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'List of illustrations', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 5: East London (1930), pp. V-X. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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1. BERMONDSEY.Page or plate.
(1) Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, 15th and late 17th-century. Planp. 2
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking W.46
     Do.      Do.     Candelabrum7
     Do.      Do.     Monument (1) to William Casteil, 168117
     Do.      Do.     Church Plate21
     Do.      Do.     Dish of c. 140022
     Do.      Do.     Alms-dish of 171122
     Do.      Do. 12th-century capitals18
(2) Church of St. Mary Rotherhithe, 1714–15 and later. Planp. 4
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.W.41
     Do.      Do.     Lectern15
     Do.      Do.     Monument (4) to Anthony Wood, 162543
     Do.      Do.     Church Plate21
(3) Church of St. Thomas and Remains of Hospital, 1702–3. Planp. 5
     Do.     South Front.42
     Do.     North Front42
     Do.     Staircase to gallery27
     Do.     Doorway to Treasurer's House9
     Do.     Staircase in      Do.24
(2) Netteswell House, late 17th-century. S. Front4
(3) Houses in Victoria Park Square, c. 1700. Doorway10
     Do.      Do.     Staircase24
(4) Range of Houses in Cambridge Road, late 17th-century. E. front.5
(1) Church of St. Giles, Camberwell, Piscina and Sedilia, late 14th-century13
(2) Church of St. Antholin, Nunhead, Reredos, late 17th-century44
(3) Old College, Dulwich, Communion Cup of 159920
     Do.     Alms-dish of 1668 and Stand-paten of 170820
(9) House, 166 High Street, Peckham, late 17th-century. Staircase27
(3) Houses, Nos. 32–40 Albury Street, early 18th-century. Staircase25
     Do.      Do.      Do.26
(1) Church of St. Alfege, Greenwich, 1711–14. Planp. 13
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.E.45
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E.45
     Do.      Do.     Communion Table47
     Do.      Do.     Communion Rails28
     Do.      Do.     Font13
     Do.      Do.     Church Plate21
     Do.      Do.     Cup of 163120
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit48
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit-staircase28
     Do.      Do.     Carving on royal pew14
     Do.      Do.     Gallery-staircase26
(2) Church of St. Nicholas, Deptford, late 15th-century and c. 1697. Planp. 15
     Do.      Do.     Exterior and W. Tower99
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking W.46
     Do.      Do.     Carved panel50
     Do.      Do.     Doorway in chancel14
     Do.      Do.     Monument (1) to Roger Boyle, 161516
     Do.      Do.     Monument (4) to Peter Pett, 165216
     Do.      Do.     Monument (5) to Jonas Shish, 168516
     Do.      Do.     Monument (6) to Elizabeth Wiltshaw, 170916
     Do.      Do.     Monument (8) to Robert Castell, 169817
     Do.      Do.     Monument (9) to Richard Evelyn, 165817
     Do.      Do.     Organ-case, late 17th-century49
(2) Church of St. Nicholas, Deptford, Painting of Queen Anne14
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit, c. 162048
     Do.      Do.     Carved figure on pulpit14
     Do.      Do.     Reredos, late 17th-century51
     Do.      Do.     Carved figure of St. John14
(3) Church of St. Luke, Charlton, c. 1630. Planp. 18
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.E.173
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E.52
     Do.      Do.      Do.     looking W.52
     Do.      Do.     Glass in E. window53
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover13
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) to Edward Wilkinson, 1567–843
     Do.      Do.     Monument (3) to Katherine Newton, 1629–3054
     Do.      Do.     Monument (4) to Grace Countess of Ardmagh, 1699–170054
(6) The Royal Hospital, 1662 and later. Block Planp. 20
     Do.     Ground Planp. 22
     Do.     Partial First Floor Planp. 25
     Do.     Plan of early 16th-century Undercroftp. 26
     Do.     General view from N.56
     Do.      Do.     from the Observatory Hill55
     Do.     E. front of King Charles Block58
     Do.     Middle bay of      Do.59
     Do.     N.W. pavilion of      Do.57
     Do.     King William Block, E. front62
     Do.      Do.     Doorway in N.E. pavilion8
     Do.      Do.     Colonnade looking S.61
     Do.      Do.     E. side of courtyard63
     Do.      Do.     E. front of W. range60
     Do.      Do.     W. front56
     Do.     N.W. corner of Queen Mary Block64
     Do.     Vestibule in King Charles Block67
     Do.     Arched opening in      Do.23
     Do.     Staircase in S.E. pavilion of      Do.28
     Do.     Undercroft of Queen Anne Block68
     Do.     The Painted Hall, looking E.66
     Do.      Do.     looking W.66
     Do.     Painted Ceiling of      Do.65
     Do.     Dome over vestibule of      Do.59
     Do.     Dining Hall below Painted Hall67
(7) The Queen's House, 1618–35. Plansp. 28
     Do.     S. Front69
     Do.     Entrance Hall73
     Do.     Ceiling in the Queen's Bedroom70
     Do.     Ceiling in the Queen's Drawing Room72
     Do.     Ceiling in Main room, E. side71
     Do.      Do.     W. side74
     Do.     Circular staircase28
(8) The Royal Observatory, 1675–6. Plansp. 30
     Do.     Flamsteed House, E. side75
(9) Charlton House, 1607–12, Plans of Ground and First floorsp. 32
     Do.     Plan of Second floorp. 34
     Do.     W. front80
     Do.     Central bay of W. front81
     Do.     E. front82
     Do.     Fireplace in Library12
     Do.      Do.     in Dining Room12
     Do.      Do.     in Ducie Room79
     Do.      Do.     in Saloon79
     Do.      Do.     in White Drawing Room78
     Do.      Do.     in S.E. Bedroom78
     Do.     Long Gallery76
     Do.     Principal Staircase77
     Do.     Garden House100
     Do.     Gateway in Garden8
(10) Morden College, 1695–1702, Planp. 37
     Do.     W. front83
     Do.      Do.     middle bay84
     Do.      Do.     side doorway9
     Do.     Quadrangle85
     Do.     Archway86
     Do.     Doorway to Chapel86
     Do.      Do.     carving in panels15
     Do.     Chapel, interior87
     Do.     Communion Plate19
(11) Trinity Hospital, Greenwich, c. 1613. Planp. 39
     Do.      Do.     Staircase88
     Do.      Do.     Painted glass in chapel53
     Do.      Do.     Effigy of Henry, Earl of Northampton, 161489
     Do.      Do.     Figures from tomb of      Do.89
     Do.      Do.     Achievement from      Do.18
(15) The Vicarage, Greenwich, early 16th-century, Arms of Henry VIII18
(16) Manor House, Park Place, early 18th-century, Front90
(20) Manor House, Croom's Hill, c. 1697. S.E. front90
     Do.      Do.     Front Doorway9
     Do.      Do.     Hood of back Doorway9
     Do.      Do.     Staircase25
(21) The Presbytery, Croom's Hill, c. 1630, E. front91
     Do.      Do.     Overmantel11
(22) The Grange, Croom's Hill, 17th-century and later, Summer House2
(23) House, No. 32 Croom's Hill, late 17th or early 18th-century Staircase27
(36) Horse and Groom Inn, mid 17th-century, N. front6
(42) Houses, Nos. 23–27 Albury Street, late 17th or early 18th-century, Hood to doorway10
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.10
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.10
(43) Houses, Nos. 29–33 Albury Street, late 17th or early 18th-century,      Do.10
(1) Church of St. John the Baptist, late 15th or early 16th-century Tower92
     Do.      Do.     Monuments (1) of Christopher Urswyk, 1521–2, and (2) of David Doulven, 1633, Bishop of Bangor94
     Do.      Do.     Monument (5) of Henry Banister, 162893
     Do.      Do.     Monuments (6) of Lucye Lady Latimer, 1582–3, and (8) of Thomas Wood, 164995
     Do.      Do.     Monument (6) of Lucye Lady Latimer, 1582–3, effigy123
(2) St. John's Institute, 16th-century. Plansp. 45
     Do.     Panelled room in W. wing96
     Do.     Room over Hall97
     Do.     S. room in W. wing97
(3) Brooke House, late 16th-century and later. Planp. 46
     Do.     W. Front4
     Do.     N. courtyard98
     Do.     Ceiling in Long Gallery23
(1) Church of St. Mary the Virgin, late 15th-century Tower99
     Do.      Do.     Church Plate19
(2) Church of St. Margaret Lee, Church Plate19
(4) Boone's Chapel, c. 1680–83, Planp. 49
     Do.     Exterior from S.W.100
     Do.     Plaster Ceiling23
(5) Colfe's Almshouses, 1664–6. Planp. 50
     Do.     E. Front171
(6) The Vicarage, Lewisham, c. 1692–3, S. Front1
(7) Pentland House, early 18th-century, Back elevation1
     Do.     Plaster ceiling23
(8) House (Spencer House and Perceval House), c. 1690, W. Front.4
     Do.      Do.     Front doorway4
     Do.      Do.     Main staircase26
(15) Bellingham Farm, late 16th or early 17th-century, Exterior6
     Do.     Chimney-stack6
     Do.     Room on first floor11
(2) Church of St. Mary, Bromley, Chairs, possibly late 17th-century47
     Do.      Do.     Monument (1) of Sir John Jacob, 1629102
     Do.      Do.     Monument (3) of William Ferrers, 1625102
     Do.      Do.     Monument (4) to Sir John Roberts, Bart., 169293
(3) Church of St. Mary Stratford Bow, 14th-century and later, Planp. 54
     Do.      Do.     W. Tower41
     Do.      Do.     Communion Table, c. 1630101
     Do.      Do.      Do.     early 18th-century101
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) to James Walker, 1712103
     Do.      Do.     Monument (6) to Grace Amcottes, 1551103
(4) Bow Lane Almshouses, 1686. Planp. 54
     Do.     Exterior5
(5) Drapers' Almshouses, 1706. Planp. 55
(7) House, Nos. 215 and 217 Bow Road, Plaster ceiling of c. 1600104
(1) Parish Church of St. Leonard, Glass in E. window, dated 1634105
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) to Elizabeth Benson, 1710–1150
     Do.      Do.     Monument (4) to John Banf Huniiades, 1696127
(1) Southwark Cathedral, Historical planfacing p. 58
     Do.     E. ambulatory and Chapel Aisle, early 13th-century109
     Do.     Presbytery, early 13th-century106
     Do.      Do.     looking W.108
     Do.      Do.     triforium107
     Do.     N. transept, 13th-century111
     Do.     S. transept, early 14th-century110
     Do.     Shield of Cardinal Beaufort112
     Do.     Candelabrum, dated 16807
     Do.     Chair, early 17th-century112
     Do.     Chest, late 16th-century113
     Do.     Communion Table, early 18th-century15
     Do.     Monument (5) to Richard Humble, early 17th-century114
     Do.     Monument (7) to Lancelot Andrewes, 1626115
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Effigy123
     Do.     Monument (8) Effigy of knight, c. 1270122
     Do.     Monument (10) to John Trehearne, 1618116
     Do.     Monument (14) to Lionel Lockyer, 1672116
     Do.     Monument (15) to Richard Blisse, 1703118
     Do.     Monument (16) to Joyce Clerke, 1626119
     Do.     Monument (19) to John Bingham, 1625117
     Do.     Monument (21) to Richard Benefeld, mid 17th-century117
     Do.     Monument (23) to John Gower, 1408120
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Effigy122
     Do.     Sword-rest, dated 167415
     Do.     Carved bosses, late 15th-century121
     Do.     Carved figures from organ, late 17th-century113
(3) Parish Church of Christ Church, Southwark, Chest, late 16th-century7
(4) Remains of Winchester House, c. 1340, S. doorway8
(6) George Inn, late 17th-century, Courtyard124
(1) Parish Church of St. Dunstan, Stepney, Dated planp. 69
     Do.      Do.     Interior, looking E., late 15th-century126
     Do.      Do.     W. Tower, late 15th-century92
     Do.      Do.     Carving of Annunciation, 14th-century125
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) to Sir Henry Collett, 1510127
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate19
     Do.      Do.     Carved Rood125
(2) Parish Church of St. John, Wapping, Beadle's staves, c. 1706 and 17097
(5) Holy Trinity, Minories, Dated planp. 72
     Do.     Monument (1) to George, Lord Dartmouth, 169117
     Do.     Reredos, early 18th-century44
(8) Tower of London, Historical Ground Planend of book
     Do.     White Tower, Plans, Ground and First Floors87
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Second and Third Floors89
     Do.      Do.     Sections91
     Do.     General view from the AirFrontispiece
     Do.      Do.     from the River128
     Do.     Middle Tower, late 13th-century, W. Front129
     Do.      Do.     from the E.130
     Do.     Byward Tower, late 13th-century, from the S.W.131
     Do.      Do.     from the N.E.132
     Do.      Do.     S. side133
     Do.      Do.     Portcullis136
     Do.     Bell and Byward Towers, from the S.E.141
     Do.     St. Thomas' Tower, c. 1300 and 1532, from the N.E.135
     Do.      Do.     Oratory137
     Do.     Cradle Tower, mid 14th-century, N. Front138
     Do.      Do.     Vaulted gate-hall140
     Do.     Develin Tower and Outer E. Curtain, c. 1300 and later139
     Do.     Legge's Mount and Outer Curtain, looking E., c. 1300 and later141
     Do.      Do.     Outer Curtain and Byward Tower142
     Do.     Water Lane, showing Bell, Wakefield and St. Thomas' Towers134
     Do.     Inner Curtain and Bell Tower, looking S.144
     Do.     Bell and Beauchamp Towers and Inner Curtain, looking N.143
     Do.     Bell Tower, vaulted lower chamber, late 12th-century137
     Do.     Bloody Tower, N. Front, late 14th-century147
     Do.      Do.     Interior, First Floor148
     Do.      Do.     Portcullis136
(9) Tower of London, Bloody Tower, Prisoner's Inscription (6)37
     Do.     Bloody and Wakefield Towers, from S.144
     Do.     Wakefield Tower, c. 1221, from below St. Thomas' Tower145
     Do.      Do.     Oratory in S.E. bay, upper floor146
     Do.     Salt Tower, Inner Curtain, Broad Arrow Tower, etc., looking N.147
     Do.      Do.     Room on Second Floor, showing fireplace, c. 1230–40135
     Do.      Do.     Prisoner's Inscription (1)36
     Do.      Do.      Do. (18–20)37
     Do.      Do.      Do. (60)36
     Do.     Broad Arrow Tower, Prisoner's Inscription (1–4)34
     Do.     Martin Tower, 13th-century, from the S.W.146
     Do.      Do.     Prisoner's Inscription (2)35
     Do.      Do.      Do. (15)35
     Do.     Tower Green and Beauchamp Tower, from the E.149
     Do.     Beauchamp Tower Prisoner's Inscription (16)34
     Do.      Do.      Do. (19)34
     Do.      Do.      Do. (25)33
     Do.      Do.      Do. (41)33
     Do.      Do.      Do. (44–45)32
     Do.      Do.      Do. (44–49)32
     Do.      Do.      Do. (46–47)32
     Do.      Do.      Do. (52–54)32
     Do.      Do.      Do. (58–71)30
     Do.      Do.      Do. (71)30
     Do.      Do.      Do. (75)31
     Do.      Do.      Do. (76–81)29
     Do.      Do.      Do. (81)29
     Do.      Do.      Do. (83–84)31
     Do.      Do.      Do. (87)29
     Do.      Do.      Do. (89)29
     Do.      Do.      Do. (98–111)30
     Do.     White Tower, late 11th-century, from the S.E.150
     Do.      Do.     from the N.W.151
     Do.      Do.     Turrets, etc.157
     Do.      Do.     Crypt below St. John's Chapel152
     Do.      Do.     The Sword Room158
     Do.      Do.     Wall-passage in S. Wall156
     Do.      Do.     St. John's Chapel, looking E.154
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Triforium, S. side153
     Do.      Do.      Do.     looking N.E.155
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Detail of column capitals156
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Ambulatory156
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Painted Glass in E. window40
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     in S.E. window40
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     Tudor Royal Arms in N.E. window39
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     Rose in N.E. window39
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     S. window, Anointing of David38
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     S. window, Creation of the World38
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     S. Aisle, first window, Isaac and Esau38
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     S. aisle, second window, Thorn-bush badge39
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     S. aisle, second window, Man in armour38
     Do.      Do.     The Council Chamber159
     Do.      Do.     The Tudor Room160
     Do.     St. Peter ad Vincula, early 16th-century, S. side161
     Do.      Do.     Interior, looking N.E.162
     Do.      Do.     Font, early 16th-century13
     Do.      Do.     Monument (1) to Sir R. Blount, 1564, and Sir M. Blount, 1592163
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) to children of George Payler, 1649–51164
     Do.      Do.     Monument (6) to Sir Richard Cholmoundeley, 1544165
     Do.      Do.     Monument (7) to Capt. Valentine Pyne, 167717
     Do.      Do.     Organ, c. 167649
     Do.      Do.      Do.     detail15
     Do.     Reset tympanum from the Great Storehouse, late 17th-century133
     Do.     The King's House, early 16th-century, N. Front of S. wing166
     Do.      Do.     W. range167
     Do.      Do.     S. range167
     Do.      Do.     Council Chamber168
     Do.      Do.     Room on Second Floor, W. range168
     Do.     The Horse Armoury169
(9) Trinity Hospital, Mile End Road, 1695. Plan96
     Do.     S. Front171
     Do.     S. end of E. range170
     Do.     Quadrangle and Chapel, looking N.172
     Do.     Central bay, E. side172
     Do.     Statue of Captain Maples170
     Do.     Arms of Trinity House18
(13) No. 37 Stepney Green, c. 1700, Entrance doorway9
     Do.     Staircase25
(19) No. 80 Leman Street, early 18th-century, Staircase24
(20) No. 7 Great Alie Street, c. 1700, Doorway9
(24) Old Court House, early 18th-century, Staircase25
(27) Nos. 110–122 Pennington Street, c. 16785
Nos. 134–143      Do.      Do.5
(28) No. 22 Cannon Street Road, c. 1700.5
(2) Parish Church of St. Nicholas, Plumstead, late 12th-century and later. Plan102
     Do.      Do.     West Tower, 1664173
(4) Eltham Palace, 15th-century and later. Site plan104
     Do.     Plan of Great Hall105
     Do.     Plan of Palace106
     Do.     Plan of buildings in the Great Court108
     Do.     The Great Hall and Moat from the S.174
     Do.     N. front of Great Hall178
     Do.     S. front of Great Hall176
     Do.     Interior of Great Hall, looking E.179
     Do.     Framing for louvre188
     Do.     Moat and Great Hall from the S.W.175
     Do.     Bridge over Moat177
     Do.     The Lord Chancellor's Lodging, S.E. front180
     Do.     No. 34 The Courtyard3
     Do.     No. 32 The Courtyard3
     Do.     The Tilt-yard Gate8
(5) Wellhall, outbuilding, c. 1568. Plan109
     Do.     N. side3
     Do.     S. side3
     Do.     W. wall and chimney-stack3
(6) Eltham Lodge, 1663–65. Plans110
     Do.     N. Front181
     Do.     S. Front181
     Do.     Ceiling in Breakfast Room187
     Do.     Fireplace in room E. of the secondary staircase11
     Do.     Ceiling in N.W. room, 1st floor185
     Do.     The Great Parlour186
     Do.     The Great Staircase183
     Do.      Do.184
     Do.     Ceiling of Great Staircase182
     Do.     Secondary Staircase27
(8) Houses, Nos. 29–33 The Courtyard, late 17th or early 18th-century, Front1
(9) Houses, Nos. 80–84 High Street,      Do.      Do.     Front1
(10) Greyhound Inn, Fireplace, mid 16th-century12
(11) Cliefden House, early 17th-century staircase26
     Do.     Stables6
(12) Eltham House, early 18th-century, S. Front2
     Do.     N. Front2
     Do.     Hood to doorway10
     Do.     Staircase24
     Do.     Garden House2
     Do.      Do.     central bay2
(14) Philpot Almshouses, 1694, S. Front1
(18) Cottages in Pound Place, front1
(19) Pippin Hall Farm, mid 17th-century6
(23) Bostall Farm, late 16th or early 17th-century, from the S.188
     Do.     Barn, 17th-century188
Westminster Abbey Chapter House, E. bay. Figures from the Doom Painting189
     Do.      Do.     S.E. bay. Second and Third Arches, Group of Figures190
     Do.      Do.     S.E. bay. Fourth Arch, subjects from the Apocalypse191
     Do.      Do.     S. bay. Fifth Arch,      Do.      Do.191
     Do.      Do.     S.W. bay. First and Second Arches,      Do.192