Hearth Tax: City of London 1662
Broad Street ward: St Mildred and St Mary Woolchurch Precinct


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'Hearth Tax: City of London 1662: Broad Street ward: St Mildred and St Mary Woolchurch Precinct', London Hearth Tax: City of London, 1662 (2011). URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=118401 Date accessed: 24 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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In the precinct of St Mildred & St Mary Woolchurch

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
John Bolton 8 s one stove &
William Aleyn 9 s
Thomas Langley 5 s
Arthur Capell 7 s one stove &
Thomas Sigwecke 5 s
Nicholas Clarke 4 s one stove &
William King 11 s
Edward Skynner 8 s
John Child 6 s
Beniamin Hamond 7 s
Robert Smyth 7 s
John Lloyd 4 s
George Bacheler 4 s
Thomas Cooke 3 s
Thomas Allington 8 s
John Feeld 3 s
Frances Edmonds 4 s
John Mall 4 s
Augustine Line 5 s
Henry Kimpe 4 s
Richard Smart 8 s
John Wilcox 5 s
Richard Richenson 4 s
Jasper Devenish 3 s
William Evens 4 s
John Farrant 5 s
John Rolfe 3 s
Joshua Rickerds 4 s
Robert Ozler 3 s
Edward Witterance 3 s
Henry Bond 2 s
William Pindlebury 5 s
Thomas Graves 3 s
Beniamin Wolverston 3 s
James Kewe 3 s
widd Elizabeth Williams 1 s
Susanna Partridge 3 s
John Lansdell s
John Jones s
Nathaniel Gardiner s
Nicholas Sanford 4 s
Thomas Semer 4 s
William Thomson 4 s
Mary Clarke 3 s poore
Dorothy Skoat 1 s poore
Joseph Hanson 2 s poore
Lickell John 1 s poore
Alice Goodridge 1 s poore