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Walter H. Godfrey

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'Heraldic illustrations', Survey of London Monograph 15: St Bride's Church, Fleet Street (1944), pp. XII. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=117951 Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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1.Abbey of Westminster (before 1540). Azure a chief indented or with a crozier and a mitre gules on the chief.page 3
2.See of Salisbury. Azure the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Child or.p. 4
3.Sackville, Earl of Dorset. Quarterly or and gules a bend vair.p. 4
4.Knights of St John of Jerusalem. Gules a cross argent.p. 4
5.Berthelet (The King's Printer). Azure on a cheveron flory counterflory argent between three doves argent three trefoils vert pierced or.p. 14
6.Palmer. Sable a cheveron between three crescents argent.p. 25
7.Hothersall. Azure a leopard rampant or [pellety].p. 47
8.Dalby. Gules a cheveron ermine between three round buckles or.p. 47
9.Paramor. Azure a fesse embattled between three stars or.p. 56
10.Trussell. Quarterly 1, argent a cross floretty gules; 2, argent fretty gules nailed with bezants; 3, or fretty gules; 4, argent two bars gules.p. 56
11.Lownes. Azure fretty argent within a border or.p. 58
12.Taylor. Quarterly sable and or a cross flory counter coloured.p. 59
13.Hearne. Sable a cheveron ermine between three herons argent.p. 60
14.Cottell. Quarterly 1, or a bend gules (Cottell); 2, argent two bars sable, in chief a demi-griffon issuing from the bars sable (Carhurta); 3, or a cheveron gules between three nettle leaves vert (Malherbe); 4, argent a griffon sable (Godfrey).p. 61
15.Burn. Or a buglehorn with two molets in chief sable.p. 63
16.Dove. Sable a fesse dancetty ermine between 3 doves argent.p. 72
17.Holden. Azure a fesse between two cheverons ermine, between the fesse and upper cheveron a covered cup or.p. 113

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