Hearth Tax: Westminster 1664
St Margarets Westminster : Deans yard


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'Hearth Tax: Westminster 1664: St Margarets Westminster : Deans yard', London Hearth Tax: Westminster 1664 (2011). URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=119214 Date accessed: 23 July 2014.


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Deanes Yard

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
John Burchall 8 s viij
Elizabeth Lawes 6 s vj
Sir William Playter 12 s xij
Sir Roger Twisden 7 s vij
Anthony Samuell 12 s xij
Elizabeth Foster 15 s xv
Philip Tincker 7 s vij
Anne Francklyn 5 s v
William Tucker 3 s iij
Francis Heywood 5 s v
William Gawen 11 s xj
Dr John Wilson 6 s vj
Christopher Chapman 6 s vj
Lady Anne Filmer 10 s x
Esq John Ferrars 16 s xvj
Philippa Packer 19 s xix
Sir George Hambleton 48 s xlviij
Sir Charles Harbert 9 s ix
William Ashburnham s not finished
Dorothy Watts 3 s iij
Dr Dalbine 28 s xxviij
Doctor Thorndike 7 s vij
Doctor Howard 6 s vj; in an empty house
Doctor Trippetts 10 s x
Doctor Gibson 10 s x
Doctor Gorge 10 s x
Doctor Jones 14 s xiiij
Dr Killegrew 9 s ix
Doctor Doughtey 10 s x
Doctor Lamb 7 s vij
Dr John Busbey 10 s x
John Needham 7 s vij
The Schoolmaster 14 s xiiij
John Smithwick 2 s ij
The Usher 3 s iij
11 s xj; The Colledge
John Harding 3 s iij
Dr John Busby 11 s xj; in two tenements