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'Gerrards Cross', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Buckinghamshire, Volume 1: South (1912), pp. 160. URL: Date accessed: 19 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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(O.S. 6 in. xlviii. S.E.)


(1). Plateau Camp, in Bulstrode Park, stands on level ground about 275 ft. above O.D. It is remarkable as an important example of its class and as the largest defensive earthwork in the county.

The work is roughly oval in shape, and encloses approximately 22 acres. The defences consist of an inner and outer rampart and ditch, except on the W. and N.W. sides where the outer ditch is obliterated. Of a flint wall added on the inner rampart on the N.W. the foundations remain; in the middle of the E. side of the camp and on the S. and N.E. sides are gaps, some of which may be original entrances.

Dimensions—Inner rampart 8½ ft. to 12 ft. high, 42½ ft. to 50½ ft. wide. Outer rampart 4½ ft. to 6 ft. high, 27½ ft. to 44 ft. wide. Inner ditch 4½ ft. to 6 ft. deep and 42 to 51½ ft. wide. Outer ditch 1 ft. to 2½ ft. deep and 24 to 37½ ft. wide.

Condition—Fairly good; oak trees planted on the ramparts.