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'Depositions: 1591', London Consistory Court Depositions, 1586-1611: list and indexes (1995), pp. 88-107. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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EntryItem NumberDatePartiesCauseName of Witness/Parish or Place of WitnessOccupation/Status of Witness/Age of Witness
515.DL/C/213/763-5 Interrogatory 77827-1-1590/1Henry Procktor
c Alice Deacon
Mat; EnfDaniel Ryngrose; St. SepulchreYeoman; 25
516.DL/C/213/765 Interrogatory 76628-1-1590/1[Henry Procktor
c Alice Deacon]
Mat; EnfElizabeth Pleman als Fleminge; St. Bartholomew the GreatMaurice Pleman als Fleminge Merchant Taylor; 52
517.DL/C/213/766-7 Interrogatory 768[28-1-1590/1Henry Procktor
c Alice Deacon]
Mat; EnfKatherine Lloyd; St. SepulchreDavid Lloyd; 50
518.DL/C/213/768-9 Interrogatory 769-701-12-1590[William] Jasper
c [Alice] Powell als Whitle
DefAgnes Waller; St. Martin in the Fields (Midd)Widow [Midwife]; 60
519.DL/C/213/770-1 Deceased: Margaret Leake8-12-1590[Peter Pawson
c Alan Roiston]
TestMeredith Hanmer; St. Leonard ShoreditchProfessor of Sacred Theology Vicar; 44
520.DL/C/213/771-2 Deceased: Margaret Leake[8-12-1590Peter Pawson
c Alan Roiston]
TestRichard Gibbons; St. Katherine by the TowerCleric; 38
521.DL/C/213/773-4 Interrogatory 77422-1-1590/1[Thomas] Smith
c [William] Reve
TitheJohn Harrys; Blackmore[Servant Master Saperton]; 29
522.DL/C/213/775John Adames, Cleric
c George Adams
MiscGeorge Adams
523.DL/C/213/776 Deceased: Elizabeth Burrowghe22-1-1590/1Joyce Burrowghe
c Robert Sharpe
TestJoyce Burrowghe
524.DL/C/213/776-7 Deceased: Ozias Hearne22-1-1590/1[Margaret] Joell als Hearne
c [John] Newton
TestRichard Stylemande; High EasterYeoman; 40
525.DL/C/213/778 Deceased: Ozias Hearne27-1-1590/1Margaret Joell als Hearne
c John Newton
TestJohn Newton
526.DL/C/213/779-80 Interrogatory 78028-1-1590/1[Thomas] Smith
c [William] Reve
TitheThomas Willett; Blackmore (Essex)Farmer; 36
527.DL/C/213/78128-1-1590/1Thomas Smith
c William Reve
TitheWilliam Reve
528.DL/C/213/781-2 Interrogatory for 49730-1-1590/1[William] Jasper
c [Alice] Powell
DefAbraham Leedes; [St. Martin in the Fields (Midd)Cutler; 36]
529.DL/C/213/782-3 Interrogatory for 49630-1-1590/1[William Jasper
c Alice Powell]
DefWilliam Phillipps; [St. Martin in the Fields (Midd)Turner; 50]
530.DL/C/213/783-46-2-1590/1William Fisher, Cleric
c Thomas Wighte
TitheThomas Wighte
531.DL/C/213/784{6}-2-1590/1[Henry] Procktor
c Alice Deacon
Mat; EnfAlice Deacon
532.DL/C/213/78411-2-1590/1Richard Skynner
c Joan Huett
Mat; EnfJoan HuettMaiden
533.DL/C/213/785-6 Deceased: Edward Baylye6-2-1590/1John Baylye
c John Purlande als Purlevante
TestJohn Letton; Pitsea (Essex)Husbandman; 63
534.DL/C/213/786-7 Deceased: Edward Baylye[6-2-1590/1John Baylye
c John Purlande als Purlevante]
TestRobert Lee; Hornchurch (Essex)Yeoman; 46
535.DL/C/213/787-8 Interrogatory 789-91Thomas Atkyns
c Anne Talbye
Ecc; ExcWilliam Simpson; St. Margaret New Fish StreetMerchant Taylor; 35
536.DL/C/213/792{Blank page}
537.DL/C/213/793-513-2-1590/1Thomas Atkyns
c Agnes Talbye
Ecc; ExcAgnes Talbye
538.DL/C/213/795-613-2-1590/1Richard Skynner
c Joan Huett
Mat; EnfJohn Clove; Stapleford Abbots (Essex)Husbandman; 40
539.DL/C/213/796-7[13-2-1590/1Richard Skynner
c Joan Huett]
Mat; EnfJohn Andrewes; Chigwell (Essex)Fletcher; 60
540.DL/C/213/798-9[13-2-1590/1Richard Skynner
c Joan Huett]
Mat; EnfJohn Wells; Stapleford Abbots (Essex)Husbandman; 36
541.DL/C/213/799[13-2-1590/1Richard Skynner
c Joan Huett]
Mat; EnfAgnes Andrewes; ChigwellJohn Andrewes [Fletcher]; 47
542.DL/C/213/800 Interrogatory 80118-2-1590/1John Lashley
c Joan Somersett
DefAlice Lowe; Allhallows the LessSolomon Lowe Cardmaker; 29
543.DL/C/213/801-2 Interrogatory 802[18-2-1590/1John Lashley
c Joan Somersett]
DefJohn Lowe; St. Stephen Coleman StreetCardmaker, [Apprentice, Robert Lowe]; 20
544.DL/C/213/80320-2-1590/1John Foster
c Richard Cowlter
Ecc; UpRichard Cowlter
545.DL/C/213/804 Deceased: John Norfolke27-2-1590/1Ellen Norffolk
c Agnes Barnesley als Norfolk
TestAgnes Barnesley als Norfolk
546.DL/C/213/805-627-2-1590/1Thomas Wye
c Agnes Bushey
Mat; EnfAgnes BusheyWidow
547.DL/C/213/806-71-3-1590/1[Margery] Percye, Woman
c [Christopher] Percye, Man
Mat; CruJane Woodhowse; Westminster27
548.DL/C/213/808-9 Deceased: Edward Baylye8-3-1590/1[John] Baylye
c [John] Purlande als Purlevante
TestWilliam Humfrye; Vange (Essex)Yeoman; 56
549.DL/C/213/809-1012-4-1590/1Edmund Huxlye and Alice BeswickMat; EnfRichard Legoe; St. Mary AbchurchHaberdasher; 40
550.DL/C/213/810-1[12-4-1590/1Edmund Huxlye and Alice Beswick]Mat; EnfDavid Johons; St. Peter WestcheapSexton; 72
551.DL/C/213/811-2 Deceased: Edward Baylye20-4-1591[John] Baylye
c [John] Purlande
TestHenry Dore; Basildon Laindon (Essex)Yeoman; 58
552.DL/C/213/812-5 Deceased: Edward Baylye21-4-1591John Baylye
c John Purlande als Purlevante
TestJohn Purlande als Purlevante
553.DL/C/213/815-6[Richard Skynner]
c Joan Huett
Mat; EnfJoan Huett
554.DL/C/213/817-8 Interrogatory 818-922-4-1591Deborah Woodhall
c William Sadler
Mat; EnfRoger Sadler als Sariante; Walden (Essex)Tailor; 58
555.DL/C/213/819-20 Interrogatory 820[22-4-1591Deborah Woodhall
c William Sadler]
Mat; EnfThomas Pratt; Walden (Essex)Shoemaker; 27
556.DL/C/213/821-2 Interrogatory 8223-5-1591William Fisher, Cleric
c Thomas Wighte
TitheJohn Franklyn; Great IlfordLabouringman; 65
557.DL/C/213/823 Deceased: Edward Baylye28-4-1591[John] Baylye
c [John] Purlande
TestThomas Caslyn; Brentwood (Essex)Yeoman; 46
558.DL/C/213/8241-5-1591Deborah Woodhall
c William Sadler
Mat; EnfDeborah Woodhall
559.DL/C/213/824-5 Interrogatory 825-65-5-1591[Deborah] Woodhall
c [William] Sadler
Mat; EnfJane Burles; Walden (Essex)Richard Burles Tailor; 60
560.DL/C/213/826-7 Interrogatory 827-8 Deceased: Thomas Gascoigne17-5-1591[Mabel Woodley als Gaskyn
c Thomas Bearstowe and George Bearstowe]
TestRichard Smithe; Ware (Hert)Tailor; 44
561.DL/C/213/829-30 Interrogatory 830-11-6-1591[Thomas] Wye
c [Agnes] Bushey
Mat; EnfKatherine Freame; St. Andrew HolbornHenry Freame Shoemaker; 45
562.DL/C/213/831-3 Interrogatory 833[1-6-1591Thomas Wye
c Agnes Bushey]
Mat; EnfElizabeth OrtonDomestic Serving Maid, Master Anthony Asheley, One of the Clerks, Queen's Privy Council; 26
563.DL/C/213/834-5 Interrogatory 835-6 Deceased: Thomas Gascoigne[Mabel Woodley als Gaskyn
c Thomas Bearstowe and George Bearstowe]
TestJohn Bearstowe; Edgware (Midd)Cooper; 44
564.DL/C/213/836-7 Interrogatory 837 Deceased: Thomas Gascoigne2-6-1591[Mabel Woodley als Gaskyn
c Thomas Bearstowe and George Bearstowe]
TestWilliam Browne; St. Martin in the FieldsLabourer; 3{2}
565.DL/C/213/838-9[. ]-1591[Alice Welborne]
c William Carewe
DefMargaret Wylye; St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Widow; 60
566.DL/C/213/839-40 Deceased: Richard Shere17-6-1591William Shere
c Robert Taverner
TestRobert TavernerGentleman
567.DL/C/214/5 Interrogatory 67-6-1591Margaret Hyd[e]
c Margaret Herde
DefJohn Genynges; Allhallows BarkingClothworker; 32
568.DL/C/214/6-7 Interrogatory 7-8[7-6-1591Margaret Hyde
c Margaret Herde]
DefMargery Newporte; Allhallows BarkingThomas Newporte Sailor; 31
569.DL/C/214/8 Interrogatory 9[7-6-1591Margaret Hyde
c Margaret Herde]
DefAnne Byforde; Allhallows BarkingWilliam Byforde Upholsterer; 42
570.DL/C/214/9-118-6-1591Richard Campion
c Joan Mortimer
Mat; EnfJoan Mortimer
571.DL/C/214/12-3 Interrogatory 13-4 Deceased: Thomas Gascoigne9-6-1591[Mabel Woodley
c Thomas Bearstowe and George Bearstowe]
TestJohn Squier; Ware (Hert)Baker; 56
572.DL/C/214/15 Interrogatory 1611-6-1591Richard Cle[rke] and Martha Clerke, His Wife
c Richard [Willson]
DefGeorge Moulde; St. Peter Colchester (Essex)Mercer; 25
573.DL/C/214/16-7 Interrogatory 17-810-6-1591[Richard Clerke and Martha Clerke, His Wife
c Richard Willson]
DefThomas Buckston; St. Nicholas Colchester (Essex)Apothecary; 21
574.DL/C/214/18-9 Interrogatory 19-2012-6-1591Susan More
c Elizabeth Dymsdalle
DefStephen Gisborowghe; St. Giles CripplegateHaberdasher; 40
575.DL/C/214/20-1 Interrogatory 21[12-6-1591Susan More
c Elizabeth Dymsdalle]
DefAnne Quicke; Woodford (Essex)Robert Quycke; 55
576.DL/C/214/21-2 Interrogatory 22-312-6-1591Elizabeth Dymsdalle
c John More
DefHenry Roo; Woodford (Essex)Labouringman; 32
577.DL/C/214/23-4 Interrogatory 24-5[12-6-1591Elizabeth Dymsdalle
c John More]
DefPhilip Brande; Woodford (Essex)Husbandman; 36
578.DL/C/214/25-6 Interrogatory 26-7[12-6-1591Elizabeth Dymsdalle
c John More]
DefElizabeth Roe; [Woodford (Essex)]Henry Roo [Labouringman]; 28
579.DL/C/214/27-8 Interrogatory 28-9[12-6-1591Elizabeth Dymsdalle
c John More]
DefAnne Fullam; Woodford (Essex)Serving Maid John Dymsdale; 30
580.DL/C/214/29-31 Interrogatory 3118-6-1591Richard Campion
c Joan Mortimer
Mat; EnfRoger Foxe; Allhallows BarkingClothworker; 29
581.DL/C/214/31-3 Interrogatory 3317-6-1591[Richard Campion
c Joan Mortimer]
Mat; EnfKatherine Hawfeild; St. Stephen Coleman StreetServant Oliver Bettes; 27+
582.DL/C/214/33-4 Interrogatory 3518-6-1591[Richard Campion
c Joan Mortimer]
Mat; EnfWilliam Smithe; St. John ZacharyBoxmaker; 46
583.DL/C/214/35-6 Interrogatory 36[18-6-1591Richard Campion
c Joan Mortimer]
Mat; EnfJohn Cane; St. Alban Wood StreetSilkweaver; 34
584.DL/C/214/36-8 Interrogatory 38-9 Deceased: Thomas Gascoigne17-6-1591[Mabel Woodley
c Thomas Bearstowe and George Bearstowe]
TestGeorge Bearstow; Amwell (Hert)Yeoman; 50
585.DL/C/214/39-4019-6-1591Brian Taylor, Cleric Rector, Thorrington
c Richard Barwicke
TitheRichard Barwicke
586. Crossed ThroughDL/C/214/40 Agnes Debson
c Alice Borrowghes
DefAlice Borrowghes
587.DL/C/214/41 Interrogatory 42-3 Deceased: John Norfolke22-6-1591[Anne Norfolke
c Richard Barnesley]
TestWilliam Howe; St. Clement DanesStationer; 54
588.DL/C/214/41-2 Interrogatory 43-4 Deceased: John Norfolke[22-6-1591Anne Norfolke
c Richard Barnesley]
TestJohn Dolyn; St. Anne and St. Agnes Blackfriars (sic)Joiner; 51
589.DL/C/214/44 Interrogatory 44-5 Deceased: John Norfolke[22-6-1591Anne Norfolke
c Richard Barnesley]
TestFrancis Wattson; St. Dunstan in the WestMerchant; 30
590.DL/C/214/4523-6-1591Susan More
c Elizabeth Dymsdalle
DefElizabeth Dymsdalle
591.DL/C/214/45-626-6-1591Robert Bridges
c John Ratcliffe and Dorothy Stockdale
DefEdward Page; St. AnnGirdler [Ruler of the Waterbearers]; 57
592.DL/C/214/47 Interrogatory 47-8 Deceased: John Norfolke25-6-1591[Anne] Norfolke
c [Richard] Barnesley
TestWilliam Currey; Deptford (Kent)Yeoman; 61
593.DL/C/214/48 Interrogatory 48-9 Deceased: John Norfolke[25-6-1591Anne Norfolke
c Richard Barnesley]
TestEdward Tyler; St. Olave Southwark (Surr)Yeoman; 28
594.DL/C/214/4925-6-1591[Alice] Welborne
c [William] Carewe
DefAlice Johnson; Stepney (Midd)Thomas Johnson; 30
595.DL/C/214/50 Interrogatory 50-1 Deceased: John Norfolke[Anne] Norfolke
c [Richard] Barnesley
TestHenry Alwarde; St. Christopher le StocksPainter-Stainer; 60
596.DL/C/214/5126-6-1591[Robert] Bridges
c [Dorothy] Stockdale
DefJohn Christofer; St. Mary AbchurchFounder; 67
597.DL/C/214/52[26-6-1591Robert Bridges
c Dorothy Stockdale]
DefEdward Title; St. Michael CornhillWaterbearer; 46
598.DL/C/214/53-7 Interrogatory 57-8[Francis Babbington
c Juliana Babbington and James Skelton]
Mat; AduMagdalen PlonkettChristopher Plonkett Esquire; 22
599.DL/C/214/596-8-1591William Taylor
c Helen Johnson
Mat; EnfHelen Johnson
600.DL/C/214/606-10-1591John More
c Witnesses on behalf of Elizabeth Dymsdalle
DefElizabeth Dymsdalle
601.DL/C/214/61 Interrogatory 61-2 Deceased: John Norfolke7-10-1591[Anne] Norfolke
c [Richard] Barnesley
TestRalph Parlavey; St. Olave SouthwarkBlacksmith; 41
602.DL/C/214/62-3 Interrogatory 639-10-[1591Richard Clerke
c Richard Willson]
DefThomas Welbye; St. Nicholas Colchester (Essex)Apothecary; 22
603.DL/C/214/64-510-10-1591Fabian, Cleric
c [Henry] Withers, Cleric
Ecc; ConJohn Nobbes; Magdalen Laver (Essex)Cleric; 25
604.DL/C/214/65-6[10-10-1591Fabian, Cleric
c Henry Withers, Cleric]
Ecc; ConEdward Godfrye; Theydon Garnon (Essex)Husbandman; 42
605.DL/C/214/66[10-10-1591Fabian, Cleric
c Henry Withers, Cleric]
Ecc; ConThomas Richards; Theydon Garnon (Essex)Parish Clerk; 43/4
606.DL/C/214/67-8 Deceased: John Norfolke15-10-[1591]Anne Norfolke als Barnesley
c Ellen Norffolk
TestEllen Norffolk
607.DL/C/214/6816-10-1591Elizabeth Newdigate
c Thomas Perrye
Mat; EnfThomas Perrye
608.DL/C/214/6916-10-[1591]Christopher Rylye
c Robert Barnes
TitheRobert Barnes
609.DL/C/214/70 Interrogatory 71 Deceased: Thomas Gascoigne[Mabel Woodley als Gaskyn
c Thomas Bearstowe and George Bearstowe]
TestWilliam Whyskyns; Gray's Inn (Midd)Esquire; 64
610.DL/C/214/71-2Ellen Portor
c Lawrence Adlington
DefChristopher Clerke; Allhallows BarkingFruiterer; 30
611.DL/C/214/72-3[Ellen Portor
c Lawrence Adlington]
DefWilliam Clerke; West Ham (Essex)Fruiterer; 29
612.DL/C/214/74 Interrogatory 74-5 Deceased: John Norfolke25-[10]-1591[Anne] Norfolke
c [Richard] Barnesley
TestRobert Paxton; St. Mary Matfellon als WhitechapelMetal Founder; 60
613.DL/C/214/75-6 Interrogatory 86-712-11-1591Anne Holsted
c Simon Wharton
DefJane Hopwoode; St. Dunstan in the WestWilliam Hopwoode Tailor; 22
614.DL/C/214/77-8 Interrogatory 87-8[12-11-1591Anne Holsted
c Simon Wharton]
DefDorothy Mytton; St. Dunstan in the WestThomas Mytt[on]; 26
615.DL/C/214/78-9 Interrogatory 792-11-1591John More
c Witnesses on behalf of Elizabeth Dymsdalle
DefJohn Beckham als Hill; WoodfordHusbandman; 49
616.DL/C/214/80 Interrogatory 80-1[2-11-1591John More
c Witnesses on behalf of Elizabeth Dymsdalle]
DefJohn Arnold; WoodfordHusbandman; 28
617.DL/C/214/81-212-11-1591[Ex Officio] Promoto, Robert Brickman
c Agnes Engle
Mat; AduAgnes Engle
618.DL/C/214/82-4 Interrogatory 8413-11-1591[Anne] Holsted
c [Simon] Wharton
DefWilliam Hopwoode; St. Dunstan in the WestTailor; 32
619.DL/C/214/85 Interrogatory 8618-11-1591[Anne Holsted
c Simon Wharton]
DefJohn Manneringe; St. Dunstan in the WestBarber; 30
620.DL/C/214/88-915-11-1591Agnes Thomas, His Wife
c Evan Thomas
Mat; AduEvan Thomas
621.DL/C/214/89-90 Deceased: Edward Baylye16-11-1591John Purlande als Purlevante
c John Baylye
TestJohn Baylye
622.DL/C/214/90-119-11-1591Richard Campion
c Joan Mortimer
Mat; EnfJoan Mortimer
623.DL/C/214/91-220-11-1591Alice Johnson
c Thomas Lewys
DefJoan Bonde; Stepney (Midd)Robert Bonde Sailor; 24
624.DL/C/214/92-3[20-11-1591Alice Johnson
c Thomas Lewys]
DefAlice Reighnaldes; Stepney (Midd)William Reighnaldes Sailor; 28
625.DL/C/214/94 Deceased: Edward Baylye21-11-1591[John] Purlande als Purlevante
c [John] Baylye
TestRobert Lynn; St. BrideGentleman; 48
626.DL/C/214/95 Interrogatory 9625-11-1591[Anne] Holsted
c [Simon] Wharton
DefElizabeth Jacob; St. Dunstan in the WestJohn Jacob Chandler; 28
627.DL/C/214/96-7 Interrogatory 97-8[25-11-1591Anne Holsted
c Simon Wharton]
DefGeorge Wightewicke; Clifford's InnGentleman; 26+
628.DL/C/214/98 Deceased: Edward Baylye23-11-1591[John] Baylye
c [John] Purlande als Purlevante
TestJohn Deycons; LondonGentleman, Proctor General, Court of Arches; 44
629.DL/C/214/9924-11-1591Anne Hubberburye
c John Chadwycke
Mat; EnfJohn Chadwycke
630.DL/C/214/99-1022-12-1591[Thomas Higgs]
c Richard Thompson
Mat; AduRichard Thompson; St. Andrew Holborn
631.DL/C/214/1022-12-1591Aveline Grace
c Katherine Fayermanners
DefJohn Mahne; LondonJoiner; 60
632.DL/C/214/1032-12-1591[Aveline Grace
c Katherine Fayermanners]
DefElizabeth Newman; St. Mildred PoultryEdward Newman S[. .]; 50
633.DL/C/214/104[2-12-1591Aveline Grace
c Katherine Fayermanners]
DefJohn Orforde; St. Swithin London StoneClothworker; 31
634.DL/C/214/104-57-12-1591William Pennante
c Samuel Cottesford
TitheSamuel CottesfordCleric
635.DL/C/214/10610-12-1591Aveline Grace
c Katherine Fayermanners
DefRichard Saltus; St. John ZacharyChandler; 20
636.DL/C/214/106-7[10-12-1591Aveline Grace
c Katherine Fayermanners]
DefFlorence Price; St. Swithin London StoneWidow