Vatican Regesta 380


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J. A. Twemlow (editor)

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'Vatican Regesta 380', Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 8: 1427-1447 (1909), pp. 315. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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Vatican Regesta, Vol. CCCLXXX (fn. 1)

De Curia

13–16 Eugenius IV

1–2 Nicholas V


1 Described on the back as ‘L. 21’ and ‘E. IV. N V. B. D. L. xxi.’ On a flyleaf, in the hand of De Prætis, is ‘Eugenii IV. et Nicholai V. Bullar diuers.Lib. xxi. Tom. xxv.’ This small volume, comprising only 91 ff. of text, contains letters of Eugenius IV (ff. 1–74 recto) and of Nicholas V (ff. 74 dorso—91) None of the former concern the Calendar, and of the latter, the only one to be noted here is the first of them, viz. a letter ‘Tuam nobis et apostolice sedi,’ on f. 74d, addressed by Nicholas V to James, bishop of St. Andrews, under date St. Peter's, Rome. 1447, 5 Kal. Aug. anno 1, renewing the faculties granted to him by Eugenius IV to proceed against adherents in Scotland of the Council of Basel after its transfer to Ferrara, and of Amedeus, sometime duke of Savoy, called Felix V, to make provision of benefices thus void, and to absolve and rehabilitate the penitent and make fresh provision to them [see above, pp. 238, 239]. The letter is subscribed at the beginning ‘A. de Florentia,’ and at the end ‘de Curia. Jo. de Cremonensibus.’ It is printed in Theiner, Vet. Mon.Hibern. et Scot., p. 377, No. 751. from ‘Tom. XXI (i.e. Reg. CCCLXXX), fol. 74’