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'List of Plates and Figures in Part 3', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Dorset, Volume 2: South East (1970), pp. V-IX. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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EARTHWORKS (Prehistoric, Roman and undated), other ROMAN REMAINS and ANCIENT FIELDS

For Post-Roman Buildings and Mediaeval and later Earthworks see LIST OF PLATES etc. in PARTS 1 and 2

PART 1, pp. i–lxx, 1–188; Pls., Frontis., 1–116

PART 2, pp. 189–418; Pls., Frontis., 117–207

PART 3, pp. 419–701; Pls., Frontis., 208–235

(The prefixed numerals in brackets refer to the monument numbers in the Inventory)

GENERALplate or (p) page
Barrows in S.E. Dorset, distribution mapopp. p. 634
Iron Age and Roman sites in S.E. Dorset, distribution mapopp. p. 634
South Dorset Ridgeway Area; map showing Neolithic and Bronze Age barrows and sitesin pocket, Part 3
Maiden Castle Area; diagram showing Iron Age and Romano-British settlement, with inset showing Neolithic and Bronze Age featuresp. 494
Church Knowle. (34) Oval barrow. Planp. 431
Corfe Castle. Ailwood Down Barrow Group (L). Plan.p. 444
Portesham. (33) Hell Stone, chambered long barrow. From E.208
Drawing, by S. H. Grimm, 1790208
Poxwell. (12) Round barrow with circle of stones. Plan and profilep. 450
From N.W.211
Whitcombe, etc. Culliford Tree Barrow Group (R. 11)
Plan and profilesp. 458
Aerial view209
Winterbourne Abbas, etc. Poor Lot Barrow Group (AD)
Plan, with part of Ridgeway Barrow Group (R. 2, R. 3)p. 460
View looking S.W., showing triple barrow (24)210
Triple barrow (24), and adjacent remains. Plans and profilesp. 462
Winterborne St. Martin. Bronkham Hill Barrow Group (R. 6)
View looking S.W.210
Aerial view, showing linear dyke (145)209
Linear dykes W. of Wareham. Arne (48) and East Stoke (50). Planp. 516
Arne. (48) Dykes on Worgret Heath and Wareham Common. Plan and profilesp. 517
Weymouth. (436) Dyke on Windsbatch. profilep. 519
Winterborne St. Martin. (145) Dyke on Bronkham Hill, with part of Bronkham Hill Barrow Group (R. 6). Planp. 519
Chaldon Herring. (58) Round Pound. Plan and profilesp. 502
Owermoigne. (36) Enclosure in Bowley's Plantation. Plan and profilesp. 503
Portesham. (56) Enclosure on Hewish Hill. Plan and profilep. 503
Do. (57) Enclosure S. of Benecke Wood. Plan and profilep. 503
Stafford, West. (24) Enclosure (henge), and Conquer Barrow (22), on Mount Pleasant. Plan and profilesp. 505
Studland. (43) Circles. Planp. 506
Winterbourne Abbas. (55) Enclosure near Lankham Eweleaze. Plan and profilep. 507
Winterborne St. Martin. (143–4) Enclosures on Bronkham Hill. Plans and profilesp. 507
Winterbourne Steepleton. (63) Enclosure on Black Down. Planp. 508
Bere Regis. (118) Woodbury. Plan and profilep. 484
Bincombe. (76) Chalbury. Plan and profilesp. 484
From N.216
Aerial view, showing strip fields (11b)216
Bloxworth. (44) Woolsbarrow. Plan and profilep. 487
From S.W.212
Dorchester. (172) Poundbury. Plan and profilesp. 488
From N.E.212
Lulworth, East. (40) Flower's Barrow. Plan and profilesp. 490
From N.215
Aerial view, showing dyke (41) and 'Celtic' fields of Ancient Field Group (17)215
Lulworth, West. (53) Bindon Hill. Plan and profiles AA–FFopp. p. 492
Profiles GG–KKp. 491
Lytchett Minster. (30) Bulbury. Planp. 492
Winterborne St. Martin. (142) Maiden Castle Coloured plan and profilesopp. p. 498
Diagram showing structural sequencep. 496
Aerial view, showing Long Mound (23), during excavation (1934–8)213
Aerial view, showing crop-marks of round barrows (Winterborne Monkton 9, 10)214
Plan of Roman buildingsp. 500
Holme, East. (12) Mounds N. of Battle Plain. Plans, 1860 and modernp. 482
Church Knowle. (54) Settlement, and other earthworks, on Knowle Hill
Plan and profilesopp. p. 509
Aerial view212
Do. (55) Settlement on Smedmore Hill. Planp. 509
Corfe Castle. (221–2) Settlements on Kingston Down. Plansp. 510
Winterbourne Steepleton. (64) Settlement on 'Rowden'. Planp. 511
Corfe Castle. (223) Rempstone Circle. Planp. 514
Portesham. (58) Circle on Portesham Hill. Planp. 514
Steeple. (27) Harpstone. From E.217
Winterbourne Abbas. (56) Broad Stone. From S.E.217
Do. (57) Nine Stones, circle. Planp. 514
From E.211
Winterbourne Steepleton. (65) Stones. From S.217
Roman Remains
ROADSplate or (p) page
Road II. Badbury Rings to Hamworthy, Poole
Road junctions near Badbury Rings. Planp. 529
Alignments 2 and 3 near Lake Farm. Planp. 530
(50) Stoborough. Clay-lined 'vat'. Plan and sectionp. 593
(57) East Creech villa. Columnp. 595
(227) Ower. Pottery-kiln. Plan and sectionp. 597
(235) Building near Encombe Obelisk. Planp. 599
(238) Kingston Barn. Purbeck stone altar228
(24) East End. Donkey-mill, upper stonep. 601
Plan of Durnovaria and neighbourhoodp. 532
Town planopp. p. 584
(173a) Town Wall, in Albert Road. Sectionp. 544
From N.W.221
(174a, b) Ramparts. Sections on N., S. and W. sides of townp. 546
(174d) Ditch system. Section on S. side of townp. 548
(182–8) Colliton Park. Site planp. 554
(182) House, Building I in Colliton Park. Planp. 556
General view, from N.E.221
Rooms 2, 7 and 10, and mosaic in room 8220
Rooms 13, 17 and 18, and timber building 19219
Mosaic in room 15. Details218
Columnsp. 557
(184) Buildings III and IIIA in Colliton Park. Planp. 559
Building III, from N.222
Building IIIA, from W.222
(185) Building IV in Colliton Park. Planp. 560
From E.222
(186) Building VI in Colliton Park, showing mosaic in S. room222
Remains of mosaic in N. room224
(190) Silver spoons and ligula, from Somerleigh Courtp. 563
(194) Coin hoard, as found in Building (a)230
Bronze jug found with coin hoardp. 565
(198) Building in Greyhound Yard. Planp. 566
(202) Building in Durngate Street, showing mosaic223
(209) Building (a) near H.M. Prison. Mosaic from W. room224
(210) Building in Fordington. Mosaic pavementColoured frontispiece (Part 3)
Detail of mosaic, with head of Oceanus225
(212) Building in Olga Road, showing mosaic in central room223
(215–22, 225–6) Pottery from burialspp. 576, 577, 579
(216c) Ornaments and spindle whorls, from burials in Fordington High Street230
(216d) Snaffle bit and bronze rings, from burial at Fordington church230
Tombstone of Carinus, in Fordington church226
(217b) Lead-glazed jar, from cemetery near Icen Way228
(218d) Brooches, from burial at Max Gatep. 578
(220f) Brooches, from burial near Weymouth Avenuep. 581
(225e) Burials from Poundbury. Sarcophagus229
Sarcophagus, containing 'gypsum' burial, as found229
Do. drawing, with conjectural reconstruction of oak coffinp. 584
(227a) Aqueduct. Planp. 586
Earthwork remains, in Fordington Bottom221
(228) Maumbury Rings, amphitheatre and Neolithic henge
Plans and sectionp. 591
Entrance. Pencil excavation drawing (c. 1910)227
(101) King Barrow. 'Beehive' chambers. Sectionsp. 606
(102) The Grove. Stone plinth and sarcophagus229
Sarcophagus. Sectionp. 607
(105) Coombefield Quarries. Sherds from 'beehive' chamberp. 607
(46) Buildings on Woodhouse Hill. Planp. 610
(445) Jordan Hill, Preston. Plan of temple (?)p. 616
Capital and basep. 616
(447) Preston villa. Mosaic pavement225
(26) Whitcombe Hill. Stone relief of rider228
(142) Maiden Castle. Plan of temple and other buildingsp. 500
Ancient Fields
Group (1). Compton Valence, Frampton and Winterbourne Abbas. Planopp. p. 623
'Celtic' fields on Westminstone Down. Aerial view231
Settlement on Little Hogleaze, Frampton. Aerial view231
Group (3). Little Bredy and Winterbourne Steepleton. Planopp. p. 624
'Celtic' fields in Valley of Stones, Little Bredy232
Valley of Stones, with sarsen enclosure (Little Bredy 7a)232
Group (4). Portesham Withy Bed. 'Celtic' fields, with strip lynchets (Portesham 32a). Aerial view233
Group (6). Shorn and Great Hills, Winterborne St. Martin. Planp. 626
Group (8). Bincombe Hill. Plan, showing part of Barrow Group (R. 10)p. 627
Group (11). Moigns Down, Owermoigne. Plan of platform (a)p. 627
Group (15). Chaldon Herring and West Lulworth. Planopp. p. 628
Chaldon Herring Warren. Aerial view234
'Celtic' fields and settlement site (b), in Vicarage Bottom234
Group (17). Whiteway Hill, Tyneham. Aerial view233
Group (23). Kingston Down, Corfe Castle. Planp. 631
'Celtic' fields and settlements (221–2). Aerial view235
'Celtic' fields on W. side of spur235
Group (29). Ballard Down, Studland. Plan of area (iii)p. 632

List of Plates