List of classes of public records used


Victoria County History



Elizabeth Crittall (editor)

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'List of classes of public records used', A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 4 (1959), pp. XVII-XVIII. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Used in this Volume with their Class Numbers

C 1Proceedings, Early
C 2" Series I
C 3" Series II
C 21Depositions taken by Commission, Eliz. I-Chas. I
C 47Miscellanea
C 54Close Rolls
C 66Patent Rolls
C 67Patent Rolls, Supplementary
C 131Extents for Debts
C 133Inquisitions post mortem, Series I, Edw. I
C 135Inquisitions post mortem, Series I, Edw. III
C 142Inquisitions post mortem, Series II, 2 Hen. VII-Chas. II
Court of Common Pleas
CP 25 (1)Feet of Fines, Series I
CP 25 (2)" " " II
CP 43Recovery Rolls
Board of Customs and Excise
Customs 3Ledgers of Imports and Exports
Ecclesiastical Commission
Eccl. 2Various
Exchequer of Pleas
E 1General Affidavits
Exchequer, Treasury of the Receipt
E 32Forest Proceedings
E 36Miscellaneous Books
Exchequer, Queen's Remembrancer
E 101Various Accounts
E 122Customs Accounts
E 126Entry Books of Decrees, Series IV
E 134Depositions taken by Commission
E 146Forest Proceedings
E 150Inquisitions post mortem, Series II
E 154Inventories of Goods and Chattels
E 159Memoranda Rolls
E 163Miscellanea
E 164Miscellaneous Books, Series I
E 178Special Commissions of Enquiry
E 179Subsidy Rolls, &c.
Exchequer, Augmentation Office
E 315Miscellaneous Books
E 317Parliamentary Surveys
Exchequer, Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer
E 356Enrolled Accounts, Customs
E 358Enrolled Accounts, Miscellaneous
E 359Enrolled Accounts, Subsidies, &c.
Exchequer, Auditors of Land Revenue
LR 2Miscellaneous Books
Home Office
HO 42Domestic Correspondence, Geo. III
HO 67Acreage Returns
Board of Inland Revenue
IR 1Apprenticeship Books
Justices Itinerant, &c.
JI 1Assize Rolls, Eyre Rolls, &c.
JI 2Coroners' Rolls
JI 3Gaol Delivery Rolls
Court of Queen's Bench (Crown Side)
KB 39Rule or Order Books (Duplicate Series)
Court of Queen's Bench (Plea Side)
KB 122Plea or Judgment Rolls
Duchy of Lancaster
DL 4Depositions and Examinations, Series II
DL 29Ministers' Accounts
DL 30Court Rolls
DL 37Chancery Rolls
DL 39Forest Proceedings
DL 42Miscellaneous Books
DL 43Rentals and Surveys
DL 44Special Commissions and Returns
DL 45Inclosure Awards
Privy Council Office
PC 1Papers, &c.
PC 2Registers
Public Record Office
PRO 30/24Gifts and Deposits, Shaftesbury Papers
Court of Requests
Req. 2Proceedings
Special Collections
SC 2Court Rolls
SC 6Ministers' Accounts
SC 11Rentals and Surveys (Rolls)
SC 12Rentals and Surveys (Portfolios)
Court of Star Chamber
Sta. Cha. 2Proceedings, Hen. VIII
Sta. Cha. 3" Edw. VI
Sta. Cha. 5" Eliz. I
Sta. Cha. 7" Eliz. I, Addenda
Sta. Cha. 8" Jas. I
State Paper Office
SP 12State Papers, Domestic, Eliz. I
SP 13" " " Eliz. I (Cases)
SP 14" " " Jas. I
SP 15State Papers, Domestic, Addenda, Edw. VI to Jas. I
SP 16" " " Chas. I
SP 23" " " Interregnum, Committee for compounding with Delinquents
SP 29" " " Chas. II
SP 35" " " Geo. I
SP 105State Papers, Foreign, Archives of British Legations
Court of Wards and Liveries
Wards 5Feodaries' Surveys
Wards 7Inquisitions post mortem
Wards 9Miscellaneous Books
Maps and Plans
MP and MR