Hearth Tax: Westminster 1664
St Margarets Westminster : Cabbage Lane


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'Hearth Tax: Westminster 1664: St Margarets Westminster : Cabbage Lane', London Hearth Tax: Westminster 1664 (2011). URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=119207 Date accessed: 31 October 2014.


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Cabbidge Lane

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Richard Straine 3 s iij
Henry Webb 3 s iij
Richard Smith 5 s v
John Freeman 7 s vij
John Greene 11 s xj
John Greene 3 s iij
Edward Hows 3 s iij
William Jones 4 s iiij
David Archer 5 s v
Mary Statham 5 s v
John Hopkins 1 s j
widow Gabriell 1 s j
Thomas Pilkington 1 s j
Mary Wilkinson 1 s j
John Rigley 1 s j
Humfrey Phaire 3 s iij
Randall Francklyn 2 s ij
Thomas Rudder 2 s ij
Robert Yorke 1 s j
Barbara Knight 2 s ij
Elioner Prichard 1 s j
Jone Kerby 1 s j
Thomas Smith 2 s ij
Elizabeth Spicer 1 s j
John Bayly 3 s iij
William Baker 3 s iij
John Gibbs 3 s iij
Fregist Keame 3 s iij
Henry Wescoate 1 s j
Anthony Loame 1 s j
William Mildred 1 s j
William Simmes 1 s j
Robert Hallifax 2 s ij
William Smith 2 s ij
Robert Bashfeild 2 s ij
William Maddox 2 s ij
William Caper 2 s ij
John Barnes 2 s ij
2 s ij; owner of an Empty house
Edmund Harrison 2 s ij
John Hunt 1 s j
Edward Moore 1 s j
Richard Johnson 2 s ij
Henry Dale 2 s ij
2 s ij; owner of an Empty house
Thomas Jencks 3 s iij
Richard Edwards 2 s ij
John Scarfe 2 s ij
William Barker 2 s ij
John Finch 2 s ij
Thomas Hill 3 s iij
William Salisbury 2 s ij
William Duke 2 s ij
John Kensey 2 s ij
John Emree 2 s ij
William Harding 2 s ij
Mary Barnett 3 s iij
William Holland 2 s ij
Robert Blanford 3 s iij
John Dunbarr 2 s ij
John Vertue 2 s ij
Thomas Lightfoote 2 s ij
Thomas Jenings 2 s ij
Thomas Mayne 2 s ij
Marmaduke Miller 2 s ij
3 s iij; own of an Empty house
Richard Willis 3 s iij
Grace Strayne 3 s iij
Joane Willis 3 s iij
William Tempest 3 s iij