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'List of illustrations', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 2: West London (1925), pp. V-X. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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1. BATTERSEA. Page or Plate.
(1) Parish Church of St. Mary. Glass in E. window, late 17th-century9
     Do.      Do.     Monument (1) to Sir John Fleet, 171210
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) of Viscount Grandison, 163011
     Do.      Do.     Monument (4) to James Bull, 171310
(1) Old Parish Church of All Saints, 13th-century and later. Dated planp. 8
     Do.      Do.     from the S.E.17
     Do.      Do.     Interior of Chancel and N. Chapel12
     Do.      Do.     Interior of Chancel and S. Chapel13
     Do.      Do.     Interior from Chancel14
     Do.      Do.     Capitals of S. Archway of Chancel, 152815
     Do.      Do.     W. Tower, late 17th-century16
     Do.      Do.     Font, 167315
     Do.      Do.     Monuments (10) of Thomas Laurence, 1593, and (11) of Sara Colvile, 163160
     Do.      Do.     Monument (15) of Jane, Duchess of Northumberland, 155515
     Do.      Do.     Monument (18) of Charles Cheyne, Viscount Newhaven, 1698, and his wife, 1669, by Bernini, 167220
     Do.      Do.     Monument (18). Detail of iron railing, 1672109
     Do.      Do.     Monument (20) of Gregory, Lord Dacre, 1594, and Anne, his wife, 159518
     Do.      Do.     Monument (20). Detail of iron railings109
     Do.      Do.     Monument (20). Effigies of Lord and Lady Dacre19
     Do.      Do.     Monument (21) to Thomas Hill, 171315
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit, late 17th-century5
(2) Royal Hospital, 1682–1690. Plan21
     Do.     N.W. side of Main Courtyard (by permission of the Governor)22
     Do.     S.W. Front, from the S.24
     Do.     S.W. Front, from the W.25
     Do.     N.W. Front, from the W.23
     Do.     External Doorway to N.E. wing99
     Do.     Lamp-standard109
     Do.     Chapel. Interior looking N.E.26
     Do.      Do.     Communion Rails and Panelling1
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate27
     Do.      Do.     Part of Organ-case68
     Do.     Great Hall. Interior looking N.E.28
     Do.     Doorway to ward at S.E. end of N.E. wing89
     Do.     Staircase at S.E. end of N.E. wing89
     Do.     Ward on first floor of N.E. wing30
     Do.     State-room or Parlour of Governor's House29
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     Part of Ceiling9
     Do.     Entrance-gateway to Burton Court30
     Do.     Statue of Charles II.227
     Do.     Lead Cistern in grounds, 170091
(11) Lindsey House, Cheyne Walk, S. front, dating from 167431
(12) Cheyne Row, E. side, dating from 170831
(2) St. John's Church, Clerkenwell, 12th-century and later. Dated planp. 16
     Do.      Do.     Crypt. Dated planp. 17
     Do.      Do.     Crypt. Main body looking E., c. 1140 and 118032
     Do.      Do.     Crypt. S. chapel, c. 118032
     Do.      Do.     Crypt. N.E. angle of main body and N.E. chamber, c. 118034
     Do.      Do.     Glass. Arms of Botyll, Prior, 1439–14693
     Do.      Do.     Effigy of Don Juan Ruyz de Vergara, Proctor of the Langue of Castile from 157535
     Do.      Do.     Communion Cup, early 16th-century36
     Do.      Do.     Processional Cross, 152736
     Do.      Do.     Carved Vault-boss, late 14th-century33
     Do.      Do.     Altar-frontal, c. 1530, from Florence170
(4) St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell, dating from 1504. Dated planp. 20
     Do.      Do.     S. side16
     Do.      Do.     Fireplace from Baptist's Head Inn, early 17th-century33
     Do.      Do.     Staircase, mid 17th-century33
(5) The Charterhouse, 14th-century and later. Dated planp. 23
     Do.      Do.     Site planp. 29
     Do.     Entrance Court with S. Range of Master's Court, c. 1550 and later37
     Do.     Master's Court. N. range with Great Hall, mid 16th-century, etc.41
     Do.     Chapel Court, N. and W. sides, c. 1550 and later38
     Do.     Master's House. Chimney-piece, Large Drawing Room, early 17th-century40
     Do.      Do.     Chimney-piece, Small Drawing Room, late 17th-century40
     Do.      Do.     Chimney-piece, Museum, early 17th-century47
     Do.     Great Hall. Interior looking S.E., mid 16th-century44
     Do.      Do.     Chimney-piece, early 17th-century45
     Do.      Do.     W. screen, dated 157142
     Do.      Do.     Gallery, early 17th-century43
     Do.     Brothers' Library. Chimney-piece, early 17th-century45
     Do.     Main Staircase, c. 157153
     Do.      Do.     Newel and Balustrade43
     Do.      Do.     Doorways, first floor, 15th-century, reset57
     Do.     The Governor's Room, late 16th-century46
     Do.      Do.     Chimney-piece, early 17th-century47
     Do.     Chapel Cloister, early 17th-century39
     Do.      Do.     Interior, with early 17th-century arcade, etc.49
     Do.     Tower and Chapel from E. range of Master's Court48
     Do.      Do.     Vaulted lowest stage, c. 151256
     Do.     Chapel. Communion Table, early 17th-century43
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) of Thomas Sutton, 161150
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Middle part51
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Effigy of Thomas Sutton35
     Do.      Do.      Do. (3) of Francis Beaumont, 162451
     Do.      Do.     Pierced panel in vestibule, late 17th-century100
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit, 161352
     Do.      Do.     Screen, early 17th-century52
     Do.     Wash House Court, early 16th-century. Exterior of N. and W. ranges54
     Do.      Do.     Brickwork in W. face54
     Do.      Do.     S. end of W. face56
     Do.      Do.     W. side of courtyard55
     Do.     Great Cloister, altered 1571 to gallery and terrace55
     Do.      Do.     Interior57
(7) New River Head, Offices of Metropolitan Water Board. The Oak Room, c. 169358
     Do.     The Oak Room. Ceiling with painting59
(1) Parish Church of All Saints. Font, 16222
     Do.     Glass. Figure of St. Philip, 15th-century3
     Do.     Monument (1) to Thomas Smith, 160962
     Do.     Monument (2) of Margaret Legh, 160560
     Do.     Monument (3) of Katherine Hart, 160562
     Do.     Monument (4) to Thomas Bonde, 160062
     Do.     Monument (5) of William Payne, 162662
     Do.     Monument (8) to Anthony Nours, 170462
     Do.     Monument (11) arms of Humphrey Henchman, Bishop of London, 167562
     Do.     Monument (12) to Dorothy Clarke, 169562
     Do.     Monument (14) of John, Viscount Mordant of Avalon, 167561
     Do.     Monument (31) of Sir Francis Child, 171362
(3) St. Dionis' Church, Parsons Green. Font, late 17th-century2
     Do.     Communion Plate, 17th-century4
(6) Fulham Palace, 1506–1522. Planp. 34
     Do.     Courtyard, looking N.64
     Do.     S.W. Front63
     Do.     Communion Plate, 17th-century4
(2) Parish Church of St. Paul. Monument (1) to James Smith, 1667, and his wife, 168011
     Do.     Pulpit, late 17th-century68
(1) Parish Church of St. John. Communion Plate, 17th-century36
     Do.     Balusters reset in partitions, 17th-century100
(6) Fenton House, c. 1693. Exterior65
     Do.     Staircase6
     Do.     Entrance-gate to garden66
(23) No. 14 Rosslyn Hill, 1702. Staircase6
(2) Parish Church of St. George the Martyr, Bloomsbury, 1706. Planp. 43
(4) Chapel of St. Etheldreda, Ely Place, c. 1300. Plansp. 45
     Do.     W. bay of S. wall67
     Do.     S. doorway67
     Do.     Royal Arms, late 17th-century68
(5) Lincoln's Inn, 15th-century and later. Dated planp. 46
     Do.     Gatehouse to Chancery Lane, 1518 and later69
     Do.     Old Square, looking S.E.70
     Do.     Nos. 16–19 'Old Buildings,' 1524 and later71
     Do. 'Old Buildings,' N. end of E. side of New Square80
     Do.     Chapel, consecrated 1623. N. side73
     Do.      Do.      Do.     S. side72
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Crypt74
     Do.      Do.     Interior in 191575
     Do.      Do.     Communion Rails, late 17th-century1
     Do.      Do.     Glass in N. and S. windows, early 17th-century, as existing in 1915231 to 235
     Do.      Do.     Glass. Arms of William, Earl of Pembroke, 163076
     Do.      Do.     Glass. Arms of Henry, Lord Abergavenny, 162376
     Do.      Do.     Pews, c. 16238
     Do.     Old Hall. W. side, dating from 149277
     Do.      Do.     Interior, with screen, early 17th-century78
     Do.      Do.     Screen, early 17th-century. Middle bay79
     Do.     New Square. S. side, late 17th-century81
     Do.      Do.     Passage-way to Carey Street, 169782
     Do.     Inscribed Tablets in walls, late 17th-century83
     Do.     Lead Cistern, 167591
(6) Gray's Inn, dating from 16th-century or earlier. Block planp. 52
     Do.      Do.     Plan of Hall and Chapelp. 53
     Do.     The Hall, 1556–1560. S. side84
     Do.      Do.     Interior, looking W.86
     Do.      Do.     Roof, from the W. gallery85
     Do.      Do.     Screen, late 16th-century87
     Do.      Do.     Glass. Arms of Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, 17th-century3
     Do.     Chapel. S.E. angle of Interior, early 16th-century34
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit, c. 16305
     Do.     Gray's Inn Square. W. side of W. range, 1676–168890
     Do.     South Square. E. side, late 17th-century88
     Do.     No. 7, Gray's Inn Place. Doorway, c. 169799
     Do.     No. 5, Gray's Inn Square. Doorway, late 17th-century99
     Do.     No. 12, South Square. Internal Panelling, etc., late 17th-century89
     Do.     No. 4, Field Court. Internal Panelling, late 17th-century89
     Do.     Lead Cistern, 170291
(7) Staple Inn, dating from 1581. Planp. 58
     Do.     N. front, to Holborn, c. 1586 and later92
     Do.     Entrance-gateway in N. front96
     Do.     N. side of Courtyard, c. 1586 and later97
     Do.     The Hall. S. side, c. 1581 and later93
     Do.      Do.     Interior, looking E.94
     Do.      Do.      Do.     W.95
     Do.      Do.     Part of W. Screen96
     Do.      Do.     Glass. Badge of Prince of Wales, 1618Frontispiece
(8) Powis or Newcastle House, Nos. 66–67 Lincoln's Inn Fields, 169498
(9) Lindsey House, Nos. 59–60 Lincoln's Inn Fields, c. 164098
(10) No. 99 Great Russell Street. Painted ceiling, early 18th-century103
(17) No. 41 Great Ormond Street. Doorway, late 17th-century99
(17) Nos. 40–44 Great Ormond Street, early 18th-century66
     Do.      Do.     Front Railings and Gate109
(2) Canonbury House, 16th-century and later. Dated planp. 65
     Do.     Tower, from the N.W.101
     Do.      Do.     Oak Chimney-pieces, late 16th-century102
     Do.     Plaster Ceiling in former E. wing, dated 1599103
(1) Parish Church of St. Mary Abbots. Communion Plate, 16th and 17th-century104
(2) Kensington Palace, 17th-century and later. Plan of second floorp. 69
     Do.     S. front, c. 1690–1695105
     Do.     W. front. Gateway and Clock Tower, c. 1690106
     Do.     Clock Court, looking E., c. 1690 and later65
     Do.     Princesses' Court, looking N.W., c. 1690 and later107
     Do.      Do.     looking S.E., c. 1690108
     Do.     Doorway, N. end of E. front, c. 169099
     Do.     Doorhead      Do.      Do.100
(2) Kensington Palace, King's Gallery, looking W., c. 1695110
     Do.      Do.     Doorhead, c. 1695100
     Do.      Do.     Overmantel, 1694111
     Do.     Presence Chamber. Overmantel, c. 1695111
     Do.     King's Grand Staircase, c. 1695, altered 1723113
     Do.      Do.     Iron balustrade109
     Do.     Queen Mary's Gallery, looking S., c. 1695112
     Do.     The Queen's Staircase, c. 1695113
     Do.     Staircase, N.W. range of Princesses' Court, late 17th-century7
     Do.     The Orangery, 1704. Planp. 73
     Do.      Do.     Exterior114
     Do.      Do.     Interior115
(3) Holland House, early 17th-century and later. Plansp. 74
     Do.     S. front and S.E. wing, c. 1605 and later116
     Do.     E. half of N. front, c. 1605 and later117
     Do.     Breakfast Room, formerly Entrance Hall, 1605–1607118
     Do.      Do.     Doorways119
     Do.     China Room; reset Chimney-piece, c. 1640120
     Do.     White Parlour, c. 1640121
     Do.     Gilt Room, c. 1640122
     Do.     Long Gallery, early 17th-century123
     Do.     Principal Staircase, c. 1607124
     Do.     Alcove in Servants' Hall119
     Do.     Gate-piers, E. of the house, 1629125
(1) Parish Church of St. Mary. W. Tower, late 15th-century126
     Do.     Communion Rail, late 17th-century1
     Do.     Monument (1) to Hugh Peyntwyn, 1504126
     Do.     Monument (4) to Sir Peter Rich, 169210
     Do.     Communion Plate, 17th-century4
     Do.     Organ-case, c. 1701. Detail68
(2) Lambeth Palace, 13th-century and later. Dated ground-planp. 81
     Do.      Do.     Basement and first-floor plansp. 80
     Do.     Chapel. Interior looking W., mid 13th-century130
     Do.      Do.     Undercroft, early 13th-century127
     Do.      Do.     Gate to Communion Rail, c. 16601
     Do.      Do.     W. Screen, mid 17th-century131
     Do.      Do.     Screen and Bench-ends, mid 17th-century8
     Do.     Lollards' Tower. Post-room, c. 1435, and W. doorway of Chapel, early 13th-century128
     Do.     Great Hall, now Library, c. 1660–1663, W. side132
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking S.133
     Do.      Do.     N. bay of E. wall; doorway dated 1663134
     Do.      Do.     Glass. Arms of Archbishop Cranmer, 16th-century3
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Arms of Philip II of Spain, 16th-century3
     Do.      Do.     Lantern in roof129
     Do.     Entrance-gateway or Morton's Tower, 149063
     Do.      Do.     Panelling, early 16th-century129
     Do.     Guard Room. Roof, 14th-century, reset135
     Do.     Cranmer's Tower. Staircase, mid 16th-century129
     Do.     Laud's Tower. Glass; sundial, 17th-century3
     Do.      Do.     Staircases, 17th-century129
(2) St. Dunstan's, Regents Park. Clock, turret, etc., 1671, from St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street101
     Do.     Stone statues from former Lud Gate170
(1) Old Church of St. Pancras. Planp. 87
     Do.     Monument (1) to John Offley, 1667, etc.10
(2) St. Katherine's Hospital, Regents Park. Chairs, late 17th-century68
     Do.     Monument (1) of John Holand, K.G., Duke of Exeter, 1447, and his two wives136
     Do.      Do.     Effigies137
     Do.      Do.     Soffit of canopy137
     Do.     Monument (2) to the Hon. George Montagu, 168111
     Do.     Plate. Two Communion cups, 1652 (by permission of the Warden)138
     Do.     Pulpit, early 17th-century5
     Do.     Hanging lamp, 15th-century and later160
     Do.     Stalls, late 14th-century. Misericords and carved elbows140–143
     Do.      Do.     Details of fronts139
     Do.     Carved wood details139
(4) Lauderdale House, Highgate. Recess in Hall, late 17th and early 18th-century100
     Do.     Staircase, late 17th-century6
     Do.     Stone Vase, early 18th-century170
(5) Englefield House, Highgate. Staircase, late 17th-century6
(1) Old Parish Church of St. Mary, 16th-century or earlier. Planp. 91
(1) Church of St. Paul, Clapham. Remains of monument and effigies of Sir Richard Atkins, Bart., 1689, and his wife and children144
(2) Parish Church of St. Mary, Putney. Bishop West's Chapel, early 16th-century. Interior146
     Do.     Monument (6) to Daniel Belt, 169710
     Do.     Monument (7) to Thomas Payne, 169810
     Do.     Monument (12) to Katherine Palmer, 1613147
     Do.     Monument (13) to Richard Lussher, 1615147
(5) Parish Church of All Saints, Wandsworth. Monument (1) of Henry Smith, 162711
(7) Roehampton House, 1710–1712. Planp. 96
     Do.     E. front148
     Do.     W. front145
     Do.     Staircase7
(15) Russell House, Streatham. Staircase, late 17th-century7
(8) Parish Church of St. Margaret, dating from the 15th century. Dated planp. 100
     Do.     From the N.149
     Do.     Interior, looking E.152
     Do.     Glass in E. window, early 16th-century (By permission of the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington)153
     Do.     Monument (4) of Dorothy Stafford, 1604151
     Do.     Monument (9) of Sir Francis Egioke, 1622151
     Do.     Monument (11) of Cornelius Vandan, 1577151
     Do.     Monument (13) of James Palmer, B.D., 1659–1660151
     Do.     Monument (23) of Thomas Seymour, 1600, and Esabel, his wife, 1619152
     Do.     Monument (27) of Marie, wife of Edward, Lord Dudley and Richard Montpesson, 1600150
     Do.     Monument (32) of Hugh Haughton, 1616, and Elizabeth, his daughter, 1615151
     Do.     Monument (33) of Mrs. Mary Brocas, 1654151
     Do.     Monument (36) to Edward Reynolds, 162311
     Do.     Communion Plate4
(9) Parish Church of St. Anne, Soho. Planp. 104
(10) Parish Church of St. Clement Danes, Strand, 1682 and later. Planp. 106
     Do.      Do.     From the S.E.156
     Do.      Do.     From the W.156
     Do.      Do.     Interior, looking E.154
     Do.      Do.      Do.     looking W.155
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit, late 17th-century5
(11) Parish Church of St. James, Piccadilly, 1684 and later. Planp. 109
     Do.      Do.     From the S.E.159
     Do.      Do.     Interior, looking W.157
     Do.      Do.     Font, late 17th-century2
     Do.      Do.     Communion Table and Rails, etc., late 17th-century158
(12) Parish Church of St. Martin in the Fields. Communion Plate160
(13) Parish Church of St. Mary le Strand, 1714–1717. Planp. 113
     Do.      Do.     E. end161
     Do.      Do.     W. end161
     Do.      Do.     Interior, looking E.162
     Do.      Do.     Font2
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate (By permission of the Rector)104
(14) Parish Church of St. Paul, Covent Garden, Communion Plate4
(15) Parish Church of St. George, Hanover Square. Interior showing 16th-century glass in E. windows163
     Do.      Do.     Part of glass in the E. window of chancel, mid 16th-century165
     Do.      Do.     Glass, in E. windows of aisles, mid 16th-century164
     Do.      Do.     Glass. Figure of Roboam166
(18) Church of St. Thomas, Regent Street, 1702. Planp. 116
(19) Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Soho. Greek Inscription, 1677170
(20) The Rolls Chapel, Record Office. Bell, 14th-century170
     Do.      Do.     Monument (1) of Dr. John Yong, 1516168
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     Effigy169
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) of Edward, Lord Bruce, 1610167
     Do.      Do.     Monument (3) of Richard Alington, 1561171
(21) The Chapel Royal, Savoy, 1505, and later. Planp. 118
(22) Marlborough Chapel, 1662. Planp. 119
     Do.     From the N.W.172
     Do.     Interior from the W. Gallery173
     Do.     S. Doorway and Gallery201
     Do.     Stalls on S. side8
     Do.     Lead Cistern in yard, 170991
(24) The Palace of Westminster. Planp. 120
     Do.      Do.     Westminster Hall, Norman arrangement. Planp. 122
     Do.      Do.      Do.     N. front149
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Interior, looking S.175
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     N.E.176
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Middle part of E. wall174
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Detail of roof-trusses178
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Hammer-beam of roof163
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Carved Figure on hammer-beam180
     Do.      Do.      Do. 12th-century Recess179
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Label-stops, late 14th-century177
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Loose Capitals, 12th-century177
     Do.      Do.     Chapel of St. Mary, c. 1320. Interior, looking E.181
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Carved Bosses in Vaulting182–183
     Do.      Do.     St. Stephen's Cloister, c. 1526–1529, E. walk, looking S.179
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Part of N. walk184
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Carved Bosses in Vaulting185–191
(25) The Jewel House, late 14th-century. Planp. 125
     Do.     Interior of Vaulted Chamber192
     Do.     Bosses in soffit of Vault193
(26) The Banqueting House, Whitehall, 1619–1622. Planp. 126
     Do.      Do.     W. front194
     Do.      Do.     Interior, looking N.196
     Do.      Do.     Middle panel of Ceiling195
(27) Malmesbury House, early 16th-century. Plan of Undercroftp. 127
     Do.     Undercroft, looking S.W.197
(29) St. James' Palace, 16th-century and later. Dated plan of Ground-floorp. 129
     Do.     Plan of State Apartmentsp. 130
     Do.     From the N.E.198
     Do.      Do.     N.W.199
     Do.     N. Tower and Gatehouse200
     Do.     Colour Court, looking N.W.202
     Do.     Passage, Ambassadors' Court to Colour Court201
     Do.     Ambassadors' Court, looking N.E.203
     Do.     S. range, with State Apartments204
     Do.     Chapel Royal. Interior, looking W.205
     Do.      Do.     Communion and Altar Plate206
     Do.      Do.     Large Alms-dish, 1660207
     Do.     Tapestries in Tapestry Room, early 17th-century208
(30) Marlborough House, c. 1710 and later. Plan of Ground-floorp. 133
     Do.     From the N.W.209
     Do.      Do.     S.W.210
     Do.     The Saloon, looking S.E.211
     Do.      Do.     N.W.212
     Do.     Wall-paintings213–224
     Do.     Balustrades of Staircases109
     Do.     Buildings, N. side of Fore-court225
(32) Schomberg House, Pall Mall, c. 1698. N. front159
(36) York Gate, 1626. Planp. 136
     Do.     S. side229
(38) Bluecoat School, 1709. Planp. 137
     Do.     From the N.W.225
(39) Queen Anne's Gate, early 18th-century. N. and S. rows228
     Do.     Nos. 15 and 17226
     Do.     Carved Reredos from former Chapel100
     Do.     No. 26. Staircases230
     Do.     No. 30. Doorway99
     Do.     Statue of Queen Anne226
(48) Buckingham Street. No. 8. Staircase, late 17th or early 18th-century7
(66) No. 15 Soho Square. Staircase, late 17th-century6
(80) No. 9 Grosvenor Road. Staircase, early 18th-century6
(82) Alcove, Kensington Gardens, early 18th-century. S. front125
(83) Statue of Charles I, Charing Cross, 1633195
(84) Statue of James II, St. James' Park, late 17th-century227