes
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Wilts. Q. Sess. Rec. ed. CunningtonExtracts from the Quarter Sessions Great Rolls of the 17th Century, ed. B. H. Cunnington (Devizes, 1932)
Wilts. TractsCollection of tracts in W.A.S. Libr., Devizes
Winch. Coll. Mun.Winchester College Muniments