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'Norton Mandeville: Schools', A History of the County of Essex: Volume 4: Ongar Hundred (1956), pp. 154. URL: Date accessed: 24 October 2014.


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There was no school in the parish in 1818. The perpetual curate reported that the poor would use any educational facilities made available, but that financial difficulties prevented the establishment of a school. (fn. 6) In 1833 there was still no church school, not even a Sunday school, but 11 children were attending a private school, established in 1831. (fn. 7) In 1836 a dame school was established at Norton Heath under church guidance. In 1839 it had 14 pupils and received about £3 a year in voluntary subscriptions. (fn. 8) In 1846-7 it was attended by 14 boys and 16 girls and was administered in connexion with a Sunday school. The mistress was paid £15 a year; a proper schoolroom was 'very much wanted'. (fn. 9) This school seems to have existed in various forms for nearly 50 years. (fn. 10) In 1870- 71 it was still 'a well-conducted dame school in a cottage' (fn. 11) attended by some 22 children. (fn. 12)

In 1874 a school was built with 25 places. (fn. 13) It was at Norton Heath and belonged to J. L. Newall of Forest Hall, who granted its use, rent free. (fn. 14) Attendance rose to 46 in 1886, when there was said to be accommodation for 43; an annual grant of £49 was then received. (fn. 15) The school was closed about 1893, the children being sent to High Ongar and Paslow Wood Common schools. (fn. 16)


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