Addenda and Corrigenda


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J. A. Twemlow (editor)

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'Addenda and Corrigenda', Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 9: 1431-1447 (1912), pp. XI-XIII. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Addenda and Corrigenda

Page 13,footnote, for R[ubricauit] Peter read R(ecipe) Petre.
" 29,line 28, for churchesiand read churches and.
" 47,footnote, for Quatnor read Quatuor.
" 54 and 55,in the margin, for 1349 read 1439.
" 68,footnote, for R[ubricet ?] read R(ecipe); and after rubricauit delete the mark of interrogation.
" 81,note 2, for presentum read presentium.
" 90,line 8 from end, for Auraren. read Ausaren.
" 112,top margin, for CCLXXIII read CCCLXXIII.
" 123,line 13 from end, for EUGEUNIS read EUGENIUS.
" 124,line 13 from end, for 9 EUGENIUS IV. read [9 EUGENIUS IV.]
" 129,margin, for [1440] read 1440.
" 139,line 19, after quarter insert (i.e. cartron).
" 143,footnote 1, line 3 from the end of the note, for Marsille read Marsillus.
" 144,line 16, for the late (?)† read a certain; and in the footnote dele ? rectius quondam.
" 148,line 5, for collation read collate.
" 148,footnote 5, for f. 22 read f. 32.
" 149,footnote 3, for cretius read rectius.
" 170,line 6, for canory read canonry.
" 180,footnote 2, for 65 read 66.
" 194,line 16 from end, for Moelannhy read Moelanuhy, i.e. Moelanvhy.
" 203,line 8 of note, for Garatoni read de Sancto Marcello.
" 214,line 15, dele [Stoke by].
" 214,line 11 from end, for fraterity read fraternity.
" 214,last line, for Compos ela read Compostela.
" 224,line 20, for The consecrating bishop shall send Thomas' oath read The bishop who blesses him shall send his oath.
" 230,line 14 from end, for briefiy read briefly.
" 253,line 15, for picture read image.
" 261,line 2 from end, for found read bound.
" 263,line 20 from end, for Madate read Mandate.
" 266,line 16 from end, for Valabro read Velabro.
" 268,footnote 3, last line of the note, for n read in.
" 269,line 19 from end, for on read an.
" 271,line 14 from end, for Marin read Martin.
" 288,line 16, for John read James.
" 297,footnote 5, after later insert See below, p. 418 note.
" 298,line 12, for o read of.
" 299,dele the last line, and page 300 dele lines 1 and 2, and substitute [Ripoll, Bullarium Prœdicatorum, III, p. 230, from Archiv. Apost. Lib. xxi, fol. 87 [probably a confusion with the description 'Lib. clxi, fol. 287' which occurs on a flyleaf of the Register]; abridged from Ripoll in Burke (de Burgo), Hibernia Dominicana, p. 473].
" 307,line 11 from end, for first portion, called of Southincor read one of the two portions, called the portion of Southincor (rectius Southmeor).
" 311,at the top of the left margin, insert 1442.
" 324,line 2, for made read make.
" 327,line 13 from end, after wife, insert of his diocese.
" 328,footnote, for fflium ex viro read filium ex alio viro.
" 337,line 4 from end, for Oransay read Oronsay.
" 343,line 10, for [Preen] read [Mey].
" 343,line 13, after John insert [Preen].
" 344,line 15 from end, for Bourn read Bruern.
" 348,lines 9 and 10 dele on account of the said defect etc.
" 353,above the mandate to the abbot of Inisgad insert [DE BENEFICIIS VACANTIBUS].
" 354,above the dispensation to John Barton insert DE REGULARIBUS (cont.).
" 371,footnote 4, for ff. 28 and 295 read f. 295; and after diocesis' insert to whom and his present wife, both dwelling in the diocese of Bayeux, is granted, under date Siena, 4 Kal. June (29 May), 1443, an indult to have a portable altar.
" 375,line 5 from end, for simonry read simony.
" 390,line 9, for he read the.
" 391,line 22, for Killasair read Killasair.
" 395,line 3 from end, for it read its.
" 397,line 6 from end, for as ign read assign.
" 405,line 9, for (being read being).
" 409,line 9 from end, for neces ary read necessary.
" 410,last line of footnote, for Humhprey read Humphrey.
" 411,line 4, for Thomdouym read Thomdonym.
" 418,line 30, after pp. insert See above, p. 297.
" 418,footnote 2, after Assumption insert See above, p. 297 note.
" 428,line 18, for hurch read church.
" 455,line 12, insert [See Emily M. Pritchard, The History of St. Dogmael's Abbey, 1907, pp. 162, 163].
" 463,line 21 from end, for Aire read Dax (Aquen.).
" 464,line 7, for archbishop read archdeacon.
" 479,line 12 from end, for care read cure.
" 480,footnote 3, insert Eubel's 'O. Er. S. A.' is an error for 'O. Can. Reg. S. A.', inasmuch as he was prior of Newark in Surrey, a house of Augustinian canons. See below, p. 514.
" 495,line 16 insert [Ripoll, Bullar. Prœdicatorum III, p, 201, whence Burke (de Burgo), Hibernia Dominicana, p. 342].
" 504,line 17 from end, for marshall read marshal.
" 513,line 28, for deprivation read removal.
" 514,line 26, for to remove read to [deprive and] remove.
" 525,line 17 from end, after lately insert [above, p. 472].
" 525,line 14 from the end, for thereof read of the priory of St. Mary, Cluanttuascertomane, in the diocese of Clonfert, of the order of St. Augustine alias of Arrouaise (ordinis sancti Augustini alias Arragacen.).
" 525,line 12 from end, for would accuse read accused.
" 525,line 8 from end, after canon insert of the said priory.
" 526,line 13, for will accuse read accuses.
" 528,line 8, after day insert [above, p. 493], and in the margin for 1445[–6] read 1444[–5].
" 535,last line, after margin insert This mandate has occurred complete, above, p. 443.
" 543,line 8 from end, before Robert insert [the late].
" 553,dele the footnote and substitute On f. 202d., in a mandate to the precentor of Lisieux, dated 1446, 3 Non. May (5 May) anno 16, is a mention of a Thomas Kay, beneficed in the diocese of Coutances, afterwards in that of Rouen. The foliation is at this point confused, the order of the folios, as they are at present bound, being 166, 191–214, 167–190, 215, after which they go on in proper order.
" 554,line 17, for Galina read Galuia.
" 567,line 7, for Lire read Lyre (de Lira), and after said diocese insert (diocesis huiusmodi rectius Ebroicensis diocesis).
" 570,line 20, after consent insert [viz. on 28 Nov., 1445; see Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1441–1446, p. 392.]