Lateran Regesta 146


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W. H. Bliss and J. A. Twemlow (editors)

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'Lateran Regesta 146: 1410-1411', Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 6: 1404-1415 (1904), pp. 212-213. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Lateran Regesta, Vol. CXLVI (fn. 1)

1 John XXIII (contd.)

De Diversis Formis

17 Kal. Sept.
(f. 1d.)
To the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishop of Winchester. Mandate, at the recent petition of Thomas, son of [Henry] king of England, and Margaret de Holand, relict of John de Beufort, earl of Somerset, and at the petition also of [Henry] prince of Wales, Thomas's brother, to dispense them to marry, if after diligent inquiry he find that, as they state, they are related in the second degree of affinity and in the second and third degrees of kindred, and if it be the king's will. Oblate nobis. (De mandato.) [See Wadding, Annales Minorum, IX, p. 523.]
8 Kal. June.
(f. 15.)
To Robert, bishop of Salisbury. Decree giving retrospective force to, and sufficing as proof of, the indult granted to him on 6 Id. Aug. anno 1 [1409] by Alexander V—who died before his letters were drawn up—to receive and keep in his chapel at his expense, for the performance of divine offices, any clerks, even regular, of any orders and parts, even holding perpetual vicarages or other benefices in which they had bound themselves by oath to reside in person, and for such clerks to be in his service and serve at divine offices in his said chapel, and to let to farm to any fit persons, without requiring licence of the ordinaries, the fruits of such vicarages and benefices. Racioni congruit.
6 Non. March.
(f. 73d)
To William, scholar, of the diocese of York, son of the late Thomas de Remston, knight. Dispensation to him, who is in his fourteenth year, after he has received the tonsure, to hold a benefice with cure, even if a parish church or a perpetual vicarage, and to resign it, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases. Nobilitas generis, vite ac morum. (De mandato.) [See Reg. CXLVII, f. 60.]
4 Kal. Sept.
(f. 74.)
To Ralph Thomas (sic), rector of Clewer, in the diocese of Salisbury. Dispensation to him, who is in minor orders only, not to be obliged for five years to have himself promoted to a higher holy order on account of the said church. Vite etc. (De mandato.)


1 Described on back and on flyleaf as Liber 12 of the Register of John XXIII.