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'Depositions: 1607', London Consistory Court Depositions, 1586-1611: list and indexes (1995), pp. 158-173. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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EntryItem NumberDatePartiesCauseName of Witness/Parish or Place of WitnessOccupation/Status of Witness/Age of Witness
946.DL/C/217/1 Interrogatory 1-2[William Fletcher
c Thomas Massingale]
Def[Robert BateDraper Servant]
947.DL/C/217/3-4 Interrogatory 4-53-2-1606/7[William Fletcher
c Thomas Massingale]
DefThomas Ager; St. Mary AbchurchClothworker; 80
948.DL/C/217/5-6 Interrogatory 63-2-1606/7[William Fletcher
c Thomas Massingale]
DefSusan Reseld; St. Dunstan in the EastWilliam Reseld Grocer; 33
949.DL/C/217/6-8 Interrogatory 9-10Hester [Savill]
c Elizabeth Hudson
DefRichard Cracroft; St. Michael le QuerneMercer; 27
950.DL/C/217/11-5 Interrogatory 15-7[Christopher Dawson
c Marion Crompton]
Mat; Enf[Ed PayneSoldier]
951.DL/C/217/17-21 Interrogatory 21-36-2-1606/7[Christopher Dawson
c Marion Crompton]
Mat; EnfWilliam White; St. Dunstan in the WestShoemaker; 37/8
952.DL/C/217/23-4. 26 Interrogatory 24-5 Interrogatory 25-67-2-1606/7Sarah Eyer
c Nathaniel Page
Mat; EnfWilliam Barley; St. Matthew Friday StreetSkinner; 47/8
953.DL/C/217/27-8 Interrogatory 28-99-2-1606/7Edmund Bird
c Master Henry Davie
TitheJoan Bird; Loughton (Essex)William Bird Husbandman; 25/6
954.DL/C/217/29-30 Interrogatory 30-1[9-2-1606/7Edmund Bird
c Master Henry Davie]
TitheAnne Adams; Loughton (Essex)Widow; 60+
955.DL/C/217/32-39-2-1606/7Joan Merrick
c Magdalene Pepper
DefMargaret Smith; Old Brentford Ealing (Midd)Maiden; 18+
956.DL/C/217/34-6 Interrogatory 4110-2-1606/7William Gunter and His Wife
c [Jane] Dawsen, Wife of Thomas Dawsen
DefRalph Gowldesbourne; St. Katherine CreeLocksmith; 35/6
957.DL/C/217/36-8 Interrogatory 42[10-2-1606/7William Gunter and His Wife
c Jane Dawsen, Wife of Thomas Dawsen]
DefMaurice Edis; St. Botolph AldersgateCooper; 27
958.DL/C/217/38-40 Interrogatory 40-110-2-1606/7[William Gunter and His Wife
c Jane Dawsen, Wife of Thomas Dawsen]
DefChristopher Palmer; St. Katherine CreeServant, William Gunter, Cooper, [Apprentice]; 22/3
959.DL/C/217/42-6, 56 Interrogatory 46-7 Interrogatory 53-612-2-1606/7Sarah Eyer
c Nathaniel Page
Mat; EnfRobert Eyer; St. Matthew Friday StreetSkinner; 33
960.DL/C/217/47-9 Interrogatory 49-5020-2-1606/7Mary Smithe als Gray
c Dorothy Tayleford and Thomas Smithe
Mat; EnfAgnes Grey; St. Giles CripplegateWidow, [Washes, Scours]; 56
961.DL/C/217/51-2 Interrogatory 52-3[20-2-1606/7Mary Smithe als Gray
c Dorothy Tayleford and Thomas Smithe]
Mat; EnfKatherine Stanbanck; St. Katherine by the TowerThomas Stanbanck Yeoman; 40+
962.DL/C/217/56-8 Interrogatory 58-6011-2-1606/7Mary Bird
c Helen Steede
DefCatherine Ward; St. Botolph BishopsgateJohn Ward Haberdasher; 53/4
963.DL/C/217/60-1 Interrogatory 61-3[11-2-1607/7Mary Bird
c Helen Steede]
DefFrances Price; St. George Botolph LaneFrancis Price, Haberdasher, [She Is a Victualler]; 50
964.DL/C/217/63-512-2-1606/7Master George Goldman
c Peter Pinder
Ecc; BurEdmund Purser; Stepney (Midd)Yeoman; 67
965.DL/C/217/65-612-2-1606/7Master George Goldman, Cleric
c Peter Somner
TitheEdmund Purser; [Stepney (Midd)Yeoman; 67]
966.DL/C/217/66-811-2-1606/7[Master George Goldman, Cleric
c Peter Somner]
TitheJohn Clerk; Stratford le Bow (Midd)Reedcutter; 43/4
967.DL/C/217/68-9[11-2-1606/7Master George Goldman, Cleric
c Peter Somner]
TitheNicholas Hawkins; Stratford le Bow Stepney (Midd)Basketmaker; 40+
968.DL/C/217/69-7211-2-1606/7Master George Goldman
c Peter Pinder
Ecc; BurJohn Brokebanck; Stepney (Midd)Schoolmaster; [ ]
969.DL/C/217/72-411-2-1606/7Master George Goldman
c Peter Somner
TitheJohn Brokebanck; [Stepney (Midd)Schoolmaster]
970.DL/C/217/74-613-2-1606/7John Preston, Cleric
c John Willis
TitheJohn Willis
971.DL/C/217/77-813-2-1606/7John Preston, Cleric
c Edward Archer
TitheEdward Archer
972.DL/C/217/78-8013-2-1606/7John Preston, Cleric
c William Lyon
TitheWilliam Lyon
973.DL/C/217/80-2 Interrogatory 8220-2-1606/7Mary Smithe als Gray
c Dorothy Tayleford and Thomas Smithe
Mat; EnfMargaret Lane; St. Giles CripplegateRichard Lane, Brewer, [She Is a Victualler]; 50+
974.DL/C/217/83-4 Interrogatory 8412-2-1606/7Mary Barwick
c Alice Onslowe
DefMarion Page; St. EthelburgaWilliam Page Waterbearer; 40
975.DL/C/217/85-6 Interrogatory 86-712-2-1606/7[Mary Barwick
c Alice Onslowe]
DefAlice Hall; St. Katherine by the TowerServing Maid, Robert Tomson, Cook; 24
976.DL/C/217/87-8, 90 Interrogatory 88-9 Interrogatory 89-90Sarah Eyer
c Nathaniel Page
Mat; EnfAnne Trowte; St. Matthew Friday StreetServing Maid, Edmund Thurrall, Linendraper; 20+
977.DL/C/217/90-2 Interrogatory 92-314-2-1606/7Hester Savill
c Elizabeth Hudson
DefThomas Pepes; St. Michael le QuerneServant, Richard Cracroft, Mercer; 17/8
978.DL/C/217/93-4 Interrogatory 94-520-2-1606/7Mary Smithe als Gray
c Dorothy Tayleford and Thomas Smithe
Mat; EnfSimon Bradley; Christchurch Newgate StreetCarpenter; 28
979.DL/C/217/95-7 Interrogatory 97-8[. . .]-3-1606/7Mary Bird
c Helen Steede
DefJohn Ward; St. Botolph BishopsgateHaberdasher; 34
980.DL/C/217/98-100 Interrogatory 100-119-2-1606/7Alice Onslowe
c Mary Barwick
DefBenett Tindall; St. Ethelburga BishopsgateDavid Tindall, [Coachman, Lord Salisbury]; 35+
981.DL/C/217/101-3 Interrogatory 103-4[19-2-1606/7Alice Onslowe
c Mary Barwick]
DefRose Gyles; St. Botolph BishopsgateMaiden, [Washes, Starches]; 41+
982.DL/C/217/104-6 Interrogatory 106-7[19-2-1606/7Alice Onslowe
c Mary Barwick]
DefJane BayleyServing Maid Alice Onslowe; 24
983.DL/C/217/108-9 Interrogatory 109-1020-2-1606/7[Alice Onslowe
c Mary Barwick]
DefSarah Bond; St. EthelburgaChristopher Bond Carpenter; 22/3
984.DL/C/217/11121-4-1607[Elizabeth] Hudson
c [Hester] Savill
DefFrancis Lownes; St. Michael le QuerneEmbroiderer; 23
985.DL/C/217/111-2[21-4-1607Elizabeth Hudson
c Hester Savill]
DefHenry Jones; St. Michael le QuerneBarber; 30
986.DL/C/217/113-422-4-1607Elizabeth Hudson
c [Hester] Savill
DefLancelot Peacock; St. Michael le QuerneHaberdasher; 50
987.DL/C/217/11421-4-1607[Elizabeth Hudson
c Hester Savill]
DefEdmund Parrie; St. Alban Wood StreetEmbroiderer; 34
988.DL/C/217/115 Interrogatory 11616-4-1607John Strachie, Man
c [Elizabeth] Strachie, Woman
MiscJohn Strachie; St. Helen BishopsgateClothworker; 29
989.DL/C/217/116-9 Interrogatory 120-1[. . .]-4-1606/7Master John Preston, Cleric
c Edward Harvist, Edward Archer, John Willis, and Thomas Lyon
TitheHenry Heley; Edgware (Midd)Yeoman; 80+
990.DL/C/217/121-4 Interrogatory 124-518-4-1607[Master John Preston, Cleric
c Edward Harvist, Edward Archer, John Willis, and Thomas Lyon]
TitheNicholas Downer; Little Stanmore (Midd)Yeoman; 60
991.DL/C/217/125-7 Interrogatory 127-8[18-4-1607Master John Preston, Cleric
c Edward Harvist, Edward Archer, John Willis, and Thomas Lyon]
TitheAlan Nicholl; Little StanmoreYeoman; 67
992.DL/C/217/129-3022-4-1607Elizabeth Hudson
c [Hester] Savill
DefRowland Squire; St. Michael le QuerneScriptor; 32/3
993.DL/C/217/13018-4-1607Alice Williams
c Richard Warren
MiscRichard Warren
994.DL/C/217/130-122-4-1607Elizabeth Hudson
c [Hester] Savill
DefThomas Tyler; St. Michael le QuerneHaberdasher; 39
995.DL/C/217/131-2 Interrogatory 132-320-4-1607Master John Preston, Cleric
c Edward Harvist, Edward Archer, John Willis, and Thomas Lyon
TitheJoyce Pemerton; Little Stanmore (Midd)Widow; 80
996.DL/C/217/133-521-4-1607Abigail Hawkins
c William Hawkins
Mat; AduPeter Fayrelambe; Ratcliff Stepney (Midd)Tailor; 40+
997.DL/C/217/135-622-4-1607Edmund Bird
c Henry Davie
TitheHenry DavieCleric
998.DL/C/217/13622-4-1607William Cranwell Farmer, Vicarage, Allhallows Barking
c David Rogers
TitheDavid Rogers
999.DL/C/217/136-8{2}4-4-1607Master Thomas Wurington, Cleric
c Master John To[dd]
TitheJohn Durden; Great Tey (Essex)Elder Master of Arts; 28
1000.DL/C/217/139-40 Interrogatory 141-224-4-1607Hester Savill, Wife of Henry Savill
c Elizabeth Hudson, Wife of John Hudson
DefRichard AwberyServant Henry Savill; 17
1001.DL/C/217/142-4 Interrogatory 144-624-4-1607[Hester Savill, Wife of Henry Savill,
c Elizabeth Hudson, Wife of John Hudson]
DefGeorge Layton; St. SepulchreEmbroiderer; 25/6
1002.DL/C/217/146-828-4-1607Abigail Hawkins
c William Hawkins, Her Husband
Mat; AduJohn Thomas; Limehouse Stepney (Midd)Butcher; 47/8
1003.DL/C/217/148-9 Interrogatory 149-5029-4-1607John Strachie
c Elizabeth Strachie, Woman
MiscHoward Strachie; St. Dunstan in the WestClothworker; 30
1004.DL/C/217/1502-5-1607[Abigail Hawkins]
c William Hawkins
Mat; AduWilliam Hawkins
1005.DL/C/217/150-18-5-1607George Goldman, Vicar, Stepney als Stebunheath
c Peter Pinder
Ecc; BurPeter Pinder
1006.DL/C/217/151-2Thomas Massingale
c William Fletcher
DefWilliam FletcherGentleman
1007.DL/C/217/152-4 Interrogatory 154-615-5-1607John Preston, Cleric
c Edward Harvist, Edward Archer, John Willis, and Thomas Lyon
TitheJohn Love; Little Stanmore (Midd)Wheelwright; 64+
1008.DL/C/217/156-715-5-1607John Bell, Cleric
c Miles Gimthorpe
TitheMiles Gimthorpe
1009.DL/C/217/158-60 Interrogatory 160-419-5-1607John Eunever and Martha Eunever, His Wife
c Katherine Bromley, Wife of Thomas Bromley
DefThomas Hart; Little Easton (Essex)Husbandman; 23/4
1010.DL/C/217/164-7 Interrogatory 167-9[19-5-1607John Eunever and Martha Eunever, His Wife
c Katherine Bromley, Wife of Thomas Bromley]
DefNewman Clerk; Broxted (Essex)Sawyer; 18/9
1011.DL/C/217/169-7120-5-1607Richard Rochester
c Katherine Aylett
Mat; EnfHenry Fuller; Great Wakering (Essex)Husbandman; 28
1012.DL/C/217/172-3 Interrogatory 173-420-5-1607Anne Phillipps
c William Waters
DefCatherine Carter; St. Bartholomew the LessRichard Carter Shoemaker; 28/9
1013.DL/C/217/174-628-5-1607Mary Hawke, His Wife
c Richard Hawke
Mat; CruRichard Hawke
1014.DL/C/217/177-829-5-1607Joan Christofer
c Mary Phillipps
DefThomas Cope; St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Tailor; 37
1015.DL/C/217/178-80[29-5-1607Joan Christofer
c Mary Phillipps]
DefThomas Greene; St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Tailor; 25/6
1016.DL/C/217/180-24-6-1607Leonard Solme, Cleric
c John Munke
TitheJohn Munke
1017.DL/C/217/182-4[4-6-1607]Leonard Solme, Cleric
c Henry Claye
TitheHenry Claye
1018.DL/C/217/1854-6-1607Mary Wethered
c Elizabeth Nettlefold
DefElizabeth Nettlefold
1019.DL/C/217/186-95-6-1607Elizabeth White als Strachie
c John Strachie
MiscWilliam Mullins; Middle TempleGentleman; 27
1020.DL/C/217/189-919-6-1607[Elizabeth White als Strachie
c John Strachie]
MiscRichard Daniell; St. Benet Paul's WharfBarber Surgeon; 32
1021.DL/C/217/191-3 Interrogatory 193-426-6-1607Mary Phillipps
c Richard Christofer
DefLawrence Johnson; St. Mary WoolnothGoldsmith; 42
1022.DL/C/217/194-59-6-1607Joan Christofer
c Mary Phillipps
DefMary Greeneham; St. Mary Matfellon als WhitechapelJohn Greeneham Gentleman; 33
1023.DL/C/217/195-6 Interrogatory 196-79-6-1607Mary Phillipps
c Richard Christofer
DefRobert Griffith; St. Andrew HolbornCutler; 43/4
1024.DL/C/217/19810-6-1607Edmund Harrison
c Thomas Baines
Ecc; OrderThomas Baines
1025.DL/C/217/199-20111-6-1607Margaret Greene
c William Greene, Her Husband
Mat; CruGrisill Cooper; Dagenham (Essex)Thomas Cooper Tanner; 35
1026.DL/C/217/201-4[11-6-1607Margaret Greene
c William Greene, Her Husband]
Mat; CruElizabeth Kingston; St. Michael QueenhitheWidow; 40
1027.DL/C/217/204-6[. .]-1607I[les]
c Hen[ry] Fletcher and Sarah F[letcher]
Ecc; OrderRichard More; St. Augustine Watling StreetG[. .]; 60
1028.DL/C/217/206-8[. -1607Iles
c Henry Fletcher and Sarah Fletcher]
Ecc; OrderJoan Archer; St. Margaret LothburyJohn Archer Yeoman; 30
c Henry Fletcher and Sarah Fletcher]
Ecc; OrderWilliam Fanner; St. Katherine by the TowerYeoman; 70
1030.DL/C/217/20913-6-1607Anne Finall
c Ralph Stonbanck
Mat; EnfRalph Stonbanck
1031.DL/C/217/209-1215-[. .]William Cranwell
c David Rogers
TitheRobert Tighe; Allhallows BarkingProfessor of Sacred Theology, Archdeacon of Middlesex, Vicar of Allhallows Barking; 44
1032.DL/C/217/212-415-6-1607Mary Phillipps
c Christian Greene and Mary Greeneham
DefAlice Parsons; St. Clement DanesWidow; 50
1033.DL/C/217/214-6 Interrogatory 216-716-6-1607Mary Phillipps
c Richard Christofer
DefThomas Grene; Whitechapel (Midd)Gentleman; 34
c Henry Fletcher and Sarah Fletcher
Ecc; OrderJohn Baker; St. Olave Southwark (Surr)Shoemaker; 77+
c Henry Fletcher and Sarah Fletcher]
Ecc; OrderThomas Reade; St. Edmund the King and MartyrGrocer; 60+
1036.DL/C/217/219-2017-6-1607William Cranwell
c David Rogers
TitheEdmund Bancroft; LondonGentleman; 26
1037.DL/C/217/221-217-6-1607[William Cranwell
c David Rogers]
TitheWilliam Figg; Allhallows BarkingPewterer; 30
1038.DL/C/217/223Margaret Greene, His Wife
c William Greene
Mat; CruWilliam Greene[Tailor]
1039.DL/C/217/22418-6-1607Elizabeth Hudson
c Hester Savill
DefHester Savill
1040.DL/C/217/224-518-6-1607Reginald Medcalf, Cleric
c George Pe[grim]
TitheGeorge Pe[grim]
1041.DL/C/217/226-719-6-1607Robert Bussey
c Faith Gibbes
Mat; EnfFaith Gibbes
1042.DL/C/217/227-8[. .]John Drew
c {?}
Ecc; OrderEdward Harrison; Allhallows StainingSkinner; 48
1043.DL/C/217/228[.John Drew
c {?}]
Ecc; OrderFrancis Bovan; Allhallows StainingGentleman; 33
1044.DL/C/217/229[.John Drew
c {?}]
Ecc; OrderThomas Coult; Allhallows StainingSkinner; 30
1045.DL/C/217/23022-6-1607Katherine Aylett
c Richard Rochester
Mat; EnfRichard Rochester
1046.DL/C/217/23022-6-1607Robert [Bussey]
c [Faith Gibbes]
Mat; EnfAlexander Stockwel{l}; [. .] (Bed)[. .]; [. . .]