Wiltshire Record Society volumes used


Victoria County History



Elizabeth Crittall (editor), A. P. Baggs, D. A. Crowley, Ralph B. Pugh, Janet H. Stevenson, Margaret Tomlinson

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'Wiltshire Record Society volumes used', A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 10 (1975), pp. XIX. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=102772 Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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(formerly the Records Branch of the Wiltshire Archaeological Society) used in this Volume

iAbstracts of Feet of Fines relating to Wilts. Edw. I and Edw. II, ed. R. B. Pugh (1939)
iiAccounts of Parliamentary Garrisons of Gt. Chalfield and Malmesbury, 1645–6, ed. J. H. P. Pafford (1940)
iiiCalendar of Antrobus Deeds before 1625, ed. R. B. Pugh (1947)
ivMinutes of Proceedings in Sessions, 1563, 1574–92, ed. H. C. Johnson (1949)
vList of Records of Wilts. Boroughs before 1836, ed. M. G. Rathbone (1951)
viTrowbridge Woollen Industry as illustrated by Stock Books of John and Thos. Clark 1804–24, ed. R. F. Beckinsale (1951)
viiGuild Stewards' Book of Borough of Calne, 1561–1688, ed. A. W. Mabbs (1953)
viiiAndrews and Dury's Map of Wilts. 1773, ed. Elizabeth Crittall (1952)
ixSurveys of Manors of Philip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, 1631–2, ed. E. Kerridge (1953)
xTwo Sixteenth Century Taxation Lists, 1545, 1576, ed. G. D. Ramsay (1954)
xiWilts. Quarter Sessions and Assizes, 1736, ed. J. P. M. Fowle (1955)
xiiCollectanea, ed. N. J. Williams (1956)
xiiiProgress Notes of Warden Woodward for Wilts. Estates of New College, Oxford, 1659–75, ed. R. L. Rickard (1957)
xvTradesmen in Early-Stuart Wilts. A Miscellany, ed. N. J. Williams (1960)
xviCrown Pleas of Wilts. Eyre, 1249, ed. C. A. F. Meekings (1961)
xviiWilts. Apprentices and their Masters, 1710–60, ed. Christabel Dale (1961)
xviiiHemingby's Register, ed. Helena M. Chew (1963)
xixDocuments Illustrating Wilts. Textile Trades in the Eighteenth Century, ed. Julia de L. Mann (1964)
xxiiiThe Earl of Hertford's Lieutenancy Papers, 1603–12, ed. W. P. D. Murphy (1969)
xxvAbstracts of Wilts. Inclosure Awards and Agreements, ed. R. E. Sandell (1971)
xxviCivil Pleas of Wilts. Eyre, 1249, ed. M. T. Clanchy (1971)
xxviiWilts. Returns to Bishop's Visitation Queries, 1783, ed. Mary Ransome (1972)
xxviiiWilts. Extents for Debts, Edw. I-Eliz. I, ed. Angela Conyers (1973)