Michaelmas term 1399


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'CP40/555: Michaelmas term 1399', Court of common pleas: The National Archives, CP40: 1399-1500 (2010). URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=118035 Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Court of Common Pleas, CP 40/555, rot. 101d

Term: Michaelmas 1399
County: Essex
Writ type: Detinue
Damages claimed: £100
Case type: Detention of goods; Safe keeping

Pleading: John Kent states that he delivered a chest containing muniments to John Vautot for safe-keeping, the documents including a charter by which John and Mary Wyneslowe granted to John Kent and William atte Fen lands in Finchingfield, called the Wood Hall, which had been purchased from John Kempe, and also a bond by which JW was bound to Kent in £100. However, neither John V nor his widow have returned it.

Pleading: Joan Vautot states that she is prepared to hand over the chest, but that JK and JW had given it to her husband to be restored under certain conditions, but she does not know if these have been fulfilled. Sheriff to summon JW at octave of Hilary to answer whether the chest should be restored to JK.

Postea text: Writ arrived too late, sicut prius to quindene of Easter.

Postea text: JW did not come, sheriff said he had been summoned by Chunne and Langham, therefore the court orders that JK have delivery of the chest. Joan V sent without day.

Safe KeepingFinchingfield < Essex < England(initial) 08/02/1395
Joan Vautot (f)Defendant
John Chunne (m)Official
John Kempe (m)Finchingfield < Essex < EnglandOther
John Kent (m)TailorPlaintiff
John Vautot (m) dec.CitizenLondon < EnglandOther
John Wyneslowe (m)Hempstead < Essex < EnglandOther
Mary Wyneslowe (f)Hempstead < Essex < EnglandOther
Thomas Kays (m)Attorney of defendant
William atte Fen jnr (m)Thaxted < Essex < EnglandOther
William Langham (m)Official

Court of Common Pleas, CP 40/555, rot. 123

Term: Michaelmas 1399
County: London
Writ type: Detinue
Damages claimed: £200
Case type: Detention of goods; Safe keeping

Pleading: John Essheton claims that he delivered to John Cheryston for safe-keeping a chest containing documents, including a bond by which JE was bound to Thomas Exton in £20, and another bond whereby John Drewe was bound to William Essheton in £20. He will not now return the chest.

Pleading: John Cheryston states that the chest was handed to him jointly by JE and JD, under certain conditions, but he does not know whether these have been fulfilled. He will restore it to whoever the court decides. Sheriff to summon JD to appear at quindene of Hilary, to show any reason why the chest should not be delivered to Essheton.

Postea text: Sheriff said Drewe had nothing to distrain. Re-summoned. Various posteas to quindene of Trinity, 1401.

Safe KeepingSt Vedast Foster Lane < Farringdon Ward Within < London < England(initial) 07/03/1399
John Cheryston (m)CitizenGoldsmithLondon < EnglandDefendant
John Drewe (m)ClerkDebtor
John Essheton (m)ClerkPlaintiff
Thomas Exton (m)CitizenGoldsmithLondon < EnglandCreditor
William Essheton (m)Attorney of plaintiff