Wiltshire VCH committee


Victoria County History



R.B. Pugh and Elizabeth Crittall (editors)

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'Wiltshire VCH committee', A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 5 (1957), pp. XVII. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=116082 Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Where not otherwise stated members have served on the Committee from 1947 until June 1956.

Alderman W. R. Robins, O.B.E., ChairmanRepresenting the Wiltshire County Council
Mr. J. A. Arnold-Forster, O.B.E. (resigned 1952)
Colonel R. W. Awdry, C.B.E. (died 1949)
Alderman J. L. Calderwood
Mr. E. C. Elwell (died 1948)
The Marchioness of Northampton (resigned 1950)
Dr. A. Shaw Mellor (since 1955)
Alderman W. E. Stevens (since 1949)
Dr. T. R. Thomson (since 1949)
Councillor A. J. Bown (since 1954)Representing the Swindon Borough Council
Councillor A. M. Bennett (resigned 1954)
Alderman H. Diment (resigned 1955)
Alderman H. W. Gardner (resigned 1952)
Alderman H. G. Lewis (since 1955)
Councillor R. G. Gordon (since 1948)Representing the Salisbury City Council
Councillor H. E. Randall (since 1948)
Mr. H. C. Brentnall (died 1955)Representing the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society
Dr. G. M. Young, C.B.
Mr. E. G. H. Kempson (since 1955)
Mr. R. B. PughRepresenting the Records Branch of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, and after 1949 also the Central Committee of the Victoria County History
Canon W. J. Barton (died 1955)Representing the Bishop of Salisbury
The Revd. W. G. C. Addison (since 1956)
Canon C. F. Harman (resigned 1955)Representing the Bishop of Bristol
Canon W. J. Cratchley (since 1955)
Mr. A. Taylor Milne (resigned 1949)Representing the Central Committee of the Victoria County History

Co-opted Members

Professor T. S. Ashton, F.B.A.
Professor D. C. Douglas, F.B.A.
Mr. G. E. Fussell
Professor H. J. Habakkuk (co-opted 1950)
Professor C. F. C. Hawkes, F.B.A.
Dr. W. G. Hoskins (co-opted 1952)
Mr. R. V. Lennard
Mr. J. H. P. Pafford (since 1948)
Professor S. Piggott, F.B.A.
Dr. G. D. Ramsay
Professor R. B. Wernham (co-opted 1950)

Mr. D. Murray John, O.B.E., Hon. Secretary

Mr. M. G. Rathbone, Deputy Hon. Secretary

Mr. E. Eckersley, Hon. Treasurer