Regesta 344


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W. H. Bliss and J. A. Twemlow (editors)

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'Regesta 344: 1411-1413', Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 6: 1404-1415 (1904), pp. 172-173. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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Regesta, Vol. CCCXLIV

2 John XXIII

Regestrum Quintum (fn. 1) Litterarum Apostolicatum De Curia Et Aliarum In Camera Apostolica Registratarum Annorum Secundi Et Tercii.

19 Kal. Jan.
St.Peter's, Rome.
(f. 27.)
To James de Pewgen, Friar Minor. Appointing him a papal chaplain, with the enjoyment of the usual exemptions, privileges etc. Virtutibus clarens. (Collacionata.)
2 Kal. May.
St.Peter's, Rome.
(f. 80.)
To all and singular. Requesting safe-conduct for Francis Federici de Statutis, citizen of Bologna, member of the pope's household, whom the pope is sending to England and to other parts. Cum dilectum filium. (De curia.) (Collacionata.)
3 Non. May.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 96.)
To patriarchs etc. and other prelates, and other clergy, secular and regular, dukes etc. Requesting safe-conduct for Master Roger Basset, doctor of canon and civil law, papal notary, who is going to England. Cum dilectus filius. (De curia. Collacionata.)

3 John XXIII

9 Kal.Sept.
St.Peter's. Rome.
(f. 165.)
To Thomas Selstorne, Cistercian monk of Caldra in the diocese of York. Appointing him a papal chaplain, with the enjoyment of the usual exemptions, privileges etc. Virtutibus clarens. (Collacionata.)
10 Kal. Sept.
St.Peter's, Rome.
(f. 211.)
To John Hoo, Carmelite. The like to him, who is chaplain of Thomas, bishop of Worcester. Virtutibus etc. (De cancellaria. Collacionata. Registrata gratis.)


8 Kal. March.
St.Peter's, Rome.
(f. 211d.)
To Master David Ormund, rector of St. Mary's, Nerberth, in the diocese of St. Davids. The like to him, a priest. Virtutibus etc. (De cancellaria. Collacionata.)


17 Kal. Dec.
St.Peter's, Rome.
(f. 217d.)
To Edmund Kyrkeby, Augustinian friar. The like. Virtutibus etc. (Collacionata.)
8 Kal. Nov.
St.Peter's, Rome.
(f. 222.)
Acquittance, as below, in favour of Thomas Polton, archdeacon of Taunton in Wells. The late Henry, bishop of Sabina, holding by grant of the apostolic see the canonry and prebend of Birkingham (sic) in Lincoln, rented (concessit in arrendam) them to Thomas for a yearly sum of 700 gold ducats, to be paid, a moiety at Easter and the other moiety at Michaelmas. Thomas made due satisfaction to the said bishop, the only balance outstanding being the moiety due at Easter last. He has, moreover, paid to the present pope, one of the said bishop's executors, through Master Herman Dwerg, papal notary, 100 gold ducats of the said balance, which balance he could not complete on account of the arrest, by order of king Henry and by authority of archbishop Thomas, of the fruits etc. of the said canonry and prebend for the repair, held to be necessary on account of their ruinous condition, of the houses and manors thereof. Lest Thomas or his successors or heirs be molested by the said executors on account of the aforesaid, the pope hereby absolves, frees and acquits him and them from the said balance and from future payment thereof, on condition that if he have, since the said arrest, received any of the said fruits etc. on account of the said rent, over and above the said 100 florins (sic), he shall, after deducting costs incurred by reason of the said arrest and repair, be bound to convent to the said repair whatever he has thus received. Ad fut. rei mem. Inter curas multiplices. (Collacionata.)
Kal. Jan.
St.Peter's, Rome.
(f. 255d.)
To Richard Clay, Augustinian friar of the convent of Hull in the diocese of York. Appointing him a papal chaplain, with the enjoyment of the usual exemptions, privileges etc. Virtutibus etc. (Collacionata.)


1 Described also on the back as Liber v.