Hearth Tax: City of London 1662
Bridge ward


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'Hearth Tax: City of London 1662: Bridge ward', London Hearth Tax: City of London, 1662 (2011). URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=118384 Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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The third precinct in Thamestreete

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Thomas Atkins 4 s
Thomas Whiting 3 s
Giles Rookes 3 s
John Brewer 7 s
Zachary Kerkman 4 s
William Gibbs 3 s
Ralph Jones 5 s
John Cripps 2 s
Thomas Tipping 3 s
William Bartlett 2 s
William Boreman 4 s
Roger Askew 4 s owner of an empty house
John Backus 5 s poore
John Horsey 2 s poore
Robert Webb 1 s poore
Thomas Jones 1 s poore
Dorothy Steevens 3 s poore
Thomas King 1 s poore
Richard Middleton 1 s poore
Richard Marsh 1 s poore
Tobias Brookes 1 s poore
Hatton Boles 1 s poore
Harman Trigherne 1 s poore
Posthumus Oderly 2 s poore
Susan Chanler 1 s poore
George Copeland 1 s poore
widd Elizabeth Price 1 s poore
widd Margarett Haward 1 s poore
Josias Inglesfeild 1 s poore
Robert Haynes 1 s poore
widd Mary Russell 1 s poore
Allen Colt 1 s poore
Peter Hamborough 1 s poore
Clevatt Smyth 1 s poore
William Phillipps 1 s poore
Francis Priner 1 s poore
William Mason 1 s poore
Robert Shereman 2 s poore
John Roberts 1 s poore
William Lane 1 s poore
Clement Woolley s poore
Richard Belaman s poore
Robert Hill 1 s poore
Walter King 6 s
Edward s
Henry Harris s
Thomas Emery 2 s poore
Robert Spicer 1 s poore
William Almes 1 s poore
Anne Cooper 1 s poore
Thomas Brocke 2 s poore
Elizabeth Price 1 s poore
Anne Hardwicke 1 s poore
Joyce Price 1 s poore
William Hutton 1 s poore
John Griffen 1 s poore
Thomas Knowles 1 s poore
Thomas Davis 1 s poore
Edward Howkins 1 s poore
Gideon Decent 1 s poore
John Goddard 1 s poore
William Waters 1 s poore
Thomas Shawe 1 s poore
Edward Clarke 1 s poore
Joane Brookes 1 s poore
Abell Barbe 1 s poore
Josias Burton 2 s poore
John Browne 5 s
John Parratt 4 s
Lancelott Ryder s
John Sturney s
Marmaduke Frohocke s
Joane Bardell 4 s
Samuell Van Dame 5 s
Edmund Smyth 4 s
Henry Harbin 3 s
Henry Strudwicke 5 s
Martin Wilkenson 5 s
Thomas Butler 1 s poore
Clement Wolley 1 s poore