Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666


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'Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666: Marylebone ', London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666 (2011). URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=118875 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Tho: Franklin 6 s
Henry Smith 4 s
Laurance Harribin 0 s dores shutt
David Price 2 s Emty then
Tho: Fitter 6 s
John Browton 2 s Emty then
Hum: Howley 2 s Emty then
John Boycott 3 s
Walter Garrish 2 s
Wm Whitehead 2 s pore
Tho: Downer 2 s Emty then
John Skelden 9 s
Mis Wright 10 s
Abell Merrey 4 s
Tho: Knight 2 s
Martha Harwood 5 s emp:
Tho: Gates 3 s
John Cartwright 3 s
Robt Lee 5 s
Edw: Baker 10 s
Sam Sargeant 2 s
Mis Fowcett 18 s
Ralph Dunkinton 2 s
Tho: Sammes 2 s
Robt Dagnall 2 s
Wdd Joanes 2 s poore
Mich: Smewing 5 s
M____ Porey 16 s Emptie house of
Ld Carey 11 s doores shutt
Mis Mary Long 24 s doores shutt
Mr Jo: Billenlemer 19 s
John Cossens 3 s
3 s Emptie house by
John Cole 2 s poore
John Wells 5 s
Jo: Mosant 2 s poore
Jo: Wayes 2 s [crossed out: poore]
Fra: Crosse 3 s New Come
Ralph Skoldon 4 s [crossed out: Emty then]
John Wilder 4 s
Tho: Joanes 2 s Emty then
Wm James 2 s Emty then
Robt Julin 2 s Emty then
Jo: Joanes 2 s Emty then
Geo: Hickman 2 s Emty then
Tho: Walford 3 s Emty then
John Browne 2 s
Joseph Girle 7 s
Mis Holland 3 s
Anker Phillipps 2 s Emty then
Jo: Redding 3 s
Wm Brock 3 s Emty then
Tho: Dixson 2 s
Geo: Helley 3 s Emty then
John Bullock 3 s
Mr Wm Calliway 3 s
Wm Lock 1 s
Powle Harding 4 s
Simon Standinard 2 s Emty then
2 s Emty; Emptie house by
Wm Ellis 2 s
Wdd Oxley 4 s
Mr Joseph Girles 9 s Three divided houses of
Christopher Jennings 4 s
Wdd Smith 5 s
Anth: Pinkney 3 s
Joseph Girle 3 s Emty then
John Butler 2 s Emty then
0 s