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'Mount Bures: Education', A History of the County of Essex: Volume 10: Lexden Hundred (Part) including Dedham, Earls Colne and Wivenhoe (2001), pp. 76. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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In 1818 there were two dame schools with 24 boys and 16 girls. An annual rent of £30-£40 from an endowment of land was used to pay for the education of poor children. (fn. 47) In 1833 a Sunday school with 21 boys and 14 girls was run at the rector's expense. (fn. 48) The parish clerk's wife was recorded as a schoolmistress in 1863, but in 1871 the children were attending schools in Bures St. Mary, Wakes Colne, and possibly Chappel. (fn. 49) In 1873 the rector, Thomas Brett, gave £160 towards the building of a National school for 60 mixed age and infant children on land near the church given by John Garrard; the school received yearly government grants from 1878. (fn. 50) It was enlarged in 1901 by the addition of a new infant classroom, and was reassessed for 75 children with an average attendance of 63. (fn. 51) In 1936 the rector reported that he had 'long kept this school and paid subscriptions out of my own pocket'. (fn. 52) When the school closed in 1939 there were 17 pupils. (fn. 53) Thereafter children attended school in Wakes Colne. (fn. 54)


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