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'BEAUTER, Christopher', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Christopher BEAUTER


NameChristopher BEAUTER (BEWTER)
Primary occupationmedical surgeon (Surgeon)
Period of medical practice1579-1607
Other notesArraigned 1589 & 1597. ?=C.BEANE qv 73? Knows [Thomas] Fryer. Master of Thomas KING 460.

Censorial hearings

25 June 1589
EntrySurgeon. Confessed prescribing for not a few people. His manner impressed the College and gained him lenient treatment.
Attitude of the accusedconfessed
Action takenAsked not to practise in future.
SentenceAsked not to practise in future
25 June 1597
EntryHenry Oldswoorth and his wife Elizabeth made a complaint against B who had given a boy 4 pills after inspecting his urine: as a result of these pills, the boy's mouth suppurated and streamed with saliva: his teeth became loose and some even fell out. They made a statement of these facts on oath.
Initiator of the complaintperson unconnected with the patient or the case
Second initiator of the complaintperson unconnected with the patient or the case
Action takenSee below.
Number of crimes1
1 July 1597
EntryCB, the surgeon, appeared and confessed that he had made pills of Turbi[n]th which he had given to the boy, about whom Oldswoorth had made a complaint in the previous Comitia, but said that he had done so on the advice of Dr FRYER.
Action takenSee below.
Number of crimes1
12 Aug 1597
EntryAgain claimed that he had always followed Dr Fryer's advice.
Attitude of the accusedmade an excuse
Action takenWarned to desist.
SentenceWarned to desist

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