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'List of Illustrations', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Dorset, Volume 5: East (1975), pp. V-XI. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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(The prefixed numerals in brackets refer to the monument numbers of the Inventory)

GENERALplate or (p) page
Map of East Dorset showing parish boundariesin end pocket
Distribution map of Prehistoric and Roman sitesopp. p. xxvi
    Do.     Barrowsopp. p. xxviii
    Do.     Mediaeval Earthworksopp. p. xxxvi
Geological map of East Dorsetp. xxii
Roman Roads of Dorset, general mapp. xxx
Classification of House Plansp. xlvi
'Celtic' fields in Cranborne, Pentridge and Wimborne St. Giles parishes (Group (85))in end pocket
(2) Ebenezer Chapel, Cripplestyle. Dated planp. 1
(1) Parish Church of All Saints. Dated planp. 3
    Do.         do.     Interior looking E.7
(4) Telegraph Cottage31
(1) Wilksworth Farm House. Dated planp. 4
(3) Cottage31
Pre-conquest carved stone fragment9
    Do.         do.    p. xxxvii
Corbel from former tithe barn40
(1) Parish Church of St. Mary and St. Bartholomew. Dated planp. 5
    Do.         do.     Tower from S.W.4
    Do.         do.     Interior of nave looking W.6
    Do.         do.     Easter Sepulchre12
    Do.         do.     Font18
    Do.         do.     Monument (1) of John Eliott, 164115
    Do.         do.         do.     (7) of Susanna Stillingfleet, 164715
    Do.         do.         do.     (8) probably of John and Elizabeth Hooper, c. 160013
    Do.         do.     Pulpit, early 15th-century19
    Do.         do.     Wall-paintings, 14th-century25
(2) St. Aldhelm's Chapel. Planp. 7
(4) Cranborne Manor House. Dated plansp. 9
    Do.     Plan and elevation by John Norden, 160542
    Do.     17th-century plans by Thomas Fort41
    Do.     General view from S.47
    Do.     S. front43
    Do.     N. front43
    Do.         do.     Detail of buttress45
    Do.     Capt. Ryder's W. wing, 164744
    Do.     S. porch45
    Do.     Bowman's double loop, 13th-century42
    Do.     Corbel-table, 13th-century42
    Do.     S. gateway33
    Do.     Newel-base in 13th-century vice42
    Do.     Staircase34
    Do.     Chimneypiece in King's Chamber36
    Do.     Carved zodiacal signp. 120
(5) Cranborne Lodge. Dated planp. 12
    Do.     S. front46
    Do.     Hall chimneypiece46
    Do.     First-floor drawing-room, chimneypiece46
    Do.         do.     ceiling38, 39
    Do.     Bed room cornice38
(20) Boveridge House. Key planp. 14
    Do.     Exterior from S.E.47
(30) Targett's Farm. Dated plan of housep. 14
(31) Motte and Bailey. Planp. 15
(1) Parish Church of St. Nicholas. Dated planp. 16
    Do.     Silver flagon, 175923
(4) Edmondsham House. Key planp. 17
    Do.     S.W. front28
    Do.     N.W. front29
(1) Parish Church of All Saints. Dated planp. 18
    Do.     Exterior from S.E.3
    Do.     14th-century tomb recess12
(3) Gussage House. Dated planp. 19
    Do.     Exterior from S.W.29
(19) Settlement. Remains of Brockingtonopp. p. 113
(20) Iron Age Settlement. Air view54
(23–30) Barrows of Drive Plantation Group55
(31–57) Barrows of Cursus and Wyke Down Groups48
(1) Parish Church of St. Michael. Dated planp. 22
(4) Manor Farm. S.E. front of farmhouse30
(5) Ryall's Farm. Dated plan of farmhousep. 23
    Do.     Farmhouse from S.E.30
(7) Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement. Air view48
    Do.         do.     Planopp. p. 24
(8) Enclosure. Air view54
(9) The Dorset Cursus. Maps and profilesopp. p. 25
(34–5) Round Barrows54
(1) Parish Church of All Saints. Key planp. 27
    Do.     Exterior from S.E.2
    Do.     Monument (3) of Miles Bownes, 163016
    Do.         do.     (4) of Elizabeth Lloyd, 174817
(2) Congregational Chapel, 1841, from S.50
(4) Longham Bridge, 1792, from N.W.26
(20) Longham Farm House. W. front50
(7) Cottage. Dated planp. 31
(1) Parish Church of St. Kenelm. Carved stone panel9
11. HOLT
(1) Parish Church of St. James. Oak pulpit formerly at Wimborne Minster19
(3) Udden's House. Key planp. 32
(13) Pig Oak Farm. E. front of cottage31
(29) Cottage Orné. Exterior33
(1) Parish Church of St. Wolfrida. Dated planp. 35
    Do.     Exterior from N.E.3
    Do.     Effigy of Sir Giles de Braose, 130510
    Do.         do.     of a lady, c. 130010
    Do.     Elizabethan communion cup22
(2) Bridge over R. Allen26
(3) Stanbridge Mill27
(6) Abbey House. Plan and sectionsp. 36
    Do.     E. front50
(7) Horton Tower. Planp. 37
    Do.     Exterior49
(23) Dyke. Cross-sectionp. 37
(1) Parish Church of St. Mary. Key planp. 38
(7) Linear Dykes. Plan and cross-sectionopp. p. 25
(1) Church of St. Mary. Planp. 41
    Do.     Exterior from W.52
    Do.     Communion cup, 175122
    Do.     Flagon, 163623
(2) Crichel House. Dated planp. 42
    Do.     W. front52
    Do.     S. front52
    Do.     E. front51
    Do.     Drawing room53
    Do.     Library53
    Do.     Staircase detail35
    Do.     Chimneypiece in library37
    Do.     Vestibule, upper part39
Plan showing the position of Monumentsp. 45
(1) Chapel of St. Margaret and St. Anthony. Dated planp. 45
    Do.         do.     Wall decoration, 13th-century24
(3) Gillingham's Almshouses and School. S. front60
(4) Kingston Lacy. Planp. 46
    Do.     N. front, 17th-century drawing58
    Do.     Exterior from N.E.58
    Do.     S. front59
    Do.     Spanish Room57
    Do.     Saloon59
    Do.     Woodwork of former staircase35
    Do.     Obelisk and S. front32
(5) Manor House. E. front60
(7) High Hall. Key planp. 48
    Do.     S. front29
(14) Keeper's Lodge. Dated planp. 49
(27) Cottage. Dated planp. 49
(64) Holly Farm. Cottage from E.31
(72) Iron Age or Romano-British enclosures and ditches, S.E. of High Wood55
(2) West Woodyates Manor House. S.E. front29
(16) Bokerley Dyke. Map and profilesopp. p. 55
    Do.     Air view56
(17) Grim's Ditch. Mapopp. p. 55
    Do.     Air view56
(18) Hill-fort on Penbury Knoll. Planp. 56
(20–22) Long Barrows59
(32–34) Bowl Barrows59
(1) Parish Church of St. Bartholomew. Dated planp. 58
    Do.         do.     Exterior from N.W.2
    Do.         do.     Brass of Richard Chernok20
    Do.         do.         do.     John Oke20
    Do.         do.     Monument (2) of Thomas Hussey, 163915
    Do.         do.         do.     (4) of William Sherley, 165716
    Do.         do.     Communion cup and cover-paten, 157022
(3) White Mill. Exterior from S. (photo. c. 1900)27
(4) Bishop's Court. Dated planp. 59
(31) Romano-British Settlement. Planp. 61
(34) Badbury Rings Hill-fort. Plan and profilesp. 62
    Do.         do.     Air view62
(47–55) Badbury Rings barrow group62
(1) Parish Church of St. Mary. Dated planp. 65
    Do.     South porch64
    Do.     Monument of John Alie, 157912
    Do.     Sculptured Christ-in-Majesty9
(2) St. Andrew's Church, Gussage. Dated planp. 66
    Do.         do.     Interior, looking E.7
    Do.         do.     Floor-slab of William Williams, 172511
    Do.         do.     Mediaeval wall paintings24
(9) Lower Farm. Minchington. Dated plan of housep. 67
    Do.     House, from N.E.30
(14) Manor Farm, Woodcutts. House, from S.30
(16) Champs Farm. Dated plan of housep. 68
(19) Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement on Woodcutts Common. Planopp. p. 69
    Do.         do.         do.     Air view63
(20) Enclosure and ditches near Humby's Stock Coppice. Air view.62
(24) Iron Age or Romano-British enclosure. Air view63
(25) Unfinished Hill-fort. Planp. 70
(26) Iron Age or Romano-British enclosure. Planp. 70
(29) Wor Barrow. Air view78
    Do.     Planopp. p. 102
(1) Parish Church of All Saints. Dated planp. 75
    Do.     N. porch64
    Do.     Font18
    Do.     Pulpit and clerk's desk19
    Do.     Wrought-iron hinge21
(7) Dudsbury Iron Age Hill-fort. Planp. 77
Plan showing the position of Monumentsp. 78
(1) Minster Church of St. Cuthburga. Dated plansp. 79
    Do.         do.     Key plans showing developmentpp. 80, 81
    Do.         do.     Exterior from N.W.1
    Do.         do.         do.     N.E.66
    Do.         do.     Interior of nave, looking E.67
    Do.         do.         do.         do.     N.W.69
    Do.         do.         do.     N. transept69
    Do.         do.         do.     chancel, looking E.68
    Do.         do.         do.     crypt66
    Do.         do.         do.     central tower68
    Do.         do.     12th-century carved stonework8
    Do.         do.     13th-century label stops70
    Do.         do.     15th-century carved Purbeck marble finial9
    Do.         do.     Brass commemorating King Ethelred20
    Do.         do.         do.     of Elenor Dickenson, 157120
    Do.         do.         do.     of William Smith, 158720
    Do.         do.     Chests71
    Do.         do.     Choir-stall desk-end71
    Do.         do.     Effigy of armoured man (? Fitzpiers) and shield11
    Do.         do.     Effigies of Duke and Duchess of Somerset, 144410
    Do.         do.     Font18
    Do.         do.     Helm40
    Do.         do.     Lectern, 162321
    Do.         do.     Misericord19
    Do.         do.     Monument (4) of Sir E. Uvedal[e], 160614
    Do.         do.         do.     (5) of Anthony Etricke, 1693/170311
    Do.         do.         do.     (8) of Harry Constantine, 171217
    Do.         do.         do.     (9) of Thomas Hanham, 165016
    Do.         do.         do.     (12) of Mary Russell, 177317
    Do.         do.         do.     (13) of Bartholomew Lane, 167916
    Do.         do.     Paintings, 13th–14th centuryFrontispiece
    Do.         do.     Royal Arms40
(5) Julian's Bridge, 1636, 184426
(7) Dean's Court. Key planp. 86
    Do.     E. front65
(8) 'Lewens'. S.W. front72
(9) Old Manor Farmhouse. Dated planp. 86
(27) House in West Street. Planp. 88
(33) 'The Priest's House'. Dated planp. 88
    Do.     E. elevation72
    Do.     Inscribed plaster frieze9
    Do.     Plaster frieze with arabesques38
(49) 'Allendale'. Exterior from N.E.72
(78) House in West Borough. W. front72
(82) Mediaeval settlement remainsp. 78
(1) Parish Church of St. Giles. Dated planp. 93
    Do.         do.     W. tower5
    Do.         do.     Royal arms73
    Do.         do.     Font18
    Do.         do.     Monument (2) of Sir Anthony and Lady Ashley, 162813
    Do.         do.         do.     (4) of 1st earl of Shaftesbury73
    Do.         do.         do.     (5) of 4th earl of Shaftesbury73
(2) Almshouses. Dated planp. 93
    Do.     Exterior, from S.W.61
    Do.     Door to common-room35
(4) St. Giles's House. Planopp. p. 95
    Do.     Drawings, 1659, 167282
    Do.     Exterior from S.E. and N.E.74, 81
    Do.     E. front74
    Do.     Great dining room77
    Do.     White Hall75
    Do.     Ceiling of S. drawing room76
    Do.     Chimneypiece in N. drawing room76
    Do.         do.     in great dining room37
    Do.         do.     in chamber36
    Do.     Alabaster shield of arms73
    Do.     Carved oak panels, reset in library35
    Do.     Detail of plaster ceiling in White Hall.38
(5) Castellated archway32
(8) Riding House75
(13) Rectory. Dated planp. 98
(14) Mill House. Dated planp. 98
    Do.     S. front61
(21) Manor Farm House. Dated planp. 99
(25) Gazebo32
(36) Iron Age and Romano-British settlement. Air view78
(39–43) Barrows in Knowlton Circles group79
(94–124) Barrows etc. on Oakley Down. Air view78
    Do.     Planopp. p. 102
(1) Parish Church of All Saints. Dated planp. 104
    Do.         do.     Grotesque corbel9
    Do.         do.     Monument (1) of John Cole, 163615
(2) Former Manor House. Dated planp. 106
    Do.     S. front83
(3) Manor House. Dated planp. 107
    Do.     Exterior from S.W.82
(20) Settlement remains of East Hemsworth. Air view79
    Do.         do.     Planp. 109
(22) Roman Villa. Panel of mosaic pavement; a sea or river god89
    Do.     Apsidal pavement; Venus89
(23) Roman Building. Planp. 110
(1) Knowlton Church. Planp. 111
    Do.     Exterior from E.88
(3) Woodlands Farm House. Exterior from S.E.83
(16) Settlement Remains of Knowlton (includes Gussage All Saints (19))opp. p. 113
(19–22) Knowlton Circles and adjacent monuments. Planp. 114
    Do.         do.     Air views from S. and N.E.80
(19) South Circle. Profile of earthworkp. 115
(20) Centre Circle or Church Henge. Plan and profilep. 115
    Do.     General view, looking W.88
Group (80). Crichel Down85
Group (85). Pentridge, below Penbury Knoll84
    Do.     Cranborne, Toby's Bottom84
    Do.     Wimborne St. Giles, Bottlebush Down85
    Do.     Cranborne, N.W. part of parish86
    Do.     Map of fields in Cranborne, Pentridge and Wimborne St. Giles parishesin end pocket
General Map of Roman Roads in Dorsetp. xxx
Road II (Badbury Rings—Hamworthy) traversing Eye Mead87
Intersection of Roads III and V near Badbury Rings87
Road IV (Badbury Rings—Old Sarum). Ackling Dyke87
    Do.         do.     Profilep. xxxiii
Road V (Badbury Rings—Dorchester). Profile near Badbury Ringsp. xxxiii
    Do.         do.     Profile in Little Almer Woodp. xxxiv