List of classes of public records used


Victoria County History



R. B. Pugh and Elizabeth Crittall (editors), H. F. Chettle, W. R. Powell, P. A. Spalding, P. M. Tillott

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'List of classes of public records used', A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 7 (1953), pp. XVII. URL: Date accessed: 25 November 2014.


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C1 Proceedings, Early
C 3 " Series II
C 47 Miscellanea
C 54 Close Rolls
C 60 Fine Rolls
C 65 Parliament Rolls
C 66 Patent Rolls
C 74 Statute Rolls
C 78 Decree Rolls
C 134 Inquisitions post mortem, Series I, Edw. II
C 136 " " " Ric. II
C137 " " " Hen. IV
C138 " " " Hen.V
C 139 " " " Hen. VI
C140 " " " Edw. IV
C 141 " " " Ric III
C 142 " " Series II
C 143 Inquisitions, Ad Quod Damnum
C 145 Miscellaneous Inquisitions
C 146 Deeds, Series C
Court of Common Pleas
C.P. 25(1) Feet of Fines, Series I
C.P. 25(2) " Series II
C.P. 26(1) Notes of Fines
C.P. 40 Plea Rolls
C.P. 43 Recovery Rolls
Exchequer of Receipt
E 401 Enrolments of Registers of Receipts
Exchequer, Treasury of the Receipt
E 40 Deeds, Series A
Exchequer, Queen's Remembrancer
E 134 Depositions taken by Commission
E 150 Inquisitions post mortem, Series II
E 164 Miscellaneous Books, Series I
E 179 Subsidy Rolls, &c.
Exchequer, Augmentation Office
E 301 Certificates of Chantries and Colleges
E 315 Miscellaneous Books
E 317 Parliamentary Surveys
E 321 Proceedings of Court of Augmentation
E 326 Deeds, Series B
Exchequer, Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer
E 3 5 2 Chancellor's Rolls
E 357 Escheators' Enrolled Accounts
E 368 Memoranda Rolls
E 371 Originalia Rolls
E 372 Pipe Rolls
Exchequer, First Fruits and Tenths Office
E 331 Bishops' Certificates of Institutions to Benefices
Exchequer of Pleas
E 20 Depositions
Home Office
H.O. 20 Prisons, Correspondence and Papers
H.O. 40 Disturbances, Correspondence
H.O. 41 Disturbances, Entry Books
H.O. 45 Domestic Correspondence, Registered Papers ('Old Series')
H.O. 52 Correspondence, Counties
H.O. 67 Acreage Returns
H.O. 129 Various, Census Papers, Ecclesiastical Returns
War Office
W.O. 1 In-Letters
W.O. 30 Miscellanea, Various
W.O. 47 Ordnance Office Minutes
Duchy of Lancaster
D.L. 1 Bills, Answers, &c.
D.L. 29 Ministers' Accounts
D.L. 30 Court Rolls
D.L. 42 Miscellaneous Books
D.L. 43 Rentals and Surveys
Justices Itinerant
Just. Itin. 1 Assize Rolls, Eyre Rolls, &c.
Just. Itin. 3 Gaol Delivery Rolls
Clerks of Assize
Assizes 24 Miscellaneous Books, Western Circuit
Court of Queen's Bench
K.B. 26 Curia Regis Rolls
Exchequer, Land Revenue
L.R. 2. Miscellaneous Books
Special Collections
S.C. 2 Court Rolls
S.C. 6 Ministers' Accounts
S.C. 11 Rentals and Surveys (Rolls)
S.C. 12 " " (Portfolios)
State Paper Office
S.P. 14 State Papers, Domestic, James I
S.P. 16 " " Charles I
Court of Star Chamber
Sta. Cha. 4 Proceedings, Mary
Sta. Cha. 8 " James I
Court of Requests
Req. 2 Proceedings
Supreme Court of Judicature
J 15 Decrees and Orders
J 57 Reports and Certificates