Lateran Regesta 245


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J. A. Twemlow (editor)

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'Lateran Regesta 245: 1424', Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 7: 1417-1431 (1906), pp. 369. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Lateran Regesta, Vol. CCXLV (fn. 1)

7 Martin V (cont.)

De Exhibitis

2 Kal. April.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 216.)
To the abbot of Kelkow in the diocese of St. Andrews and the archdeacon of Teviotdale in Glasgow. Mandate at the recent petition of William de Foulis, provost of the church of Bothwile in the diocese of Glasgow, M.A., chancellor of Archibald, earl of Douglas (containing that formerly, on the voidance of the perpetual vicarage of the parish church of Eudnburch in the diocese of St. Andrews by the death of James Leonis, king James, the patron, presented him to bishop Henry, who refused to institute him, wherefore he appealed to the apostolic see), to summon the said bishop and others concerned, and to hear and decide the appeal and the principal matter, and if they find the said patronage and presentation lawful, to collate and assign to William the said vicarage which, as the pope has learned, is still void, and whose value does not exceed 100 marks sterling; notwithstanding that he holds the said provostship, a principal elective [cf. above, p. 360] dignity with cure, value not exceeding 200 marks sterling, with which he is hereby dispensed to hold the said vicarage for two years. after which, if he has not made the usual exchange, he is to resign the provostship. Dignum arbitramur etc. Exhibita siquidem nobis. (Franciscus. xxviii. Secundo Non. Aprilis Anno Septimo. de Agello.) [See also above, pp. 203, 298, 355.]


1 Described on the back as ‘Lib. 91.’ On a flyleaf, in contemporary hands, is ‘Aliotus,’ ‘Secundus de Exhibitis Anno Septimo non Rubricatus,’ ‘Rubricatus.’ On the bottom edge of the volume, also in a contemporary hand, is inscribed: Secundus de Exhibitis anno septimo domini Martini pape V. The whole volume consists de exhibitis.