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'List of maps and plans', A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 8: The City of Coventry and Borough of Warwick (1969), pp. XV. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Unless otherwise stated the maps and plans listed below are based on the Ordnance Survey with the sanction of the Controller of H.M. Stationery Office, Crown Copyright reserved, and were drawn by K. J. Wass from drafts by K. J. Allison, Celia B. Clarke, R. W. Dunning, and Margaret Tomlinson. Permission to reproduce the plan of central Coventry in 1966, prepared by the City Department of Architecture and Planning, is gratefully acknowledged.


Modern Boundary Extensions page 3
The Walled City and its Environs, c. 1500. Based partly on J. Speed, Ground Plot of Cov. (1610), and S. Bradford, A Plan of . . . Cov. (1748-9); the castle site is that suggested by Joan C. Lancaster " 9
Central Coventry 1938 " 13
Central Coventry 1966. Department of Architecture and Planning, Coventry " 16
Street Plan in 1923 " 25
Communications " 35
Ancient Parish Boundaries " 41
Benedictine Priory of St. Mary. From a plan by Brian Hobley, keeper of the Department of Field Archaeology, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry " 126
Conjectural Plan of Greyfriars Church by William Reader, 1829. From T.B.A.S. (1878-1879) " 131
Site of Bablake College in the mid 19th century. Drawn by Margaret Tomlinson and K. J. Wass; based on O.S. Map 1/328 (1851) and a plan by T. W. Whitley of St. John's Church in T. Sharp, Illustrative Papers on . . . City of Cov. (1871) " 138
Common Lands in the later 19th century. Based on inclosure maps of 1860 and 1875 in Warwickshire Record Office " 200
St. Michael's Church from a Plan of 1870. By T. W. Whitley in T. Sharp, Illustrative Papers on . . . City of Cov. (1871) " 353


Communications, c. 1966 page 419
Lord Leicester's Hospital. Drawn by Margaret Tomlinson and K. J. Wass; based on a plan of c. 1952 by the late P. B. Chatwin in T.B.A.S. lxx " 424
Warwick, 1965 " 433
Warwick in 1788. Based on a map of 1788 in the Warwick Castle Manuscripts " 439
Warwick Castle. Based on a plan of 1842 by J. G. Jackson in C. W. Spicer, Vitruvius Britannicus: History of Warwick Castle (1844) and on an unpublished plan by the late P. B. Chatwin " 454
Wedgnock Park, 1845. Based on a map by M. W. Farr " 468
Castle Park, c. 1954 " 472
St. Mary's Church. From a plan by the late P. B. Chatwin in T.B.A.S. lxv " 526

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