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Victoria County History



D. A. Crowley (editor) A. P. Baggs, Elizabeth Crittall, Jane Freeman, Janet H. Stevenson

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'List of maps', A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 11: Downton hundred; Elstub and Everleigh hundred (1980), pp. XIII. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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All the maps were drawn by K. J. Wass, of the Department of Geography, University College, London, from drafts prepared by D. A. Crowley and Janet H. Stevenson. The parish, tithing, and township boundaries on the hundred and parish maps are taken from inclosure maps and from the tithe maps of the earlier 19th century.

Downton Hundred c. 18312
Bishopstone c. 1792, based on the inclosure award map in the Wiltshire Record Office4
Downton c. 1837, based on the tithe award maps of c. 1837 for Downton (Charlton tithing, Wick and Walton tithing, and Downton borough, East Downton tithing, Church tithing, and Hamptworth, and Nunton and Bodenham), and of c. 1839 for Standlynch20–1
East Knoyle and Hindon c. 1840, based on the tithe award maps of East Knoyle (1839) and Hindon (c.1843)84
Elstub and Everleigh Hundred c. 1840104
Enford in the early 19th century, based on Andrews and Dury's Map of Wiltshire (1773), and on the inclosure award maps of Enford, East Chisenbury, Coombe, Fifield, and Longstreet (all c. 1809), and of Littlecott (1817), in the Wiltshire Record Office116
Overton in the early 19th century, based on the inclosure award map (1815–16) of the townships of East Overton, West Overton, Lockeridge, and Shaw, and the chapelry of Fyfield in the Wiltshire Record Office, a map of Fyfield (1811) in the British Library, and a map of Alton Priors (1912) in New College, Oxford.182
Wroughton c. 1840, based on a tithe award map for the townships of Elcombe, Overtown, Salthrop, and Westlecott (1846), and on maps of the townships of Elcombe and Uffcott in Broad Hinton (1797) and of the township of Wroughton (1795), all in the Wiltshire Record Office236

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