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'Depositions: 1610', London Consistory Court Depositions, 1586-1611: list and indexes (1995), pp. 232-272. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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EntryItem NumberDatePartiesCauseName of Witness/Parish or Place of WitnessOccupation/Status of Witness/Age of Witness
1410.DL/C/219/33r-33v Interrogatory 33v-34r3-1-1609/10[Francis] Curle
c [William] Thurowkettle and [Henry] Davies
DefRichard Dixon; St. Sepulchre NewgateWhite Baker; 36
1411.DL/C/219/34r-34v8-1-1609/10Adriane de la Pierre [and Anthony Lambert]Mat; EnfJohn Clerke; St. Botolph AldgateParish Clerk; 56
1412.DL/C/219/34v-35r5-1-1609/10[Adriane de la Pierre and Anthony Lambert]Mat; EnfVincent Zacharie; St. Leonard Shoreditch (Midd)Silkweaver; 82
1413.DL/C/219/35r-35v[5-1-1609/10Adriane de la Pierre and Anthony Lambert]Mat; EnfArnold de le Pierre; St. Stephen Coleman StreetSilkweaver; 50
1414.DL/C/219/35v-36r6-1-1609/10[Adriane de la Pierre and Anthony Lambert]Mat; EnfJane de Roke als Covie; St. Botolph BishopsgateWidow Relict of Baltazar Covye; 67
1415.DL/C/219/36r-36v[6-1-1609/10Adriane de la Pierre and Anthony Lambert]Mat; EnfMargaret Goteswine; St. Leonard Shoreditch (Midd)Robert Motto Silkweaver; 65
1416.DL/C/219/36v-37r8-1-1609/10[Adriane de la Pierre and Anthony Lambert]Mat; EnfJohn Lorridane; St. Botolph AldgateSilkweaver; 52
1417.DL/C/219/37r-38v Interrogatory 38v-39v16-1-1609/10[Thomas] Austen
c [John] Humbers
TitheRichard Bennes; West Thurrock (Essex)Farmer; 65
1418.DL/C/219/39v-40v Interrogatory 40v-41v[16-1-1609/10Thomas Austen
c John Humbers]
TitheJoan Walter; Aveley (Essex)George Walter Innkeeper; 42
1419.DL/C/219/41v-43r Interrogatory 43r-44r[16-1-1609/10Thomas Austen
c John Humbers]
TitheWilliam Newell; Aveley (Essex)Farmer; 50
1420.DL/C/219/44v-45r Deceased: William Marten23-1-1609/10Mary Warren als Chaundler, Elizabeth Warren, Anne Warren, and Frances Warren
c Francis Marten
TestFrancis Marten
1421.DL/C/219/45r-45v23-1-1609/10Robert Woodfall als Powell
c Margaret Horneby
DefMargaret Horneby
1422.DL/C/219/45v-46r24-1-1609/10Elizabeth Awsten, Wife of Thomas Austen, Cleric
c Richard Langley
DefMagdalen Sunninges; AveleyThomas Suninges Barber; 60
1423.DL/C/219/46r-47r Interrogatory 47r-48r24-1-1609/10Anne Bacchus
c Anne Barber
DefWilliam Bradley; Fawley (Hamp)Glover; 26
1424.DL/C/219/48r-48v Interrogatory 48v-49r25-1-1609/10Joan Page
c Margaret Stephens
DefJoan Haydon; St. Sepulchre NewgateJohn Haydon, Tailor, [Knight Marshall Man]
1425.DL/C/219/49v-50r Interrogatory 50r27-1-1609/10Francis Curle
c William Thurowkettle
DefJames Hubberd; St. Mary at HillGrocer; 31+
1426.DL/C/219/50v-51r Interrogatory 51r-52r26-1-1609/10Anne Bacchus
c [Anne Barber]
DefWilliam Parkins; St. Martin in the Fields (Midd)Bricklayer, Domestic Servant, James Cambes; 20
1427.DL/C/219/52r1609[Grace Ball]
c Bailey Ball
Mat; AduBailey Ball[Salter]
1428.DL/C/219/52r-53r29-1-1609/10Elizabeth Awsten
c Richard Langley
DefKatherine Howe; Aveley (Essex)Widow
1429.DL/C/219/53r-53v[29-1-1609/10Elizabeth Awsten
c Richard Langley]
DefHelen Ringsoll; AveleyRalph Ringsall [Tailor]; 33/4
1430.DL/C/219/53v-54v Interrogatory 54v-55v30-1-1609/10[Jane] Hartforde
c [Dorothy] Hove
DefHelen Carter; Great Burstead (Essex)Felix Carter Farmer; 36
1431.DL/C/219/55v-57v Interrogatory 57v-59r[30-1-1609/10Jane Hartforde
c Dorothy Hove]
DefWilliam Pease; Great Burstead (Essex)Vicar; 36
1432.DL/C/219/59r30-1-1609/10William Bendishe
c Reginald Medcalf
TitheReginald MedcalfCleric
1433.DL/C/219/59r[30-1-1609/10William Bendishe]
c Reginald Medcalf
TitheReginald MedcalfCleric
1434.DL/C/219/59v-60r Interrogatory 60r30-1-1609/10[Anne] Braddock
c [Elizabeth] Brunskin
DefRichard Sandford; St. Andrew HolbornTranslator; 32
1435.DL/C/219/60v-61r Interrogatory 61r-61v[30-1-1609/10Anne Braddock
c Elizabeth Brunskin]
DefMary Kys; St. Andrew HolbornDomestic Serving Maid, William Robertes, Clothworker; 17+
1436.DL/C/219/61v-62r Interrogatory 62r-62v6-2-1609/10[Anne Braddock
c Elizabeth Brunskin]
DefJane Sandford; St. Andrew HolbornRichard Sandford Translator; 25
1437.DL/C/219/63r-63v Interrogatory 63v-64r1-2-1609/10[Anne Braddock
c Elizabeth Brunskin]
DefIsabel Roberdes; St. Andrew HolbornWilliam Robertes Clothmaker; 73+
1438.DL/C/219/64r-64v Interrogatory 65r-65v3-2-1609/10Elizabeth Brunskin
c Anne Braddock
DefMargaret Darling; St. Andrew HolbornHenry Darling Tailor; 32/3
1439.DL/C/219/65v-66r Interrogatory 66r-66v6-2-1609/10[Elizabeth Brunskin
c Anne Braddock]
DefJane Sandford; St. Andrew HolbornRichard Sandford Translator; 25
1440.DL/C/219/66v-67r Interrogatory 67r6-2-1609/10Elizabeth Brunskin
c Anne Braddock
DefRichard Sandford; St. Andrew HolbornTranslator; 32
1441.DL/C/219/67v-68r7-2-1609/10Michael Shorditche
c John Nelham
TitheJohn Nelham
1442.DL/C/219/68r-69v Interrogatory 69v-70v Interrogatory 70v9-2-1609/10Master [Thomas] Austen
c [John] Humbers
TitheJohn Brooman; Aveley (Essex)Tailor; 36/7
1443.DL/C/219/71r-71v Interrogatory 71v-72r16-2-1609/10William Dynes and Elizabeth, His Wife
c Anne Phesey, Wife of Henry Phesey
DefJohn Edney; Christchruch Newgate StreetButcher; 40-
1444.DL/C/219/72v-73r Interrogatory 73r-73v[16-2-1609/10William Dynes and Elizabeth, His Wife
c Anne Phesey, Wife of Henry Phesey]
DefJoan Eden; St. ChristopherThomas Eden Butcher; 22
1445.DL/C/219/73v-74r Interrogatory 74r-74v[16-2-1609/10William Dynes and Elizabeth, His Wife
c Anne Phesey, Wife of Henry Phesey]
DefElizabeth Pulman; St. ChristopherWilliam Pullman Butcher; 25/6
1446.DL/C/219/74v17-2-1609/10Margaret Perry als More
c Richard Warren
Mat; EnfRichard Warren
Pages 75r and 75v are missing.
1447.DL/C/219/76r-76vMichael Shorditche
c Richard Nelham
TitheRichard Nelham
1448.DL/C/219/76v-77rSimon Andrewes
c Leonard Ansley
TitheLeonard Ansley
1449.DL/C/219/77r-77v Interrogatory 77v-78r[Elizabeth] Brunskin
c [Anne] Braddock
DefEleanor Asher; St. Andrew HolbornRichard Asher Joiner; 23
1450. Crossed ThroughDL/C/219/78r-78v Deceased: William Marten Elizabeth Warren and Others
c Francis Marten
TestFrancis Marten
1451. DL/C/219/78v Deceased: William Marten30-4-1610Elizabeth Warren and Others
c Francis Marten
TestFrancis Marten
1452.DL/C/219/78v Anne Jaques
c Edward Corbett
Mat; EnfEdward Corbett
1453. Crossed ThroughDL/C/219/79r-79v17-4-1610Robert Himbrie
c John Harrington
DefRalph Carre; St. Dunstan in the WestPrinter; 53
1454.DL/C/219/79v-80r[17-4-1610Robert Himbrie
c John Harrington]
DefRobert Coleman; St. Andrew HolbornLabourer; 60
1455.DL/C/219/80r-80v[17-4-1610Robert Himbrie
c John Harrington]
DefJohn Bankes; St. BrideHaberdasher; 46
1456.DL/C/219/80v-82r Interrogatory 82r-83r20-4-1610Margaret Perry als More
c Richard Warren
Mat; EnfJohn Johnson; Stratford Langthorne (Essex)Clockmaker; 59
1457.DL/C/219/83v-84v Interrogatory 84v-86r21-4-1610[Margaret Perry als More
c Richard Warren]
Mat; EnfJoan Johnson; Stratford Langthorne (Essex)John Johnson Clockmaker; 42
1458.DL/C/219/86r-86v Interrogatory 86v-87v23-4-1610[Margaret Perry als More
c Richard Warren]
Mat; EnfElizabeth Lane; Wapping St. Mary Matfellon (Midd)Maiden; 16+
1459.DL/C/219/88r-89v25-4-1610Peter Cage
c Henry Hunt
TitheHenry Hunt
1460.DL/C/219/90r3-5-1610Peter Cage
c John Hunt
TitheJohn Hunt
1461.DL/C/219/90v-91r Interrogatory 91r-91v27-4-1610Dorothy Hove
c [Jane Hartforde]
DefArthur Denham; Laindon (Essex)Rector; 47+
1462.DL/C/219/91v-92r Interrogatory 92r[27-4-1610Dorothy Hove
c Jane Hartforde]
DefRandolph Bostocke; Laindon (Essex)Yeoman, Domestic Servant, Master Arthur Denham, Rector; 41
1463.DL/C/219/92v Deceased: William Marten27-4-1610[Elizabeth] Warren [and Others
c Francis Marten]
TestElizens Childerley; St. Peter le PoerTurner; 84
1464.DL/C/219/93r Deceased: William Marten[27-4-1610Elizabeth Warren and Others
c Francis Marten]
TestMatthew Muggleston; St. Peter le PoerClothworker; 74
1465.DL/C/219/93v Interrogatory 93v-94r1-5-1610William Hunter and Judith, His Wife
c [Peter Johnson and Grace Johnson]
DefJane Bradshawe; Allhallows the GreatWilliam Bradshawe; 42
1466.DL/C/219/94v-95v Interrogatory 95v-96v[1-5-1610William Hunter and Judith, His Wife
c Peter Johnson and Grace Johnson]
DefRichard Knight; Allhallows the GreatClothworker; 48
1467.DL/C/219/97r-97v Interrogatory 97v-98v[1-5-1610William Hunter and Judith, His Wife
c Peter Johnson and Grace Johnson]
DefJohn Davies; Allhallows the GreatClothworker; 40
1468.DL/C/219/98v-99v Interrogatory 99v-100v[1-5-1610William Hunter and Judith, His Wife
c Peter Johnson and Grace Johnson]
DefRoger Snolson; Allhallows the GreatDyer; 34
c Richard Choppyn
TitheRichard Choppyn
1470.DL/C/219/101v Michael Shorditche
c John Nelham
TitheHenry Kendhead; Ickenham (Midd)Rector
1471. Crossed ThroughDL/C/219/102r-102v Interrogatory 102v-103r15-5-1610[Henry] Colman
c [Mary] Walker
DefMargaret Wilcockes; St. Christopher le StocksRobert Wilcockes Milliner; 28+
1472.DL/C/219/103r-103v Interrogatory 103v-104r[15-5-1610Henry Colman
c Mary Walker]
DefSarah Antrobus; St. Katherine CreeWidow; 34/5
1473.DL/C/219/104r-104v Interrogatory 104v-105v[15-5-1610Henry Colman
c Mary Walker]
DefCecily Craket; [St. Katherine Cree]Domestic Serving Maid Henry Colman; 21
1474.DL/C/219/105v-106r Interrogatory 106r-106v[15-5-1610Henry Colman
c Mary Walker]
DefThomas Corwin; St. Katherine CreeDomestic Servant or Apprentice Henry Colman
1475.DL/C/219/106v-107r Interrogatory 107r-108r Interrogatory 108r16-5-1610[William] Hunter and [Judith] Hunter
c [Peter] Johnson and [Grace] Johnson
DefNicholas Eales; Allhallows the GreatJoiner; 36
1476.DL/C/219/108v-109r Interrogatory 111v-112r16-5-1610[Mildred] Mayho als May
c [Thomas Tillier]
DefEdward White; Uxbridge (Midd)Musician; 53
1477.DL/C/219/109r-109v Interrogatory 111r-111v[16-5-1610Mildred Mayho als May
c Thomas Tillier]
DefJoan White; UxbridgeEdward White Musician; 40
1478.DL/C/219/109v-110r Interrogatory 110r-110v8-6-1610Anne Gates
c Humphrey Richardson
DefJohn Clerkeson; St. AlphagePlaisterer; 41
1479.DL/C/219/112r-112v Interrogatory 112v-113v16-5-1610[Anne Gates
c Humphrey Richardson]
DefAgnes Call; St. AlphageMaiden Daughter, Richard Call, Domestic Servant, Anthony Richardson, Gardener, St. Leonard Shoreditch; 20+
1480.DL/C/219/113v-114r Interrogatory 114r-115r[16-5-1610Anne Gates
c Humphrey Richardson]
DefAnne Castle; St. Giles CripplegateWidow; 27
1481.DL/C/219/115r-115v17-5-1610[John] Dawkes
c [Henry] Dixson and [Clement] Dixson
DefEdward Skelton; St. Katherine ColemanNailsmith; 34
1482.DL/C/219/116r-116v17-5-1610[John Dawkes
c Henry Dixson and Clement Dixson]
DefElizabeth Skelton; [St. Katherine Coleman]Edward Skelton [Nailsmith]; 31
1483.DL/C/219/116v-117v[17-5-1610John Dawkes
c Henry Dixson and Clement Dixson]
DefThomas Key; St. Leonard ShoreditchNailsmith; 30
1484.DL/C/219/117v-118r[17-5-1610John Dawkes
c Henry Dixson and Clement Dixson]
DefRobert Walker; St. Katherine ColemanNailsmith; 47
1485.DL/C/219/118v-119r[17-5-1610John Dawkes
c Henry Dixson and Clement Dixson]
DefRobert Sampson; St. Katherine ColemanNailsmith; 25
1486.DL/C/219/119v-120r Interrogatory 120r-120v17-5-1610[Joan] Page
c [Margaret] Stephens
DefJoan Doogood; St. James Clerkenwell (Midd)Thomas Doogood, Porter, [She Is a Seamstress]; 46
1487.DL/C/219/120v-121r Interrogatory 121r-121v[17-5-1610Joan Page
c Margaret Stephens]
DefJane Bagley; St. Sepulchre NewgateRobert Bagley Butcher; 36
1488.DL/C/219/122r-122v Interrogatory 122v-123r18-5-1610[Anne] Gates
c [Humphrey] Richardson
DefMargaret Stockewood; St. AlphageDomestic Serving Maid, Master Lusen, Merchant; 23
1489.DL/C/219/123r-123v21-5-1610[Elizabeth] Jackson
c [Thomas Thorpe]
Mat; EnfRichard Allin; Waltham Cross (Hert)Vintner; 22
1490.DL/C/219/123v-124r24-5-1610Michael Shorditche
c Richard Nelham
TitheGeorge Churchar; Slinfold (Suss)Yeoman; 28
1491.DL/C/219/124v[24-5-1610Michael Shorditche]
c John Nelham
TitheGeorge Churchar; [Slinfold (Suss)Yeoman; 28]
1492.DL/C/219/124v-125r26-5-1610Elizabeth Duckett
c Jane Williams
DefJoan Turner; St. Botolph BishopsgateWidow; 48
1493.DL/C/219/125r-125v Interrogatory 125v-126v30-5-1610Thomas Shepperd
c Thomas Tompson
DefWilliam Walker; St. Katherine CreeCoachman; 36/8
1494.DL/C/219/126v-127v Interrogatory 127v-128v[30-5-1610Thomas Shepperd
c Thomas Tompson]
DefRoger Dardes; St. Olave Hart StreetWeaver; 60+
1495.DL/C/219/128v-129r Interrogatory 129r-129v31-5-1610Michael Shorditche
c Richard Nelham
TitheEdward Peare; St. Andrew HolbornGentleman, [Clerk, Master Cartwright, Clerk of the Peace, Clerk of the Rolls]
1496.DL/C/219/129v[31-5-1610Michael Shorditche]
c John Nelham
TitheEdward Peare; [St. Andrew HolbornGentleman, Clerk, Master Cartwright, Clerk of the Peace, Clerk of the Rolls]
1497.DL/C/219/129v Anne Sutton
c Anthony Gisson
1498. Crossed ThroughDL/C/219/129v-130v Interrogatory 130v-131rMichael Shorditche, Gentleman
c Richard Nelham
TitheWilliam Philip; Ickenham (Midd)Farmer; 30
1499.DL/C/219/131r-131v Interrogatory 131v-132r5-6-1610[Michael Shorditche, Gentleman
c Richard Nelham]
TitheJohn Lea; Uxbridge Hillingdon (Midd)Farmer; 30
1500.DL/C/219/132r-133v2-6-1610Michael Shorditche
c Richard Nelham
TitheRichard Nelham
1501.DL/C/219/133v6-6-1610[Anne Foote]
c Lawrence Grimshawe
Mat; EnfLawrence Grimshawe
1502.DL/C/219/134r5-6-1610Michael Shorditche
c John Nelham
TitheJohn Nelham
1503.DL/C/219/134r-134v[5-6-1610]Michael Shorditche
c John Nelham
TitheJohn Nelham
1504.DL/C/219/134v-137v Interrogatory 137v-139r11-6-1610Anne Foote
c Lawrence Grimshawe
Mat; EnfEdmund Hawes; Holy Trinity the LessGirdler [Musician]; 44+
1505.DL/C/219/139r-140r Interrogatory 140r-140v[11-6-1610Anne Foote
c Lawrence Grimshawe]
Mat; EnfWilliam Wyley; Holy Trinity the LessBarber Surgeon
1506.DL/C/219/141r8-6-1610Michael Shorditche
c John Nelham
TitheJohn Nelham
1507.DL/C/219/141r-142r Deceased: Alice Staines8-6-1610Thomas Hale and John Ellett
c {?}
TestJohn Eaglefeilde; Stratford le Bow (Midd)Gentleman; 39
1508.DL/C/219/142r-143r Interrogatory 143r8-6-1610[Anne Foote
c Lawrence Grimshawe]
Mat; EnfAlice Simpson; St. Magnus the MartyrThomas Simpson, [Bachelor of Arts], Curate; 48
1509.DL/C/219/143v-144v Interrogatory 144v-145r11-6-1610[Anne Foote
c Lawrence Grimshawe]
Mat; EnfThomas Simpson; St. Magnus the MartyrBachelor of Arts Curate; 53
1510.DL/C/219/145r-145v Interrogatory 146r-146v8-6-1610[Anne Foote
c Lawrence Grimshawe]
Mat; EnfMary Griffin; Holy Trinity the LessMaiden; 16
1511.DL/C/219/146v-148r Interrogatory 148r-149r9-6-1610[Richard] Choppyn
c Godball, Cleric
TitheChristopher Choppin; Great Canfield (Essex)Farmer; 40+
1512.DL/C/219/149r-150v Interrogatory 151r-152r[9-6-1610Richard Choppyn
c Godball, Cleric]
TitheJohn Crabbe; Great Canfield (Essex)Farmer; 42/3
1513.DL/C/219/152r-154v Interrogatory 154v-155v11-6-1610[Anne] Foote
c [Lawrence] Grimshawe
Mat; EnfAnne Hawes; Holy Trinity the LessEdmund Hawes, [Girdler, Musician, She Keeps a Seamstress Shop]; 50
1514.DL/C/219/155v10-6-1610Michael Shorditche
c Richard Nelham
TitheRichard Nelham
1515.DL/C/219/155v-156r8-6-1610Richard Barnard
c James Cozen
TitheJames Cozen
1516.DL/C/219/156v-157r11-6-1610Elizabeth Duckett
c Jane Williams
DefJohn Swinsed; St. Botolph BishopsgateTallowchandler; 41/2
1517.DL/C/219/157r-157v[11-6-1610Elizabeth Duckett
c Jane Williams]
DefRobert Walker; St. Botolph BishopsgateHaberdasher; 31
1518.DL/C/219/157v-158v Interrogatory 158v-159r11-6-1610Elizabeth Jackson
c [Thomas Thorpe]
Mat; EnfJohn White; St. Clement Danes (Midd)Farrier; 61
1519.DL/C/219/159r Interrogatory 159v-160r[11-6-1610Elizabeth Jackson
c Thomas Thorpe]
Mat; EnfWilliam Parnell; Enfield (Midd)Yeoman; 60+
1520.DL/C/219/160r-160v Interrogatory 160v[11-6-1610Elizabeth Jackson
c Thomas Thorpe]
Mat; EnfElizabeth Bell; St. Clement Danes (Midd)Thomas Bell, Tailor, [She Makes Her Living with Her Needle]; 24
1521.DL/C/219/160v-161v Interrogatory 161v[11-6-1610Elizabeth Jackson
c Thomas Thorpe]
Mat; EnfKatherine White; St. Clement Danes (Midd)Maiden Daughter, John White, [Farrier, She Sews, Knits, Spins, Does Household Business]; 22
1522.DL/C/219/161v-163v Interrogatory 163v-164v13-6-1610Richard Warren
c [Margaret Perry als More]
Mat; EnfWilliam Neave; Wapping St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Blacksmith [He and His Wife Keep an Alehouse]; 50
1523.DL/C/219/164v-166r Interrogatory 166r-167r[13-6-1610Richard Warren
c Margaret Perry als More]
Mat; EnfJane Neave; Wapping St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)William Neave, Blacksmith, [She and Her Husband Keep an Alehouse, She Is Also a Victualler and a Brewer]; 49
1524.DL/C/219/167v-168v Interrogatory 168v-169r13-6-1610[Richard Warren
c Margaret Perry als More]
Mat; EnfRobert Bassell; Wapping St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Tailor; 38
1525.DL/C/219/169v-170r Interrogatory 170r-170v13-6-1610Anne Sutton
c Anthony Gisson
DefRichard GriffithServant or Footsoldier in the Retinue of the Illustrious Prince, Lord Henry, Prince of Wales, and Former Servant, the Honourable and Noble Lord, Earl of Worcester; 22/3
1526.DL/C/219/170v-171r Interrogatory 173v-174r14-6-1610Bridget Frost, Wife of William Frost, Purleigh
c Elizabeth Copsheafe
DefWilliam Abbot; Purleigh (Essex)Tanner; 48
1527.DL/C/219/171r-171v Interrogatory 173r-173v[14-6-1610Bridget Frost, Wife of William Frost, Purleigh
c Elizabeth Copsheafe]
DefHenry Jessom; Danbury (Essex)Butcher; 47
1528.DL/C/219/171v-172v Interrogatory 172v-173r[14-6-1610Bridget Frost, Wife of William Frost, Purleigh
c Elizabeth Copsheafe]
DefPhilip Howe; Woodham Mortimer (Essex)Tilestriker; 26
1529.DL/C/219/174v-175v Interrogatory 175v-176v15-6-1610Rhoda Grenerise
c William Pinge
DefEmma Kene; St. Nicholas Colchester (Essex)John Kene, Bricklayer, [She Is a Laundress]; 30
1530.DL/C/219/176v-177v Interrogatory 177v-178v[15-6-1610Rhoda Grenerise
c William Pinge]
DefRobert Linton; St. Giles Colchester (Essex)Carpenter, [Servant, John Stretton, Colchester, Carpenter, and Apprentice, John Gumcell, Copford, Carpenter]; 24
1531.DL/C/219/178v-180r Interrogatory 180r-180v[15-6-1610Rhoda Grenerise
c William Pinge]
DefNathaniel Nevell; St. Giles Colchester (Essex)Carpenter; 22
1532.DL/C/219/181r-181v Deceased: Alice Staines16-6-1610[Thomas Hale and John Ellett
c {?}]
TestThomas Folser; St. Stephen Coleman StreetYeoman; 31
1533.DL/C/219/182r-182v19-6-1610Roger Norris
c [Joyce Foster]
Mat; EnfJohn Awsten; St. SepulchreHaberdasher; 51/2
1534.DL/C/219/182v-183r[19-6-1610Roger Norris
c Joyce Foster]
Mat; EnfRichard Start; St. SepulchreTurner; 24/5
1535.DL/C/219/183r-183v[19-6-1610Roger Norris
c Joyce Foster]
Mat; EnfRichard Whiting; St. Andrew HolbornCoppersmith; 60+
1536.DL/C/219/183v-184r[19-6-1610Roger Norris
c Joyce Foster]
Mat; EnfMary Awsten; St. SepulchreJohn Awsten [Haberdasher]; 45
1537.DL/C/219/184r-185r Interrogatory 185r-185v20-6-1610[Anne] Sutton
c [Anthony] Gisson
DefRichard Morris; St. Margaret WestminsterYeoman; 33/4
1538.DL/C/219/185v-186v Interrogatory 186v-187r[20-6-1610Anne Sutton
c Anthony Gisson]
DefThomas Dixon; St. Botolph Aldersgate[Sergeant of Arms, Exchequer]; 41
1539.DL/C/219/187r-188rRoger Howe
c Robert Grigge
DefThomas Woodward; St. Mary Magdalen Milk StreetClothworker; 34
1540.DL/C/219/188r-188v22-6-1610Master Richard Judson, Cleric
c Elizabeth Browne
TitheElizabeth BrowneWidow
1541.DL/C/219/188v-189r Deceased: William Marten22-6-1610Francis Marten
c Anne Warren
TestAnne Warren
1542.DL/C/219/189r22-6-1610[Mary Walpoole]
c John Buttes
Mat; EnfJohn Buttes
1543.DL/C/219/189v Deceased: William Marten22-6-1610Francis Marten
c Frances Warren
TestFrances Warren
1544.DL/C/219/190r-190v Interrogatory 190v-191r22-6-1610[Mildred] May als Mayho
c [Thomas] Tillier
DefSamuel Bacchus; Hillingdon (Midd)Farmer; 30
1545.DL/C/219/191r-192r23-6-1610Roger Howe
c Robert Grigge
DefSimon Delabarre; St. Dionis BackchurchMerchant; 16
1546.DL/C/219/192r-192v26-6-1610Elizabeth Carlile
c Henry Carleile, Her Husband
Mat; CruNicholas Morley; St. Katherine by the TowerCordwainer; 24
1547.DL/C/219/192v-193v[26-6-1610Elizabeth Carlile
c Henry Carleile, Her Husband]
Mat; CruThomas Rogers; St. Botolph AldgateLeatherdresser; 40
1548.DL/C/219/193v-194v[26-6-1610Elizabeth Carlile
c Henry Carleile, Her Husband]
Mat; CruMary Benson; St. Botolph AldgateWidow
1549.DL/C/219/194v-195v[26-6-1610Elizabeth Carlile
c Henry Carleile, Her Husband]
Mat; CruJoan Goodwin; St. Botolph AldgateWidow; 30
1550.DL/C/219/195v-196r Interrogatory 196r-196v27-6-1610Thomas Shepperd
c Thomas Tompson
DefWilliam Drywood; St. Katherine CreeMercer; 46/7
1551.DL/C/219/196v-197r29-6-1610Jane Lilham
c Alice Rochester
DefAgnes Mace; Wapping St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Thomas Mace Sailor; 44
1552.DL/C/219/197r-197v[29-6-1610Jane Lilham
c Alice Rochester]
DefJoan Elmes; Wapping St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Widow; 41
1553.DL/C/219/197v-198r[29-6-1610Jane Lilham
c Alice Rochester]
DefAgnes Bilton; Wapping St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Edward Bilton; 32
1554.DL/C/219/198r-198v28-6-1610[Jane Lilham
c Alice Rochester]
DefElizabeth Cooper; Wapping St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)William Cooper Waterman; 23/4
1555.DL/C/219/198v-199r[28-6-1610Jane Lilham
c Alice Rochester]
DefGrace Hall; Wapping St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Henry Hall Sailor; 25
1556.DL/C/219/199v-200r29-6-1610Katherine Fowler
c Thomas Tockson
DefEleanor Bennett; St. Michael le QuerneAnthony Bennet Goldsmith; 40
1557.DL/C/219/200r-200v[29-6-1610Katherine Fowler
c Thomas Tockson]
DefElizabeth Cheston; St. Leonard Foster LaneThomas Cheston Goldsmith; 21+
1558.DL/C/219/201r10-11-1610Francis Norman
c Alice Webster
Mat; EnfAlice Webster
1559.DL/C/219/201v30-6-1610[Robert Holland]
c Grace Rayner
DefGrace Rayner
1560.DL/C/219/202r-202v30-6-1610Master Richard Judson, Clerk
c Sir Richard Martyn
TitheSir Richard MartynKnight
1561.DL/C/219/202v-205r Interrogatory 205r-205v2-7-1610Margaret Horne
c Thomas Halle
Mat; EnfWickes Smith; Faringdon (Berk)Farmer [Porter to Lady Umpton]; 40+
1562.DL/C/219/205v-207r Interrogatory 207r-207v[2-7-1610Margaret Horne
c Thomas Halle]
Mat; EnfMarmaduke Bye; Faringdon (Berk)Butcher; 26
1563.DL/C/219/207v-208v Interrogatory 208v-209r[2-7-1610Margaret Horne
c Thomas Halle]
Mat; EnfRichard Kyte; Faringdon (Berk)Tailor; 30
1564.DL/C/219/209r-209v3-7-1610Robert Powell als Woodfall
c Margaret Horneby
DefElizabeth Bannister; St. Lawrence JewryFrancis Bannister, Cutter, [Joiner]; 38
1565.DL/C/219/209v-210v[3-7-1610Margaret] Horneby
c [Robert Woodfall als Powell]
DefElizabeth Bannister; [St. Lawrence JewryFrancis Bannister, Cutter, Joiner; 38]
1566.DL/C/219/210v-211v[3-7-1610Robert Woodfall als Powell
c Margaret Horneby]
DefSarah Springall; St. Andrew HolbornMaiden or Servant, Master Nicholls, Gentleman; 30
1567.DL/C/219/211v-212v[3-7-1610Margaret Horneby
c Robert Woodfall als Powell]
DefSarah Springall; [St. Andrew HolbornMaiden or Servant, Master Nicholls, Gentleman; 30]
1568.DL/C/219/212v-213v7-7-1610Margaret Horne
c Thomas Halle
Mat; EnfThomas Halle
1569.DL/C/219/213v[Margaret] Horne
c Thomas Halle
Mat; EnfThomas Halle
1570.DL/C/219/213v-214v Interrogatory 214v-215r13-7-1610Anne Christmas
c Robert Bartlett
DefGeorge Knight; Twickenham (Midd)Cordwainer; 24
1571.DL/C/219/215v14-8-1610Thomazine Wherroe
c Anne Pecocke
DefDaniel Braban; St. Botolph Aldgate46
1572.DL/C/219/216r[14-8-1610Thomazine Wherroe
c Anne Pecocke]
DefMary Braban; St. Botolph AldgateDaniel Braban; 40
1573.DL/C/219/216v Interrogatory 217r-217vAnne Christmas
c Robert Bartlett
DefChristopher Udall; Twickenham (Midd)Farrier
1574.DL/C/219/218r Interrogatory 218r-218v24-8-1610[Anne Christmas
c Robert Bartlett]
DefRobert Lane; Twickenham (Midd)Husbandman; 40
1575.DL/C/219/219r-220v Interrogatory 220v-221r21-9-1610[John Burley and William Goodge], Churchwardens, Roydon
c [John] Stanley and [James] Vaughan
Ecc; OrderGeorge Underwood; Roydon (Essex)Carpenter
1576.DL/C/219/221v-222r Interrogatory 222v22-9-1610[John Burley and William Goodge, Churchwardens, Roydon
c John Stanley and James Vaughan]
Ecc; OrderParsabel Cooper; Roydon (Essex)Mapmaker; 65
1577.DL/C/219/223r-224r Interrogatory 224r-225r[22-9-1610John Burley and William Goodge, Churchwardens, Roydon
c John Stanley and James Vaughan]
Ecc; OrderJonas Leonard; Roydon (Essex)Husbandman; 60
1578.DL/C/219/225r-225v Deceased: Nicholas Brett[11-10-1610]Edward Brett
c [George Brett and John Brett]
TestEdmund Haynes; Much Hadham (Hert)Yeoman; 60
1579.DL/C/219/225v-226r Deceased: Nicholas Brett[11-10-1610Edward Brett
c George Brett and John Brett]
TestWilliam Haynes; Much Hadham (Hert)Yeoman; 35
1580.DL/C/219/226r Deceased: Nicholas Brett[11-10-1610Edward Brett
c George Brett and John Brett]
TestPhilip Mells; Much Hadham (Hert)Yeoman; 60
1581.DL/C/219/226v-227v Deceased: Nicholas Brett[11-10-1610Edward Brett
c George Brett and John Brett]
TestJohn Crowch; Much Hadham (Hert)Yeoman; 50
1582.DL/C/219/227v-228r Interrogatory 228r-228v[11-10-1610Rhoda Grenerise
c William Pinge]
DefElizabeth Vaughan; St. Nicholas ColchesterJames Vaughan Shoemaker; 40
1583.DL/C/219/229r-229v Deceased: Nicholas Brett12-10-1610Edward Brett
c George Brett and John Brett
TestGeorge and John Brett
1584.DL/C/219/229v-230v Interrogatory 230v-231r15-10-1610[Anne] Fanne
c [Margaret] Smith
DefCecily Hill; St. Dunstan in the WestMatthew Hill, Waterman, [She Knits]; 28
1585.DL/C/219/231r-231v Interrogatory 231v-232r13-10-1610[Anne Fanne
c Margaret Smith]
DefJoan Yarner; St. Andrew by the WardrobeRobert Yarner Curate
1586.DL/C/219/232r-232v Interrogatory 232v-233r15-10-1610[Anne Fanne
c Margaret Smith]
DefFrances Ben; St. Mary Magdalen Old Fish StreetNicholas Ben, Brewer, [She Keeps Women When They Lie in Childbed]; 38
1587.DL/C/219/233r Deceased: Edmund Rymington17-10-1610Joan Runington
c Agnes Jones als Runington
TestAgnes Jones als Runington
1588.DL/C/219/233r17-10-1610Master Peter Cage, Cleric
c Henry Hunt and John Hunt
TitheWilliam Heyman; Chart Sutton (Kent)Vicar; 54/5
Pages 233v and 234r are missing.
1589.DL/C/219/234v Interrogatory 235r-235v[Master Godball
c Richard Choppyn]
Tithe[Henry Rigges]
1590.DL/C/219/235v Deceased: William Marten12-10-1610Francis Marten
c Elizabeth Warren
TestElizabeth Warren
1591.DL/C/219/236r17-10-1610Robert Himbrie
c John Harrington
DefJohn Harrington
1592.DL/C/219/236v Interrogatory 236v-237r20-10-1610[Richard] Warren
c [Margaret] Perry als More
Mat; EnfJohn Tayler; St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Cordwainer; 31
1593.DL/C/219/237r-237v Interrogatory 237v-238r1-11-1610[Richard Warren
c Margaret Perry als More]
Mat; EnfThomas Bevington; Stratford Langthorne (Essex)Linenweaver; 30
1594.DL/C/219/238r-238v Interrogatory 238v-239r[1-11-1610Richard Warren
c Margaret Perry als More]
Mat; EnfRichard Smith; Stratford Langthorne West Ham (Essex)Farrier [Keeps an Alehouse]; 66
1595.DL/C/219/239r-240r Interrogatory 240r-240v20-10-1610[Richard Warren
c Margaret Perry als More]
Mat; EnfWilliam Warlowe; Stratford Langthorne West Ham (Essex)Tanner [Labourer]; 32/3
1596.DL/C/219/240v-241v Deceased: John Luke23-10-1610Henry Walton
c [Thomas Hutchin]
TestGeorge Bard; Staines (Midd)Vicar; 43/4
1597.DL/C/219/241v-242r24-10-1610[Elizabeth] Parry
c [Margaret] Bryers
DefElizabeth Lowe; St. Margaret LothburyGeorge Lowe Chandler; 30/1
1598.DL/C/219/242r-243r27-10-1610Richard Tod and Katherine, His Wife
c Isabel Sowth
DefAgnes Stafford; St. James Clerkenwell (Midd)Richard Stafford Labourer; 43
1599.DL/C/219/243r-243v27-10-1610[Richard Tod and Katherine, His Wife
c Isabel Sowth]
DefIsaac Rubey; St. Sepulchre NewgateBricklayer; 25/6
1600.DL/C/219/243v-244v29-10-1610Helen Randall
c Elizabeth Devorax
DefRichard Dun; St. Martin in the Fields (Midd)Girdler; 31
1601.DL/C/219/244v-245r[29-10-1610Helen Randall
c Elizabeth Devorax]
DefAnne Jones; St. Andrew by the WardrobeWidow; 48
1602.DL/C/219/245r-245v Interrogatory 245v-246v31-10-1610Anne Fanne
c Margaret Smith
DefMargery Crosbie; St. Benet Paul's WharfRoger Crosbie, Musician, [She Washes]; 47/8
1603.DL/C/219/246v-247r Interrogatory 247r-247v5-11-1610Richard Warren
c [Margaret] Perry als More
Mat; EnfEdward Gardiner; St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Blacksmith; 40
1604.DL/C/219/248r-248v5-11-1610John Hayward, Cleric
c Arthur Norton
TitheArthur Norton
1605.DL/C/219/248v-249r Deceased: John Luke9-12-1610Henry Walton
c [Thomas Hutchin]
TestMichael Pecocke; Staines (Midd)Cordwainer; 23
1606.DL/C/219/249v-250r6-11-1610Francis Norman
c Alice Webster
Mat; EnfHenry Hall; St. ChristopherVintner; 18
1607.DL/C/219/250r-250v Interrogatory 254r-255r8-11-1610Elizabeth Copsheafe
c William Frost and His Wife
DefRobert Justice; Purleigh (Essex)Blacksmith; 25/6
1608.DL/C/219/251r-251v Interrogatory 253r-254r[8-11-1610Elizabeth Copsheafe
c William Frost and His Wife]
DefGeorge Howe; Purleigh (Essex)Thatcher; 24
1609.DL/C/219/251v-252r Interrogatory 255r-256r[8-11-1610Elizabeth Copsheafe
c William Frost and His Wife]
DefThomas Wolvet; Purleigh (Essex)Farmer [Husbandman]; 23
1610.DL/C/219/252r-253r6-11-1610Elizabeth Parry, Widow
c Margaret Bryers
DefMargaret Jones; St. James GarlickhitheWidow; 30
1611.DL/C/219/256r-256v Interrogatory 256v8-11-1610[Bridget Frost]
c Elizabeth Copsheafe
DefGeorge Howe; [Purleigh (Essex)Thatcher; 24]
1612.DL/C/219/257r-257v Interrogatory 257v[8-11-1610Bridget Frost
c Elizabeth Copsheafe]
DefThomas Wolvet; [Purleigh (Essex)Farmer Husbandman; 23]
1613.DL/C/219/257v-258r Interrogatory 258r[8-11-1610Bridget Frost
c Elizabeth Copsheafe]
DefRobert Justice; [Purleigh (Essex)Blacksmith; 25/6]
1614.DL/C/219/258v-259r Deceased: John Luke9-11-1610Thomas Hutchin
c [Henry Walton]
TestRobert Hutchin; West Drayton (Midd)Farmer
1615.DL/C/219/259r-259v9-11-1610Dorothy Wolfe
c George Hixon
DefRichard Miles; Plaistow West Ham (Essex)Yeoman; 29
1616.DL/C/219/259v-260r[9-11-1610Dorothy Wolfe
c George Hixon]
DefElizabeth Mosse; West Ham (Essex)William Mosse Farmer
1617.DL/C/219/260v-261r[9-11-1610Dorothy Wolfe
c George Hixon]
DefAlice Golstone; West HamThomas Golstone; 52
1618.DL/C/219/261r-261v9-11-1610Elizabeth Boswell, Wife of John Boswell
c Joan Debuey and Margaret Hopkin
DefCecily Wright; Leyton (Essex)John Wright Farmer; 21
1619.DL/C/219/261v-262v[9-11-1610Elizabeth Boswell, Wife of John Boswell
c Joan Debuey and Margaret Hopkin]
DefFrances Glascocke; Stratford Langthorne West Ham (Essex)Andrew Glascocke Tanner; 50+
1620.DL/C/219/262v-263r[9-11-1610Elizabeth Boswell, Wife of John Boswell
c Joan Debuey and Margaret Hopkin]
DefJoan Sander; Stratford Langthorne West Ham (Essex)Thomas Sandars Millwright; 42/3
1621.DL/C/219/263r-263v9-11-1610Elizabeth Allen
c Isaac Sims
DefPhilip Powkes; St. Clement DanesMerchant
1622.DL/C/219/263v-264r10-11-1610James Powell and Anne, His Wife
c Elizabeth Blisse
DefFrostis Russhull; St. SepulchreCook; 30
1623.DL/C/219/264v-265r[10-11-1610James Powell and Anne, His Wife
c Elizabeth Blisse]
DefJohn Buckby; St. SepulchreCoachmaker
1624.DL/C/219/265r-265v Interrogatory 265vMargaret Horne
c Thomas Halle
Mat; EnfJohn Hitchecocke; St. Martin VintryWeaver [Victualler]; 30
1625.DL/C/219/265v-266v Interrogatory 266v-267r12-11-1610Anne Fanne
c Margaret Smith
DefRoger Crosbie; St. Benet Paul's WharfMusician; 30+
1626.DL/C/219/267r-267v12-11-1610James Palfryman
c Samuel Wins
DefJohn Harmon; St. Margaret PattensFounder; 44/5
1627.DL/C/219/268r-268v[12-11-1610James Palfryman
c Samuel Wins]
DefHenry Hamerton; St. Mary at HillJoiner; 45/6
1628.DL/C/219/268v-269vJames Powell and His Wife
c Elizabeth Blisse
DefMargaret Russell; St. Sepulchre NewgateFrostis Russhull Cook; 30+
1629.DL/C/219/269v Deceased: Edmund Rymington14-11-1610Agnes Jones als Runington
c [Joan] Runington
TestRobert Whitacre; St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Yeoman; 41
1630.DL/C/219/270r Deceased: Edmund Rymington13-11-1610[Agnes Jones als Runington
c Joan Runington]
TestHenry Robertes; St. Botolph AldgateStationer; 56/7
1631.DL/C/219/270r-270v Deceased: Edmund Rymington[13-11-1610Agnes Jones als Runington
c Joan Runington]
TestHenry Brigges; St. Andrew UndershaftPlaisterer; 49
1632.DL/C/219/270v-271r Deceased: Edmund Rymington13-11-1610[Agnes Jones als Runington
c Joan Runington]
TestPhilip Alford; St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel (Midd)Brewer; 37
1633.DL/C/219/271r-272r13-11-1610James Powell and Anne, His Wife
c Elizabeth Blisse
DefMargaret Beseley; St. Giles CripplegateMaiden; 22
1634.DL/C/219/272r-272v Deceased: Edmund Rymington13-11-1610[Agnes Jones als Runington
c Joan Runington]
TestJoan Weller; St. Katherine CreeJohn Weller Baker; 36
1635.DL/C/219/272v-273r Deceased: John Luke14-11-1610[Thomas Hutchin
c Henry Walton]
TestWalter Kinge; Woking (Surr)28
1636.DL/C/219/273r-274r Interrogatory 274r-274v15-11-1610Mary Redriffe
c Bridget Newton
DefJohn Porter; Brentwood (Essex)Butcher; 30
1637.DL/C/219/274v-275v Interrogatory 275v15-11-1610[Mary Redriffe
c Bridget Newton]
DefAnne Williams; Brentwood (Essex)Widow; 34
1638.DL/C/219/276r-276v Interrogatory 276v-277r[15-11-1610Mary Redriffe
c Bridget Newton]
DefAgnes Mewes; Brentwood (Essex)John Mewes Haberdasher; 40
1639.DL/C/219/277v-278r16-11-1610[Michael Shorditche]
c Richard Nelham
TitheHenry Kendhead; Ickenham (Midd)Rector; 66
1640.DL/C/219/278v-279v Interrogatory 279v-281r16-11-1610Barbara Mekins
c Agnes Fenner
DefWilliam Stevenson; St. Botolph BishopsgateCordwainer [Victualler]; 42
1641.DL/C/219/281v-282r Interrogatory 282r-282v[16-11-1610Barbara Mekins
c Agnes Fenner]
DefJames Hare; St. Leonard Shoreditch (Midd)Spurrier; 34
1642.DL/C/219/282v-284r Interrogatory 284r[16-11-1610Barbara Mekins
c Agnes Fenner]
DefMary Hare; St. Leonard Shoreditch (Midd)James Hare [Spurrier She Washes, Helps Her Husband in His Shop]; 30
1643.DL/C/219/284v-285r Interrogatory 285r-286r16-11-1610[Barbara Mekins
c Agnes Fenner]
DefJohn Grace; St. Leonard Shoreditch (Midd)Cordwainer; 50
1644.DL/C/219/286v-287v20-11-1610Thomas Tompson
c [Thomas Shepperd]
DefTimothy Bollinge; St. Botolph BishopsgateSilkthrower; 46
1645.DL/C/219/287v-288r[20-11-1610Thomas Tompson
c Thomas Shepperd]
DefJohn Norris; St. Botolph BishopsgateDraper; 27/8
1646.DL/C/219/288r-288vJohn Hayward, Cleric
c Arthur Norton
TitheArthur Norton
1647.DL/C/219/288v-289r Deceased: John Luke20-11-1610Thomas Hutchin
c [Henry Walton]
TestJudith Pickering; St. BrideRobert Pickering, Citizen, Barber Surgeon; 21/2
1648.DL/C/219/289r20-11-1610Lawrence Boswell
c Obadiah Barker
Ecc; OrderObadiah Barker
1649.DL/C/219/289v-290r22-11-1610[Anne] Powell
c [Elizabeth] Blisse
DefJoan Turner; St. Sepulchre NewgateJohn Turner Joiner; 25/6
1650.DL/C/219/290v22-11-1610William Pinge
c Rhoda Grenerise
DefRhoda Grenerise
1651.DL/C/219/290v-291v12-1-1610/1John Braben, Cleric
c John Siddaye
TitheJohn Siddaye
1652.DL/C/219/291v-292v26-11-1610[Thomas] Tompson
c [Thomas Shepperd]
DefHenry Norris; St. Botolph BishopsgateSilkweaver; 30
1653.DL/C/219/292v-293r27-11-1610Elizabeth Boswell, Wife of John Boswell
c Joan Debuey and Margaret Hopkin
DefJoan Debuey Margaret HopkinRobert Debuey John Hopkins
1654.DL/C/219/293r-293v3-12-1610[Thomas] Tompson
c [Thomas Shepperd]
DefEdward Russell; St. Stephen Coleman StreetLinendraper; 40+
1655.DL/C/219/293v-294r Interrogatory 294r-294v29-11-1610[Margaret] Horne
c [Thomas] Halle
Mat; EnfJohn Howe; St. Martin VintrySilkweaver [Informer in the Exchequer]; 50
1656.DL/C/219/294v-295v Deceased: Samuel Norcott4-12-1610Sarah Norcott
c Helen Norcott als Marten
TestHelen Norcott als Marten
1657.DL/C/219/296r1-12-1610Rowland Creke
c Elizabeth White
MiscJohn Godfrey; Stebunheath Stepney (Midd)Farmer; 48
1658.DL/C/219/296v[1-12-1610Rowland Creke
c Elizabeth White]
MiscRowland Kirby; Stepney (Midd)Sailor; 50
1659.DL/C/219/297r Interrogatory 297v-298r3-12-1610Sir Richard Martyn, Knight
c Richard Judson, Cleric
TitheRichard Widowes; St. Peter WestcheapGoldsmith; 34/5
1660.DL/C/219/298v-299r3-12-1610Thomazine Wherroe
c Anne Pecocke
DefElizabeth Somner; St. Botolph AldgateJohn Somner Freemason; 60+
1661.DL/C/219/299r-299v[3-12-1610Thomazine Wherroe
c Anne Pecocke]
DefAlice Smithe; St. Botolph AldgateWilliam Smith, Surgeon, [Joiner]; 44
1662.DL/C/219/299v-300v3-12-1610Anne Goodwin
c William Pewe
DefElizabeth Payford; St. SepulchreServing Maid, William Webbe, Cordwainer; 20
1663.DL/C/219/300v-301r4-12-1610Isabel Knight als Style
c Peter Milborne
TestPeter Milborne
1664.DL/C/219/301r4-12-1610Richard Nelham
c Michael Shorditche
TitheMichael Shorditche
1665.DL/C/219/301v-302v Interrogatory 307v-308v6-12-1610William Pinge
c [Rhoda Grenerise]
DefRichard Childe; St. Nicholas Colchester (Essex)Weaver; 24
1666.DL/C/219/302v-303v Interrogatory 309r-310r[6-12-1610William Pinge
c Rhoda Grenerise]
DefJoseph Thompson; St. Nicholas Colchester (Essex)Weaver; 25/6
1667.DL/C/219/304r-305r Interrogatory 310r-311r6-12-1610[William Pinge
c Rhoda Grenerise]
DefFrances Wright; St. Nicholas Colchester (Essex)Solomon Wright Bricklayer; 30+
1668.DL/C/219/305r-306r Interrogatory 306v-307r[6-12-1610William Pinge
c Rhoda Grenerise]
DefRose Hawkins; St. Martin Colchester (Essex)Giles Hawkins Weaver; 48
1669.DL/C/219/311vThomas Poulter, Her Husband
c Dorothy Poulter
Mat; AduDorothy Poulter
1670.DL/C/219/311v-312r18-12-1610Henry Bowles
c Susan Jason als Jackson
Mat; EnfSusan Jason als JacksonWidow
1671.DL/C/219/312v-315r Interrogatory 315r-315v22-12-1610Henry Bowles
c Susan Jason als Jackson
Mat; EnfWilliam Durant; Enfield (Midd)Gentleman; 36/7
1672.DL/C/219/315v-317r Interrogatory 317r-317v[22-12-1610Henry Bowles
c Susan Jason als Jackson]
Mat; EnfRobert Hayes; Enfield (Midd)Gentleman; 50