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'List of Illustrations', Ancient and Historical Monuments in the City of Salisbury (1977), pp. V-XIII. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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GENERALplate of (p) page
Area map, scale 6 ins. to 1 mile, showing position of outlying monumentsEnd-pocket
Map of the cityEnd-pocket
Roads, settlements etc. before 1220p. xxx
Settlements etc. after 1220p. xxxiii
Water channelsp. xxxv
Wards and parishesp. xxxix
Classified examples of house-plansp. lxiv
View of Salisbury from S., 15881
    Do.     from N.E., before 17719
Perspective map by John Speed, 16111
Map of Salisbury by William Naish, 171616
Air view of central part of city17
Elizabethan Council House, Bishop's Guildhall and adjoining houses before 17852
Demolition of Bishop's Guildhall, c. 17908
Plan of Bishop's Guildhall by J. Buckler12
Demolition of mediaeval building adjoining Trinity Hospital14
    Do.         do.         do.     in Mitre Chequer15
Street Elevations
Southern part of High Street, looking S.E.Frontispiece
Maidenhead Inn and No. 1 Castle Street before 185714
Winchester Street, looking W., c. 186015
Minister Street and Silver Street, looking N.W.100
Queen Street. W. elevation of Cross Keys Chequer101
High Street, looking N., c. 1860104
High Street, looking S.E., 1966102
Crane Street, south side103
General plan, scale 1:2, 500, with N.–S. and E.–W. cross-sectionsEnd-pocket
Comparative plansp. 2
General view from N.24
Air views26
(1) Old Sarum Castle. Dated plan of inner bailey etc.opp. p. 5
    Do.     E. gate of inner bailey and S.E. sector of curtain wall25
    Do.     Courtyard House from S.E.27
    Do.         do.     Kitchen28
    Do.     Great Tower. Plinth28
    Do.     Outer curtain wall. W. gateway as seen in 191227
(2) Cathedral at Old Sarum. Dated plan of church and adjacent buildingsopp. p. 15
    Do.     Plan of Bishop Osmund's churchp. 17
    Do.     Plan of Bishop Roger's churchp. 18
    Do.     E. end of Bishop Roger's church. Conjectural restorationp. 19
    Do.     Bishop Roger's treasury28
    Do.     Carved stonework29
    Do.     Tombs of Bishops Osmund and Jocelyn30
(3) St. Thomas's Church. Dated planp. 25
    Do.     Antecedent plans (conjectural)p. lii
    Do.     Exterior from S.E.32
    Do.         do.     from N.W.33
    Do.     Interior of nave, looking E.34
    Do.     Brasses of John Webbe48
    Do.     Capitals, N. and S. sides of chancel35
    Do.         do.     N. side of chancel42
    Do.     Merchant markspp. 26, 27, 30
    Do.     Chest53
    Do.     Misericord46
    Do.     Monument (1) of William Wroughton, 177050
    Do.         do.     (6) of John Gough, 1709/1052
    Do.         do.     (8) of Sir Alexander Powell, 174850
    Do.         do.     (9) of Christopher Eyre, 162449
    Do.         do.     (10) of Thomas Eyre, 162849
    Do.         do.     (11) of Sir Robert Eyre, 172445
    Do.         do.     (15) of Humphrey Beckham, 167147
    Do.     Roof of S. chapel47
    Do.     Royal Arms of Elizabeth I56
    Do.     Table tomb, 15th centuryp lvii
    Do.     Textile, embroidered, 15th century53
    Do.     Wall-paintings. Adoration, Annunciation and Visitation43
    Do.         do.     Last Judgement35
(4) St. Martin's Church. Dated planp. 32
    Do.     Exterior from N.W.36
    Do.         do.     of chancel from S.E.31
    Do.     Interior, looking S.E.39
    Do.         do.     W. end of S. aisle36
    Do.     Stone brackets in N. aisle42
    Do.     Almsdish, 166254
    Do.     Cup and cover-paten, 159554
    Do.     Flagon, 166955
    Do.     Font41
    Do.     Lectern, 15th century53
    Do.     Monument (2) of William Ludlow, 174951
    Do.         do.     (3) of Bennet and Thomas Swayne, 1747–850
    Do.         do.     (6) of Mary Thomas, 1781.51
    Do.         do.     (7) of Joseph Willis, 177251
    Do.         do.     (11) of James Bartlett, 1768.52
    Do.         do.     (12) of Edward Baker, 179651
    Do.         do.     (13) of Thomas Snow, 177651
    Do.         do.     (14) of Mary Edgar, 177051
    Do.     Floor-slab of Catherine Egerton and Elizabeth Grevile, 1743–550
    Do.     Niche in S. aisle40
    Do.     Piscina in chancel40
    Do.         do.     in S. chapel40
    Do.     Pulpit now in St. Mark's Church46
    Do.     Royal Arms of Elizabeth I56
    Do.     Wall-shaft and cornice in N. aisle44
    Do.     Rear-arch corbel42
(5) St. Edmund's Church. Dated planp. 36
    Do.     Exterior from W.33
    Do.         do.     from N.W.33
    Do.     Stone corbel42
(5) St. Edmund's Church 15th-century floor-slab in S. aisle48
    Do.     Monument (8) of Marshall Hill, 170752
    Do.     Almsdish, 174355
    Do.     Paten, 153355
    Do.     Royal Arms of George III on mace-stand56
    Do.     Inscription over W. door, 165320
(6) St. Lawrence's Church. Dated planp. 39
    Do.     Exterior from S.W.38
    Do.     Monument (6) of James Townsend, 1679p. 41
    Do.     Pulpit46
    Do.     Stuart Royal Arms56
    Do.     Screen between nave and chancel44
    Do.     Wooden corbels and bosses47
(7) St. Clement's Church. Font now in St. Paul's Church41
(8) St. Andrew's Church. Dated planp. 42
    Do.     Door46
(9) St. George's Church. Dated planp. 43
    Do.     Exterior from N.E. Drawing by J. Buckler, 180311
    Do.     Interior, looking E.37
    Do.     N. doorway38
    Do.     Piscina in chancel40
    Do.         do.     in S. chapel40
    Do.     Screen in S. Chapel44
(10) St. Osmund's Church. Dated planp. 45
    Do.     Exterior from W.38
(11) St. John's Chapel. Dated planp. 45
    Do.     Head-corbel42
(13) The Guildhall. Planp. 47
    Do.     N. front18
    Do.     Demolition of former Guildhall, c. 17908
    Do.     Civic insignia etc.21
(14) St. Edmund's College. Planp. 48
    Do.     Plan by S.P. Cockerell, 17883
    Do.     S. front, 16903
    Do.     Exterior from S.E.18
    Do.     Staircase89
    Do.     Porch formerly at Salisbury Cathedral. Planp. 49
    Do.         do.         do.     Exterior59
(15) The Poultry Cross. Planp. 50
    Do.     From E. Drawing by J. Buckler, 18102
    Do.     From S.E.57
(16) City Defences. Castle Street Gate. Planp. 51
    Do.         do.     Royal Arms20
    Do.     Remains of Rampart17
    Do.     Remains of Wynman Gate (?), c. 186015
(17) Ayleswade Bridge19
(18) Crane Bridge19
(19) Milford Bridge19
(22) General Infirmary. Plans, 1819p. 53
    Do.     S. elevation23
    Do.     N. front, c. 186015
(24) County Gaol. Plan, c. 1854p. 54
(26) St. Nicholas's Hospital. Dated planp. 55
    Do.     From N.W. Drawing by J. Buckler, 180311
    Do.     Central arcade, from N.58
(26) St. Nicholas's Hospital Piscina in former N. chapel40
(27) Trinity Hospital. Ground and first-floor plansp. 57
    Do.     S. front22
    Do.     Courtyard, looking N.22
    Do.         do.     looking S.22
(29) Culver Street Almshouses. Plan and elevationp. 58
(30) Hayter's Almshouses. Planp. 58
(31) Thomas Brown's Almshouses. Planp. 58
(33) Frowd's Almshouses. Planp. 59
    Do.     N. doorway23
    Do.     From S.W.23
Market Place
General plan of Market Place and adjacent streetsp. 60
(36) No. 29 Cheesemarket. First-floor planp. 60
    Do.     Staircase87
(42–3) Nos. 16 and 17 Oatmeal Row. Second-floor planp. 62
Minster Street
(55–6) Nos. 3 and 5, and Haunch of Vension Inn. Plansp. 63
    Do.         do.     E. front100
(55) Nos. 3 and 5. Chimneypiece90
    Do.     Merchant markp. 64
Silver Street
(57) Corner House. Exterior from S.E.100
(63) No. 50. 15th-century windowp. 65
    Do.     From S.W. Drawing by W.H. Charlton, 181310
Butcher and Fish Rows
(71) Wheatsheaf Inn. First-floor planp. 65
    Do.     N. front64
    Do.     Chimneypiece90
High Street
General planp. 66
(77) Nos. 32–4. Pynnok's Inn. Former boundariesp. 67
No. 32. Staircase88
No. 34. First-floor plan and detail of staircasep. 67
(81) No. 50. Reset head-corbel84
(82) Nos. 52–4. Perspective drawing of timber frameworkp. 69
    Do.     Exterior from N.E.60
(83–4) Nos. 56–8. Plan, 1849p. 70
(84) No. 58. Ornamental framework in E. front. Elevation and sectionp. 70
(87) No. 47. Plans of ground and first floorsp. 71
    Do.     Hall, looking E.97
    Do.     First-floor drawing room96
(92) No. 35. Windowp. 72
Crane Street
General planp. 66
(94) Nos. 82–4. Second-floor planp. 72
    Do.     Timber framework of roofp. 73
(95) No. 86. Painted frieze43
(97) Church House. Dated planp. 74
    Do.     Plan, 174212
    Do.     N. front. Drawing by W. Twopeny, 18339
    Do.     Courtyard, looking W. Drawing by J. Buckler, 180511
    Do.     Gateway, from N.59
    Do.     Oriel window and stair tower59
(97) Church House Stone corbels in hall85
    Do.     Hall roof83
    Do.     Chimney-pieces90–91
    Do.     Merchant markp. 76
(99) Audley House. N. front74
(100) No. 95. Planp. 76
    Do.     N. front103
(101) No. 93 N. front73
    Do.     Vestibule and staircase96
    Do.     Chimneypiece92
(101–2) Nos. 91–3 Dated plan and cross-sectionp. 77
(102) No. 91. N. front71
    Do.     14th-century doorway91
New Street
General planp. 95
(106–7) No. 47 and New Inn. Dated plan and cross-sectionsp. 79
(107) New Inn. N. front62
(111) No. 31. Chimney-pieces94
Mitre Chequer
General planp. 95
Demolition of mediaeval building15
Cross Keys Chequer
General planp. 81
(128) No. 8 Queen Street. First-floor planp. 82
    Do.     W. front63
    Do.     Chimneypiece92
(129) No. 9 Queen Street. Plan, cross-sections etc.p. 83
    Do.     Interior of hall, looking N.E.82
(131) No. 14 Queen Street. First-floor planp. 85
(132) Plume of Feathers Inn. Nos. 15–18 Queen Street. First-floor planp. 85
    Do.         do.     Plans, sections and elevationsopp. p. 87
    Do.         do.     Part reconstruction86
    Do.         do.     17th-century staircase86
    Do.         do.     Door-headp. 87
    Do.         do.     Roof-trussp. 87
(133) No. 20 Queen Street. Planp. 88
    Do.     W. front101
    Do.     Staircase88
    Do.     Carving on chimneypiece95
(139) Cathedral Hotel. Staircase89
Black Horse Chequer
General planp. 89
(140) Nos. 21 Milford Street and 13 Brown Street. 19th-century planp. 90
    Do.         do.     Detail of roof trussp. 90
(151) Catherine Wheel Inn. Framework of hall roof.p. 91
Site planp. 92
(153) Milford Arms Inn. Timber frameworkp. 92
Swayne's Chequer
General planp. 93
(155) No. 41 Milford Street. S. front, 196966
    Do.     First-floor planp. 93
(156) No. 62–4 Winchester Street. First-floor planp. 93
(165) Tailors' Guild Hall. First-floor planp. 94
    Do.     Exterior from N.W.67
Chequer on E. of Guilder Lane
General planp. 94
New Street Chequer
General planp. 95
(173) George Inn. Ground, first and second-floor plansp. 96
    Do.     Cross-sectionspp.98, 99
    Do.     Plan by F.R. Fisher, c. 185013
    Do.     W. front. Drawing by J. Buckler, 18054
    Do.         do.     W. Twopeny, 18335
    Do.         do.     Photograph, c 1860104
    Do.         do.         do.     before 196761
    Do.     Courtyard, looking W. Drawing by W.H. Charlton, 18136
    Do.         do.         do.     E.     do.     W. Twopeny, 18337
    Do.         do.         do.     N.W. Painting by E.A. Goodall and J.B. Surgey, c. 18504
    Do.         do.         do.     E. Drawing by Sir H. Dryden, 18596
    Do.     Carved oak post flanking gateway84
    Do.         do.         do.     Drawing (Parker)4
    Do.     Crown-post rafter roof83
    Do.     Carved hammer-beams84
    Do.     Plaster casing of beam93
    Do.     Staircase, before 196787
(174) Nos. 11–13 High Street. First-floor planp. 99
    Do.     W. front102
    Do.     Chimneypiece92
(177) Nos. 47–9 New Canal. Site planp. 100
    Do.     Ground plan and cross-sectionsp. 101
    Do.     Windowsp. 102
    Do.     N. front. Drawing by W. Twopeny, 18337
    Do.         do.     As seen in 196160
(180) No. 35 New Canal. Ground-floor planp. 102
(181) No. 33     do.     Staircase89
(185) Hall of John Hall. Dated planp. 103
    Do.     E. front59
    Do.     Roof83
    Do.     Chimneypiece90
    Do.     Merchant markp. 104
(199) No. 4 New Street. Ground and first-floor plansp. 106
    Do.     S. front76
    Do.     Chimney-pieces94
Antelope Chequer
General planp. 107
(203) Bell and Crown Inn. First-floor planp. 107
(219) Red Lion Hotel (formerly White Bear). N. front80
    Do.         do.     Ground and first-floor plans, cross-sections and detail of jettyp. 110
Trinity Chequer
General planp. 111
Demolition of mediaeval building14
(230) Nos. 37–9 Brown Street. Dated planp. 112
    Do.     W. front73
(234) No. 34 Milford Street. 17th-century plasterwork93
Rolfe's Chequer
General planp. 114
Barnard's Cross Chequer
General planp. 114
(247) No. 53 Payne's Hill. Planp. 115
    Do.     S. front74
(250) No. 88 Milford Street. Ground and first-floor plansp. 115
    Do.     Cross-sectionp. 116
    Do.     N. front65
White Hart Chequer
General planp. 116
(252) King's Arms Hotel. Planp. 117
    Do.     W. front66
    Do.     Chimneypiece92
    Do.     Merchant marksp. 117
(254) White Hart Hotel. W. front81
(258)'The Barracks'. Site plan, 1854p. 118
    Do.     E. front. Drawing by W. Twopeny, 18339
Marsh Chequer
General planp. 119
(266) No. 89 Brown Street. W. front79
    Do.     Niche head95
Pound Chequer and Chequer on E. of Dolphin Street
General planp. 120
(273) Barnard's Cross House. Dated planp. 121
    Do.     N. front72
    Do.     Staircase89
St. Martin's Church Street
General planp. 120
St. Ann's Street
General plan (see also Marsh and White Hart Chequers)p. 120
(286) Moorland House. Dated planp. 122
    Do.     Staircase88
(287) No. 82. Dated planp. 122
    Do.     N. front75
(289) No. 68. N. front78
    Do.     Doorway98
(290–1) Nos. 60–66. N. front62
(293) Joiners' Hall. First-floor planp. 123
    Do.     N. front67
    Do.         do.     Drawing by W. Twopeny, 183310
(297) Vale House. N. front76
    Do.     Doorway98
(299) No. 40. Rotunda, now in Salisbury Museum. Plasterwork95
(300) Nos. 36–8. Planp. 125
    Do.     N. front78
(302) Windover House. Dated plan. Details of roofp. 125
    Do.     Plaster casing of beam93
    Do.     Staircase87
(304) Houses in Friary Lane. Dated planp. 127
    Do.     E. front70
(305) No. 18 St. Ann's Street. Plansp. 128
    Do.     Exterior from N.E.60
(307) 'St. Ann's Manor'. Planp. 128
    Do.     Staircase87
    Do.     Drawing-room window96
Exeter Street and St. Nicholas' Road
(323) No. 114 Exeter Street. Planp. 130
(327) De Vaux House. Dated planp. 130
Blue Boar Chequer
General planp. 132
(338) No. 47 Blue Boar Row. Photograph, c. 184014
(342) No. 13 Endless Street. Doorway99
(344) Former Blue Boar Inn. Dated plans and cross-sectionsp. 134
Three Swans Chequer
General planp. 134
(350) Old George Inn. Exterior, from S.E.79
    Do.     Staircase87
Three Cups Chequer
General planp. 135
(351) Balle's Place. Plan, 1851–5p. 136
    Do.     Hall roof before demolition83
    Do.         do.     cross-sectionp. 137
    Do.     Nos. 25–9 Winchester Street. Roofsp. 137
(354) Nos. 10–12 Rolleston Street. Dated planp. 138
    Do.         do.     W. front, 196315
(355) No. 14 Rolleston Street. Dated planp. 138
    Do.     Pilaster capital95
(359) No. 47 Winchester Street. Planp. 139
    Do.     Exterior, from S.E.70
Griffin Chequer
General planp. 140
(368) No. 24 St. Edmund's Church Street. Planp. 141
    Do.     W. front72
(376) Nos. 53–5 Winchester Street. Cruck roof trussp. 141
White Horse Chequer
General planp. 142
(381) No. 26 Castle Street. Planp. 142
    Do.     Doorway99
(383) Toone's Court. Plan with detail of frameworkp. 143
    Do.     Exterior from S.65
Gore's Chequer
General planp. 144
(391) Loder House. Dated planp. 144
    Do.     Chimneypiece in dining-room94
    Do.     Wall mirror in first-floor room95
(397) No. 24 Bedwin Street. Doorway99
(399) Pheasant Inn (Shoemaker's Hall). First-floor planp. 145
    Do.     Exterior, from S.E.64
Parsons Chequer
General planp. 146
Vanner's Chequer
General planp. 147
Castle Street
General plan (see also Blue Boar and White Horse Chequers)p. 149
(419) No. 1. Dated first-floor planp. 148
    Do.     E. front77
    Do.         do.     before 185714
(422) Nos. 19–25. E. front80
(427) Nos. 43–5. Dated planp. 150
    Do.     E. front75
    Do.         do.     c. 185014
    Do.     Staircase88
(438) George and Dragon Inn. Planp. 152
(442) No. 93. Doorway98
(443) Warehouse. Plan and cross-sectionsp. 152
(446) No. 206. Planp. lxiv
    Do.     Doorway99
Endless Street
General planp. 154
(462) Bellvue House. Planp. 154
(467) No. 56. Planp. 155
(468) No. 54. Planp. 155
    Do.     W. front77
    Do.     Doorway98
General plan (Tithe Map, 1843)p. 156
(476) Former Gaol. Carved gyves20
(492) Nos. 89–93 Fisherton Street. Cross-sectionp. 158
(497) Fisherton Rectory. Dated planp. 159
(506) Crane Lodge. Planp. 160
    Do.     Chimneypiece94
(521) Manor House. Planp. 161
(526) Cottage. Plan and cross-sectionp. 162
(528) Rectory. Dated planp. 163
    Do.     N. wing, from N.E.68
(533) Nos. 81–3 Devizes Road. Planp. 164
(549) Parsonage Farm House. Dated planp. 165
(556) Vicarage. Dated planp. 166
    Do.     N. front70
(557) Mawarden Court. Dated planp. 167
    Do.     E. and W. fronts69
    Do.     Drawing room97
(559) Dean's Farm House. Planp. 167
(576) Rose and Crown Hotel. Planp.169
(581) Old Parsonage Farm. Dated first-floor planp. 170
    Do.     Plaster ceiling93
(588) Harnham Mill. Dated ground and first-floor plans, with crosssectionsp. 171
    Do.     Exterior, from N.E.58
    Do.         do.     Drawing by J. Buckler, 180811

The Plates include a number of drawings and photographs reproduced here by permission of the owners or holders. William Smith's view of Salisbury is the property of the British Library. William Twopeny's drawings are in the Print Room of the British Museum. John Buckler's drawings are in Devizes Museum and belong to the Wilts Archaeological and Natural History Society. Other drawings are reproduced by permission of the Trustees of Salisbury Museum. A drawing on Plate 6 belongs to Northampton Public Library. The air view of Salisbury on Plate 17 is reproduced by permission of Wilts County Council and a number of early photographs in the Lovibond Collection are published here by permission of Salisbury District Council.