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'List of Illustrations', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Cambridgeshire, Volume 1: West Cambridgshire (1968), pp. V-XVI. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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(The prefixed numerals in brackets refer to the monument numbers in the text)

Map of West Cambridgeshire showing the parishes describedIn pocket at end of volume
Geological mapp. xxviii
Relief mapp. xxviii
Mouldings of Tower archesp. xxxviii
Classification of House typesp. xlvii
Brick Gable endsp. l
Classification of Moated sitesp. lxii
Parish mapp. 2
(1) Parish church of St. Nicholas. Dated planp. 3
Exterior from S.W.11
(8) Almshouses. E. front, 184645
(9) Houses. Planp. 3
(11) Row of houses from S.E.30
(12) Row of houses, from N.E.34
Village planp. 4
Aerial view of village and green from N.E. (J. K. S. St. Joseph)41
(1) Parish church of All Saints. Dated planp. 6
Exterior from S.W.42
Detail of nave arcadep. 7
S. doorway81
Nave roof43
Corbels to nave roof48
Monument (11), headstone, 171715
Piscina (2)7
Cup and cover paten, by Thomas Buttell, inscribed 156923
Scratching (2)p. lxix
Scratching (4)16
(3) School and School house. Planp. 8
(4) Church Farm. Exterior from S.E.61
(5) Rectory Farm. Exterior from E.46
(17) House. Planp. 9
Sections through hallp. 10
Exterior from S.46
(20) The Royal Oak. Exterior from N.W.36
Entrance doorway9
(24) Wilsmere Down Farm. General view from S.44
(25) Orwell Mill. Exterior, 182227
(29), (30), (31) Cottages on N. side of green44
Village planp. 12
(1) Parish church of St. Peter. Dated planp. 13
Exterior from S.E.53
Pulpit and chancel screen54
Chancel screen; details of tracery55
(2) University Farm. Exterior from S.47
Plaster ceiling85
(9) Bird's Farm. Plan and sectionp. 15
(24) Moated site at University Farm. Planp. 17
Village planp. 16
(1) Parish church of St. Helen and St. Mary. Dated planp. 18
Exterior from N.W.49
Interior of nave looking N.50
    Do.     looking S.W.51
Detail of N. arcade of navep. 19
S. doorway4
W. doorway81
Monument (1) of Erasmus Ferrar, 160991
Piscina and sedilia6
Monument (4) of Henry Leijell, 180320
Carving on desk endp. 27
(2) Bourn Hall. Dated planp. 21
Exterior from S.E.58
Interior of hall, 1817–1958
Chimney-piece from Haslingfield Hall, 155556
    Do.     Drawing by R. Relhan, 180856
Detail of staircasep. 23
Exterior of stables45
(6) House from S., 161678
(8) Manor Farm. First-floor planp. 24
Exterior from S.W.47
Section through hallp. 24
(11) Upper Farm. Exterior from E.33
Decorated plaster frieze124
(18) The Fox Inn. Exterior from S.W.31
(22) Bourn Mill. Exterior57
Reconstruction drawing, after Rex Wailesp. 26
(43) Moulton Hills. Mound from S.E.2
Village planp. 28
(1) Parish church of St. Peter. Dated planp. 29
Reset window head4
(8) Long Row. Exterior from N.W.34
(15) Moated site in Overhall Grove. Planp. 31
Parish mapp. 32
(1) Parish church of St. Michael and All Angels. Dated planp. 33
Marks on 2nd bellp. 33
(5) Clare Farm, 1808. Exteriors32
Village planp. 34
(1) Parish church of St. Andrew. Dated planp. 35
Detail of S. arcade of navep. 36
Coffin lid (1)4
(6) Red Lion Farm. Planp. 37
Exterior from W.31
(8) Caxton Manor. Dated planp. 38
Exteriors from S.E. and N.W.59
(11) The Crown House. Dated planp. 39
Exterior from W.64
(15) Caxton Hall. Exterior from N.W.64
Parish map showing earthworks and fieldsp. 43
(19) 'The Moats'. Planp. 40
Aerial view from N.E. (J. K. S. St. Joseph, Cambridge University Copyright)3
S. ditch of enclosure (a)2
Enclosure (b)2
(22) 'Caxton Pastures'. Planp. 42
(23) Moated site. Planp. 42
Parish mapp. 44
(1) Childerley Hall. Dated planp. 45
Painted wainscot in 'King Charles's Chamber'72
The Chapel. Planp. 45
    Do.     Exterior from N.W.76
(2) and (4) Deserted mediaeval village and moated site. Planp. 46
Village planp. 49
(1) Parish church of St. Mary. Dated planp. 50
Window in S. wall of chancel68
Detail of N. arcade of navep. 51
Head stops to tower arch68
Drawing of bell framep. 51
Font and cover17
Royal Arms (William III)20
Pews in nave17
Bench finial18
(2) Former Vicarage. Dated planp. 52
Exterior from N.E.60
(3) Rectory Farm. Exterior from S.E.106
(10) House in Swayne's Lane. Planp. 52
(16) House. Gable endp. l
(19) House and shop. Dated planp. 53
Exterior from N.31
(23) House in West Street. Exterior from S.W.60
(28) House in West Street. Exterior from N.E.61
    Do.     Blocked oriel window38
(30) House. Gable endp. l
(32) House and garden walls at Green End26
(46) Moated site near Manor Farm. Planp. 55
Village planp. 56
(1) Parish church of St. Mary. Dated planp. 57
W. doorway91
Monument (7) of Robert Cotton, 169714
    Do.     (8) of Alice Cotton, 166714
    Do.     (11) of Frances and Mary Askham, 174890
    Do.     (12) headstone of Thomas Sawyear, 172815
(2) Conington Hall. Planp. 58
Staircases, main and secondary39
(3) Houses in High Street, c. 184935
Village planp. 59
(1) Parish church of St. Peter. Dated planp. 60
Exterior from S.W.52
Exterior from S.E.62
Interior of nave looking N.W.63
Detail of S. arcade of navep. 61
S. doorway9
Table of Decalogue20
Scratching (2), 148116
Monument (1) of Andrew Downes, 1627p. 61
Lock on door in screen, 162222
(6) Rectory. Exterior from S.32
(9) House. Exterior from S.W.32
(13) Moated site at Rectory. Planp. 62
(14) Moated site at Rectory Farm. Planp. 63
Village planp. 64
(1) Parish church of St. James. Dated planp. 65
West Tower65
Interior of nave looking S.E., showing screens75
Clock and frame, 168221
Monument (4) of Edward Leeds, 158982
Scratching in tower, 17th-century22
(2), (16) and (18) Aerial view of Croxton Park. (J. K. S. St. Joseph)66
(2) Croxton Park. Dated planp. 67
Painting of 16th-century house67
House and park, from S.67
(3) Manor Farm. Exterior from S.99
(4) Westbury Farm. Roof truss40
(5) House. Oriel window38
(6) Manor House. Dated planp. 70
Sections and elevationsp. 68
Exterior from N.W.80
Village planp. 72
(1) Parish church of All Saints. Dated planp. 73
Detail of N. arcade of navep. 74
(7) Croydon Wilds. Exterior from S.120
Parish map showing earthworks and fieldsfacing p. 79
(13) Moated site. Planp. 76
(14) Moated site at Croydon Wilds. Planp. 76
(15) Deserted mediaeval village of Clopton. Planp. 77
    Do.     looking W.73
    Do.     looking S.73
(19) Moated site in Gilrags Wood. Planp. 79
(20) Moated site in Rouses Wood. Planp. 79
Village planp. 80
(1) Parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Dated planp. 81
Brass, c. 1540112
Glass in E. window, 185324
Cup and cover paten, 158823
Village planp. 83
(1) Parish church of the Holy Trinity. Dated planp. 84
Interior of nave looking N.E.74
Detail of S. arcade of navep. 85
E. window of S. aisle10
Piscina and sedilia6
Desk with cupboards19
(3) Manor House. Dated planp. 86
Gable endp. l
(4) House. Exterior from W.79
(5) Dear's Farm. Exterior from S., 160136
(7) House in Broad Street. Exterior from S.W.79
(16) Low Farm. Dated planp. 88
Exterior from S.W.78
Door lintel, 159537
(21) House. Planp. 88
(22) Dale's Farm. Exterior from S.31
Village planp. 90
(1) Parish church of St. Pandionia and St. John the Baptist. Dated planp. 91
Detail of S. arcade of navep. 92
Capitals in nave12
(2) House. Plan, sections and elevationsp. 93
Exteriors from N.W. and from E.77
Door lintel, 161237
(3) Green Farm. Planp. 94
(9) House. Plan and sectionsp. 95
Exterior from S.98
Interior; window detail103
Parish map showing earthworks and fieldsp. 96
(17) Garden remains. Planp. 97
(18) Moated site at Pond Farm. Planp. 97
(21) Moated site near Jesus College Farm. Planp. 97
(22) Moated site at Papley Grove. Planp. 98
(24) Moated site on edge of Eltisley Wood. Planp. 98
Village planp. 99
Detail of map by T. Langdon, 1601Coloured Plate 29
(1) Parish church of St. Mary the Virgin. Dated planp. 100
Exterior from N.W.88
Interior; N. arcade12
Boss in N. porch116
Drawing of bell framep. 102
Monument (3) of Ralph Lane, 1732, and Elizabeth Lane, 175490
Piscina (1)7
Recess in S. chapel7
Scratching (1)16
Stalls, c. 144219
Desk end, c. 144218
(4) Merton Manor Farm. Exterior from S.E.76
Interior of Barn27
(6) School. Reredos formerly in church, c. 1690136
(7) Emplins. Exterior from S.E.86
(12) House at Dutter End. Chimney stack, 165337
(18) House in Church Street. Exterior from S.87
(21) Almshouses. Dated planp. 106
    Do.     Elevationp. 106
(23) Avenell's Farm. Exterior from S.E.87
(27) House in Church Street. Ceiling boss36
(28) Hardwick Arms. Chimney stack, 170337
(31) House in Mill Street. Ornamental brick panel91
Ceiling in first-floor room, 168884
Plaster overmantel in first-floor room85
(35) and (36) Houses and Manse in Mill Street. Exteriors30
(38) House in Mill Street. Chimney stack, 167537
(40) House at Dennis Green. Exterior from S.W., 162130
(42) Tetworth Hall. Dated planp. 109
Exterior from S.106
Interior; doors in alcove108
(60) Moated site at Dutter End. Planp. 110
(61) Earthworks at Gamlingay Park. Planp. 111
Aerial view from S. (J. K. S. St. Joseph, Cambridge University Copyright)3
Plan of estate, 1801Coloured Plate28
Village planp. 113
(1) Parish church of St. Andrew and St. Mary. Dated planp. 114
Model showing exterior before alteration81
E. window of chancel69
Window in S. wall of chancel10
Interior; N. wall of chancel71
Reset window in S. wall of aisle4
Fragment of carved interlacep. 118
(2) Manor Farm. Plans and sectionsp. 116
(3) Pigeon House. Exterior25
Village planp. 119
(1) Parish church of St. Botolph. Dated planp. 119
Monument (7) of Mary Warren, 183815
Village planp. 121
(1) Parish church of St. Mary. Dated planp. 122
(3) The Homestead. Planp. 123
Exterior from S.E.99
(4) Church Farm. Barn. Sectionp. 124
(11) Manor Farm. Stair hall108
(16) House. Planp. 125
Village planp. 126
(1) Parish church of St. Mary. Dated planp. 127
Exterior from S.E.52
Interior; chancel and nave roofs102
Scratching (1) on chancel archp. 128
Village planp. 129
(1) Parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Dated planp. 130
Interior; E. wall of chancel69
Interior; E. side of stone screen93
Interior; S. arcade and aisle92
Mouldings of respond and archp. 131
Base of respond to N. arcade8
Doorway to stair turret8
Corbels and head stops96
Sculptured figurep. 132
Monument (3) of Henry Fryer, 1631, and othersFrontispiece
    Do.     Terminal figures89
Scratching on N. arcadep. 135
Stone screenp. 133
(7) Former Rectory. Planp. 134
(16) Moated site. Planp. 135
Village planp. 136
(1) Parish church of All Saints. Dated planp. 138
Exterior from S.E.70
Exterior; tower from W.94
Interior; S. arcade and aisle95
W. window in tower10
Moulding of W. doorway8
Roof bosses in S. aisle18
Armour over Monument (4)83
Brass of Anna Ensor, 165422
Monument (3) of Thomas and Elizabeth Wendy, erected 161982
    Do.     (4) of Thomas Wendy, 167383
(2) Haslingfield Hall. Exterior from E.100
Watercolour by R. Relhan, c. 1814Coloured Plate 28
Bridge over moat104
Pigeon house25
(6) 'The Maltings'. Planp. 142
Exterior from S.E.98
(9) House. Exterior from E.33
(34) Moated site at Haslingfield Hall. Planp. 144
(35) Aerial photograph of crop-marks near Cantelupe Farm (J. K. S. St. Joseph)1
(36)     Do.         do.     near 'Money Hill' (J. K. S. St. Joseph)1
Village planp. 145
(1) Parish church of St. Denis, East Hatley. Dated planp. 146
Cartouche of arms over S. door, 1673126
(2) Parish church of St. George, Hatley St. George. Dated planp. 147
(3) Hatley Park. Dated plan and elevationp. 148
(18) Plan of East Hatley showing earthworks and village remainsp. 151
Village planp. 152
(1) Parish church of All Saints and St. Andrew. Dated planp. 154
Interior; nave looking E.97
Wall paintings. In chancel105
    Do.     In N. aisle105
Recess in N. wall of chancel7
Scratching on E. respond of S. arcadep. 152
(3) The Old Rectory. Dated plan, section and detailsp. 155
Exterior of W. wing. W. wall101
    Do.     E. wall101
Roof truss in W. wing103
(5) House on green. Plan and sectionp. 157
Drawing of roof structurep. 156
(12) Kingston Wood Farm. Dated planp. 159
Estate map, 1720Coloured Plate 29
Exterior from S.E.100
Entrance doorway9
Village planp. 160
(1) Parish church of All Saints. Dated plan of W. endp. 161
Engraving on flagon, 1676p. 163
(10) Plan of earthworks and village remainsp. 162
(11) Mound. Contoured planp. 163
View from N.W.2
Village planp. 164
(1) Parish church of St. Helen. Dated planp. 165
Exterior of N. porch9
(5) House. Plan and sectionsp. 166
Village planp. 167
(1) Parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Dated planp. 168
Window in chancel10
(12) House. Exterior from S.E.30
Village planp. 171
(1) Parish church of All Saints. Dated planp. 171
Exterior from S.11
Brassp. 172
Parish mapp. 173
(1) Parish church of St. Mary. Dated plan of W. endp. 174
Monument (2) of Sir Ralph Bovey, 1679138
(13) Moated site near Longstowe Hall. Planp. 175
Village planp. 176
(1) Parish church of St. Mary Magdalene. Dated planp. 177
Section through W. end of navep. 178
Pier of N. arcade12
Glass quarry with rebus, c. 1592p. xvi
Monument (2) of Jane Cotton, 1692138
    Do.     (4) of Commander Charles Cotton, 1828139
    Do.     (6) of Jane Cotton, 170714
Royal Arms, 1801–16126
(2) Madingley Hall. Dated planp. 180
Exterior from S.E.110
Exterior from S.W.111
Sections through main range and S.E. turretp. 182
Loggia under N. wing. Plan and elevationp. 183
Dining Hall. Oak panel carved with monogramp. 186
    Do.     Oak panel in screens door119
Main stair135
Dining Room. Plaster ceiling118
Saloon. Plaster ceiling118
Mezzanine Room. Carved oak panel, 1543119
    Do.     Carved oak panel in overmantel119
Roof over main range40
'Murals Room'. Wall paintingsColoured Plate 128
(3) Madingley Manor. Exterior from N.W.107
Carved wall post36
(8) Moated site. Planp. 187
Village planp. 188
Village centre on map, c. 1680113
    Do.     1837113
(1) Parish church of St. Andrew. Dated planp. 190
Exterior from S.116
Head stops to windows in chancel117
Head stop on S. arcade116
Chancel roof114
    Do.     Four central bosses115
Monument (4) in churchyard of John Wootton, 168215
Arms on floor slab (5) of John Colbatch, 1748p. 195
Fragment of reredos. Crucifixion13
(17) House. Exterior from N.W.86
(19) A pair of houses. Exterior from S.E.33
(24) Malton Farm. Dated plan and sectionp. 194
Ceiling beams in former hall38
(41) Moated site at Malton Farm. Planp. 195
Parish mapp. 196
(1) Parish church of St. Peter. Dated planp. 197
(2) Papworth Hall. Ante-room134
Parish mapp. 198
(1) Parish church of St. John Baptist. Exterior from N.E.24
(2) Manor Farm. Dated plansp. 200
Exterior from S.E.122
Parlour. Plaster frieze124
Room over parlour. Plaster ceiling125
Room over hall. Plaster ceiling124
    Do.     Plaster frieze124
Room in attic123
(4) Bakehouse on green. Plan and elevationp. 201
(5) Former Rectory. Stair hall109
(9) and (10) Moated site at Manor Farm. Planp. 202
Parish mapp. 203
(1) Parish church of St. Giles. Dated planp. 204
(5) Tadlow Towers. Watercolour, 1750120
Granary. Plan and sectionp. 205
    Do.     Exterior36
(7) Moated site. Planp. 206
(9) Moated site and settlement remains at Pincote. Planp. 206
Village planp. 208
(1) Parish church of St. Andrew. Alabaster figures13
(3) Houses from S.E., 184533
(6) House from S.E.107
Pigeon House. Elevation and sectionp. 209
(10) House from N.E.87
Parish mapp. 211
(1) Parish church of St. Andrew. Dated planp. 212
Exterior from W.126
Brass (1) of Thomas Worsley, 1501/2112
Monument (1) of Admiral Sir Joseph Yorke, 1831139
    Do.     (5) of Philip, Earl of Hardwicke, 1764127
(2) Wimpole Hall. Dated planfacing p. 215
Exterior. S. front130
Exterior. N. front131
Early architectural drawing. Elevation, 1742133
    Do.     Plan, 1742133
    Do.     Plan, 1790133
Chapel, looking E.144
Communion table and rails136
Main stair142
Bath house109
Dining Room. Fireplace142
Yellow Drawing Room141
Secondary stair134
Book Room140
Aerial view of house and park from N. (J. K. S. St. Joseph)129
Map by Benjamin Hare, 1638121
Proposed lay-out for park, early 18th-century121
    Do.         do.     by Repton, c. 1801132
The Gothic Tower137
(15) Houses at New Wimpole from S.W.35
(17) Thornberry Hill Farm. Threshing mill. Elevationp. 224
(20) Mound. Contoured planp. 225
(21) Village plan showing earthworks and field remainspp. 226–7
Parish map based on a survey of 1638p. 229

Madingley Church. Glass quarry with rebus of John Palmer, c. 1592